Pi Network || All information about pi network in Nepali ||

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Interesting thing while making this video is that i recorded the sound at night 12 to 1am reason is that i can’t get mobile anytime so i record my sound at night and after two three day i edited this!!

In this video i covered question with introduction look down if you are searching for only one topic 🙂

00:00 – 00:38 (video introduction)
00:38 – 02:38 (introduction of crypto currency and pi network app)
02:38 – 03:43 (installing pi network app and necessary information to know while installing app)
03:43 – 04:50 (how to increase pi coin speed? / how to increase mining speed?)
04:50 – 06:09 (will pi coin be a crypto currency or will it be register in crypto currency?)
06:09 – 07:11 (What will be the value of pi coin with example)
07:11 – 07:27 (can i convert pi coin into money?)
07:27 – 08:45 (is it legal to use crypto currency in nepal?)
08:45 – 9:40 (ending video with unknown credit!!)

background music credit goes to

Thanks for watching the video hope you know something!!
If you are confused about something then feel free to ask me in the comment section I will reply you ASAP!!

bye bye jaynepal 🙂

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