Pi Network 10 Million Users Reaction Video – What does it mean for pioneers? DO NOT MISS THIS!

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Pi Crypto just hit 10 million users! That’s an incredible accomplishment that very few cryptocurrencies have ever met. But what does that mean for Pi and its Pioneers? What’s next for Pi now that the 10 million user mark is met? And what about mining? Will mining continue?

Here’s Wes’ COiNVENTION review where he predicted mining won’t stop at 10 million – https://youtu.be/96GUSeWQxEk

Want to see Wes’ original review? https://youtu.be/v0nwVa6nCwQ
August Update (Can’t miss!) – https://youtu.be/1OqE67S961M
September Update and KYC – https://youtu.be/p8ACbff810U
Three CRITICAL THINGS Pi must do in order to succeed – https://youtu.be/JXEgUu79Qno

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