Pi network – Blockchain phát triển 2021|Là lý do người Trung đánh giá cao Picoin

Pi network – Blockchain phát triển 2021|Là lý do người Trung đánh giá cao Picoin


Pi network – Blockchain phát triển 2021|Là lý do người Trung đánh giá cao Picoin
– Theo Sách trắng về Blockchain 2020 do Học viện Công nghệ Thông tin và Truyền thông Trung Quốc phát hành gần đây, tính đến tháng 10 năm 2020, hơn 262 công ty niêm yết đã tham gia vào lĩnh vực Blockchain, bao gồm bảo hiểm, bất động sản, cửa hàng bách hóa thương mại và bảo mật. 39 lĩnh vực bao gồm thiết bị, vật liệu đóng gói và hoạt động viễn thông. Trong danh sách nộp hồ sơ dịch vụ thông tin Blockchain của Văn phòng thông tin Internet Quốc gia, có 45 dự án Blockchain cho các công ty niêm yết.

1. Vào app Store hoặc CH play gõ ” Pi Network”
2. Click vào ứng dụng đã cài, rồi vào ” continue with phone number” chọn ” Vietnam +84″ rồi điền số điện thoại mình vào.
Bạn ở quốc gia nào thì điền đầu số quốc gia đó
3. Nhập password cho tài khoản ( tối thiểu 8 ký tự có 1 chữ viết hoa vá 1 số)
4. Nhập họ và tên ( không dấu) vào ” first name” và ” last name”.
5. Mục ” Choose usename” các bạn nhập tên tài khoản, nhớ là viết không dấu ( ví dụ : tên riêng VAN A
6. Mục ” invitation code” các bạn nhập “huunguyen77” rồi ấn submit
7. Chạy 3 ngày liên tục lập vòng tròn bảo mật
8. Xác minh sđt, facebook
9. Bật tia sét kích hoạt sau mỗi 24h

Quang tung Hello ladies and gentlemen
Pi network is coming to a ripe
moment. How do we contribute to the project for nearly two years? How
difficult the project is,
only the insiders can understand
it. The life of picoin has created
the confidence of more than 12 million people
around the world to actively contribute and propagate
to the project even more strongly,
in which many people object
to the pi network they think is just a project.
User fraud but in fact, so
far nothing has happened.
Project Pi netwoek pregnancy From Stanford
USA a famous name all over the
world If else I dare not say
anything But here is Where real
human status is so clear the founder of
Pi network is Nicholas a Stanford
alumnus who is a decentralized blockchain
computer technology
researcher who is currently a PhD
teaching at university stanford He
owned startX startups that were
start-up programs at San Ford
University in America in which Amazon sponsored
this, Blockchain Technology applied
to the pi network project is the
thorough study on the foundation of
Bitcoin And ethereum are the two
first generation cryptocurrencies
of Satoshi and Vitalik He saw That
Bitcoin’s restrictions on
slow technology transactions still have many problems
to improve ETH is also
an improvement
that is expected today.But it has not done what the owner
wanted Picoi to be born. With the
comprehensive technological upgrade developing up
to 60,000 Decentralized banana carrots
located all over the countries of the
world it allocates as such. First is
the transparent ledger of anti-Fraud and
running speed Nodes calculate extremely
fast when a transaction occurs in just
3 seconds,
technical technology has been preached
by Nikolas on Nikolas’
official YouTube channel you can find out for yourself.
Picoin is the encryption was developed at
the perfect level today than
Bitcoin and ETH many people that
dream which compares with ATH but folks
ETHH born due Nikolas thesis
protection of schoolboy Nikolas’s Vitalik role
as the founder of the idea for eth
today how blockchain will evolve
in 2021 2020 Blockchain
has been included in the
category of new infrastructure by the Chinese state and at least 7 provinces
have come up with Blockchain support policy
in the same year Blockchain technology
gradually shifted from concept to
purpose and more application scenarios
blossomed the various industry applications of
blockchain has become a sign
of inter-maturity. How does
Blockchain practice the development of Blockchain in the
past 2020 year 2020,
the pandemic covid19 sweeps the
world and the uncertainty of
world economic development increases dramatically
Government and businesses of the
countries that are Explore the use of
emerging technologies to reduce logistics costs
economic and social practices improve the operational
efficiency of the real economy and continue
to search for new types of points for
existing economic development Blockchain
and cloud computing artificial intelligence and
infrastructure Other new technologies that
cross- innovate and more and more verticals
of the real economy are showing a
blockchain development model and a
good incentive to break out from virtual to real to
avoid falling from real to virtual beyond
continuing to push. We must
also guide the deep integration of
Blockchain technology with real application scenarios
, so Blockchain’s different industrial
application scenarios have become
one of the inevitable trends
in development. development of blockchain
According to the 2020 blockchain whitepaper released by the China Academy
of Information and Communication Technology
of October 2020, 262 listed companies
have been involved in the blockchain field including
real estate insurance. commercial and security
department store products and 19 areas
including equipment Packaging materials and
telecommunications activities in the
blockchain information service submission list of the
National Internet Information
Office have 45 projects with the above for
listed companies of which the finance scenario
is examined. most breakout in
technology application scenarios that have specific projects in sub-
sectors of supply
chain finance to finance trade payments and
settlement and capital management White Paper
shows as of May By 11 2020, among
the Blockchain information services
registered in the country, the number of projects in
the financial sector including the first supply
chain finance
accounts for 36 percent with Accelerating the deployment of
active blockchain
applications. Blockchain
business has become the focus of development of internet-based businesses
participating in the
Blockchain industry in addition to
internet financial services of supply chain traceability
and logistics and digital assets as
well. is actively implementing the v pressing
problem of government and public services
intellectual property, health law and other fields
at the same time the industry has come to understand
that Blockchain is a
fundamental component of the transaction reliably
these things without This means that Blockchain
can cover the world, need to
combine Blockchain with other technologies
such as your internet AI
and big data 5G and use synergies to
form a suitable solution to help
move together. convert digital according to the
data related applications blockchain
now mainly in the field of
archived evidence blockchain went into
making it better from the perspective of
having reliable than stable than may
expand and may contain more nodes
He Bao Hong hospital director cloud
computing and big data of the Institute
of Information technology and Communications
Chinese believe that this process will
continue for some time or
longer The next step is the Blockchain Technology
competition that will move from
technical optimization and innovation Status
of technology and ecology business
Moreover it is understood that the industry
Blockchain has improved in a
long time and the perception of the sector has
returned to reasonable under the guidance
plans of the central government on the
The development of blockchain bro technology
in the Chinese country has made clear
the development ideas based on the
alliance chain focused on serving the
real economy and optimizing public services
and the development direction of the industry. has
become clearer at this stage much
of the trust of the trainees and Block
chain continues to improve, and
what is blockchain ‘s
generally recognized
long-term strategic
value in 2021 with improvement. improve gradually the
industry chain Blockchain
country most Chinese companies
Blockchain not just focus on one
aspect that is showing a tendency to
develop collaboration in the field According to
statistics of the 801 list Submit
Blockchain information services by dispatch
room internet information Country
announced Beijing Guangzhou Shanghai
Zhejiang Jiangsu and Shandong are the provinces
and cities have more companies filing
Nhat core role of Blockchain
correspond to the technical characteristics
mainly reflected in three aspects
: automatic collaborative deposit certification and
transfer of value as its value potential
is continually exploited
application scenarios have Gradually moved from
financial breakthrough to real
Economic current and government issues
span many areas including
people’s livelihoods blockchain’s
core value for the economy is practically
promoting effective collaboration between
upstream industries and
improve the efficiency of financial
industry integration in the early stages
of blockchain’s application model development mainly
based on the depositing of documents and
contracts at this stage, the application of the
blockchain industry. move
towards automatic collaboration and
value connectivity
such as ch data sharing Government
coordination of supply chain and cross-border
trade in 2020 is the kick – start for 2021 in 2021 the use
of distributed ledger blockchain and
smart contract tools will continue to
grow as it will in 2020 and with the
continuous development of
blockchain technology in the
industry and above will get better,
the industrial ecosystem will also
grow rapidly and the distribution of
the industry chain will become more and more
widespread. From the point of view of the industry structure
Blockchain industry is mainly
divided into 4 basic technology parts industrial
application platform services and
peripheral services three for the first time
showing upstream and downstream relationship
relatively clear the underlying technology part
provides the products and technical components needed
for Blockchain to divide the service platform
based on the underlying technology to build a
platform and Blockchain is relatively clear the
corresponding technology part. industry application responses
are mainly based on scenarios b The reality
of different industries using
blockchain technology to develop industry applications
in order to achieve the innovation
of business cooperation models
in the military peripheral services industry providing
support services for industries including
Market research industry organizations that set
standards for the evaluation and certification of
media systems in the industry to
motivate the development of industrial
ecosystems among them related to application
. Block industry on the above step
is the result of innovation and development of
information technology. At the same time it is also the
main driving force of the re- establishment of Business
Processes and innovation of industrial
interaction model in different sectors
Blockchain was gradually expanded from the financial
digital original to the financial supply
chain drug product code and other
fields now it has been discovered and
applied in the work of the civilian government
Industrial management students and other branches of
the province you apply its application This
richness shows the deep integration
with other industries, the current domestic firms
are focusing on serving
the real economy and improving Government issues
and developing applications related
to the population. Among them
the supply chain finance
and product traceability
account for half of other applications
Such as government and civic affairs have become
key areas for manufacturers in the
future and will explode after investing in blockchain
cools down and by 2020 industry
and superiors may start to become more
rational in 2011 However a
relatively complete industry chain and participants The active market family provides
the possible background for the development of the
industry and superior industrial
plants and burners will also
show a positive development
direction in support of the Ecological Construction Policy.
appropriate landing application platform service
and technological innovation in
this new era Water is the common projects
globally its ecological garment
bring economic and financial needs
worldwide Thank you watched
Hello and see you
yeah yeah
à à

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