Pi Network. An Unofficial guide to the whitepaper.

In today’s video I’m going over the Pi network whitepaper.

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0:00 Intro
0:10 Greeting
0:17 Today’s content
0:26 Channel Update: Schedule
1:08 Discord update: 1k members and Meme contest!
2:37 Mission and vision
4:01 Introduction: Why do cryptocurrencies matter
7:59 Bitcoin/pi explanation and accessibility of crypto
11:20 Stellar Consensus protocol and Pi
15:01 Pi economic model: Balancing, scarcity and access
17:16 Utility: Pooling and monetizing our time online
19:55 Governance. Phase 1 and 2
22:52 Road map Phase 1
22:45 Phase 2
23:33 Phase 3
24:24 Other content

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