Pi Network approaching 10 mio – will ANYTHING change? (links at the bottom)

Pi Network approaching 10 mio – will ANYTHING change? (links at the bottom)


The magic of numbers and heating up by users should NOT forbid you think realistic. There are problems (well known) with the project and you cannot expect to monetise your units soon. Really! Facts not myths.

What can happen at 10.000.000 users?
– they can do halving (probably at 50%)
– they can close inscriptions (possible but unlikely)
– they can do nothing (most likely)

The mithical 3rd phase is NOT coming soon, although most users think it is. To do it you need to be veryfied and if nothing changes, 99% will NOT be in forseeable future.

Also DROP the illusions of becoming billioneers. Really this is wishful thinking, If quoted, with such volume it will oscilate around few cents. This is NOT another Bitcoin. NO WAY!

For this I suggest you (to avoid disilusionment), to diversify and sign up ALSO to Initiative Q (similar in some aspects but more founded in market realm). They give very substantial rewards and do not require everyday presence as Pi does.

Register Initiative Q (codes are limited in time and number so use ASAP):

YT Playlist Initiative Q: j.mp/cryptoQ

YT playlist Pi Network: j.mp/cryptocurrencyPI
Pi Network invitation: minepi.com/go314

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