Pi Network में ख़ास क्या है ? ये क्यों SUCCESS हो सकता है ? Must Watch (English Subtitles)

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How Pi is better from other cryptocurrencies?
Will it be going to success or failure?
Focusing on building intrinsic value by backing up it with physical assets.

What is Pi in detail :-

Pi is not listed in any exchanges yet, so don’t get fooled by other scammers.

Pi is the first digital currency that you can mine on your phone.
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Copyright Disclaimer :-
This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
Thanks to Pixabay and its contributors for the images.

Hey guys, Once again, welcome to our channel NV Media
Friends today we will talk about
What’s so special in Pi ??
Why it is going to be a huge success ??
This question is definitely running in your mind
that what makes Pi special ??
We already have such famous cryptocurrencies
for example Bitcoin, Ethereum , so where Pi stands ??
What is lacking in these famous coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum
that Pi have to come forward
So guys, this video will be little technical
So hear it carefully..
So lets talk about Bitcoin and Ethereum
Their mining is done with the help of consensus algorithm
And the name of that algorithm is Proof of Work
And this proof of work algorithm depends upon large computational powers
More the computational power, higher will be the mining speed
Now lets talk about its limitations
Firstly , for such computational powers, we need large hardwares
large hardwares and softwares
So it is out of the reach of common people to do mining
Secondly the transactions speed is slow,,
If any one of you do bitcoin transactions
then you must know that it takes some time for the transactions
approximately half an hour to one hour
And in order to increase transaction speed, we have to give extra fees
And the 3rd main problem is concern to the environment
If we look at the data of last few years, the bitcoin mining results in
3 – 25 megatons of carbon emission
which is very harmful for our environment
Now to fill up these limitations, many new coins arrived..
One of them was Ripple and other was Stellar
which is also known as Lumen
And one of the co-founder of Ripple have made Stellar
Their main benefit was the difference in consensus algorithm with respect to bitcoin and ethereum
Now lets talk about the benefits of Ripple and Stellar Algorithm
Firstly, fast transactions
Secondly, low wastage of energy
Their coins or already pre-mined,
that’s why , less wastage of energy
Now, let’s talk about the difference between these two..
the main difference is the target audience
The main focus of Ripple is on large banks and institutions
So that, they can easily do cross-border payments
very fast and with less cost
Now the Stellar’s main focus is on giving payment platform
to the developing countries or the under-developed countries
so that they can do cross border transactions easily and effectively
Now let’s talk about their limitations due to which Pi have to come forward..
If you know little bit about cryptocurrencies
then you must have known that, one of the main motive of cryptocurrency is to be fully decentralized
but there were only few private nodes in Stellar and Ripple
due to which they are actually centralized networks
and not decentralized networks
and their audience is also limited
And after this , Pi network came into existence
It worked on the limitations of both type of cryptocurrencies
As the algorithm of bitcoin was lacking
and the nodes of Stellar and Ripple were private not public
means the network was centralized
So Pi network came up with
the algorithm that it has taken from Stellar.
named Stellar Consensus Protocol
And Secondly, since there was a limitation of private nodes
So Pi network came up with Public nodes,
So that the network will be fully decentralized
And the main audience of Pi network is everyday people
So that everyday people can transact in cryptocurrency easily
So is that all ???????
Wait Wait Wait !!
Do you know , most of the cryptocurrencies have zero intrinsic value
Their value depends totally upon demand and supply
they don’t have their own value..
But Pi network is focusing on building intrinsic value
by backing up it with physical assets and services
Means (translating the line in Hindi)
Now the question is , How Pi network is going to build intrinsic value
The answer for this is, by making an App Store
Where we can Buy and Sell commodities or services with Pi
As we all know at this time, Pi is running in Testing phase,
means running in Phase 2
where its main focus is on the deployment of nodes..
so that it can become a fully decentralized network
and secondly, building up an App Store
which probably can be done at the end of this year
And guys, I have already told this in many of my previous videos
that Pi is not listed in exchanges yet
If you are finding Pi in any of the exchanges, then it is fake listed
I am getting some comments, that Pi is listed in Coin Gecko
Coin gecko is just a site which provides data
on the coins about which coin is listed on which platform.
So because Pi is listed illegally on FUBT , that’s why
it is showing on coingecko
but be aware, Pi is not officially listed yet
It will be on exchange in 3rd phase
and guys for the time being , click daily on mining and collect Pi as much as possible
If it got success, it will change our lives..
Don’t let this opportunity slip through your hands..
If you haven’t joined yet , what are you waiting for man !!
Guys If you liked my work and video,
then do like , subscribe and share this video
as much as possible, it will help me and
and the one who will watch this video will get the benefit too
So guys, once again thanks a lot for watching this video

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