Pi Network क्या है | Don't miss | #Pi Currency | Earn money on your mobile #MinePi #Cryptocurrency

Pi Network क्या है | Don't miss | #Pi Currency | Earn money on your mobile #MinePi #Cryptocurrency


Invitation code: zakpat

🔴 मेरा ऊपर दिया हुआ इनविटेशन कोड (zakpat) Pi Network द्वारा जांचा हुआ VERIFIED ACCOUNT है। अंजान या कोई भी INVITATION CODE इस्तेमाल करने से आपकी मेहनत बेकार हो सकती है। तो ध्यान रहे की आप भरोसेमंद MEMBER का ही इनविटेशन कोड इस्तेमाल करें। – जन हित में जारी।

🔴 Make sure that you do not join with an invitation from some one who does not have a strong security circle i.e. members with unverified or unwilling to verify accounts. This will lead to all of your efforts go to waste.

🔴 Pi Network is a new SocialChain Mobile App with Pi cryptocurrency that allows mobile mining using your identiy as a trust.

We will call it the future of money.

The unique feature of this crypto is that you can mine it on your mobile phone without draining much resources or time.

This network is created by a team of Stanford PhDs and it has grown to 7 million+ users and that is enough reason for you to pay attention!

In this video we will – introduce you to bitcoins and cryptocurrency, show you why you should install this app and how you can start mining Pi. It does not matter if you have any experience with crypto or not. Basically we’ll be showing you everything that you need to start to join the Pi Network Community.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that with all its credibility, it’s potential is speculative just as any cryptocurrency and its value will depend on lots of factors within or outside the scope of this community. Cryptocurrency, like any other investment, has the potential to make you exponentially rich and the possibility of overrnight losses.

⏱️ Video Timestamps ⏱️

00:00 Intro
00:19 Disadvantages of traditional mode of financial transactions
00:50 Explaining Bitcoins & Crypto in short and the ways they can counter these problems?
01:20 A few drawbacks of crypto
01:33 Intro to Pi Network
02:00 Installing Pi Network on your mobile
03:30 Invitation code: zakpat
03:58 Mining process
05:00 Pi Network Roles – Pioneer, Contributor and Ambassador.
05:27 Earning Team and Invitation Options to add members in your chain of community.
05:40 Chat option within the community, developers and the members of your team with FAQs
06:00 Brief introduction to Nodes
06:13 Closing statement about Pi App
06:40 Call to LIKE and SUBSCIRBE the Out of the Box Channel and watch other videos. Don’t forget to press the BELL ICON to receive notifications for all our new videos.

#PiNetwork #MinePi #Cryptocurrency


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Disclaimer :-
This is an educational video & not sponsored or promoted one by Pi Network

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What is a Crypto currency?
And how does it work?
And how to earn them for free?
to understand all of this …
watch this video till the end!!
When, we buy or sell anything online…

It is usually processed by the bank or credit card company

But, they have a quite a few disadvantages
1st – Companies often take a commission for every transaction
2nd – We have to trust these companies to protect our sensitive data from hackers
3 third- most international payments are expensive and take a long time to settle
So, to solve these problems..
we can use a special currency…
that is based on science of Cryptography

And it protects information by using mathematical algorithms.
this special currency is also known as…
Crypto currency or Bitcoin.
and this just works on peer to peer computer networks
when you send this special currency to anyone
it goes directly to the receiver
and it saves you from the commission of the middle man…
but even these have some draw backs…
Crypto currency’s transactions are anonymous
and some crypto currencies can even be untraceable…

And that makes it easy for hackers to make misuse it
So, today we are going to talk about …
Pi network that is a reliable Crypto currency…
which is run by a very reliable team
who are alumnis of Standford University
Note that to earn Pi currency
You’ll need my referral or invitation code: zakpat
without a refferal code you can’t be a part of Pi Network
So, in this video I’m going to share…
..my referral code and the tips to install it.
so, lets start with the downloading process !!!
to install Pi network …
you need to go to playstore on your android phone…
and search for – Pi Network
and if you are an I phone user…
then you can also install from Apple’s Appstore
This app has lakhs of downloads and thousands of reviews!
So, lets quickly install it !!!
installation is just like any other app
and when the app is launched…
You have to sign up either with Facebook ..
or, with phone number to create an account on Pi network
here we will select phone number option
and after selecting country next we will enter phone number
after that you should enter password with eight characters
The password should have at least one number, one capital letter and one small letter
after that you should enter your first and last name
please make sure that you mention your real name
It is only by verifying these details that you will be able to redeem or use Pi for transaction in future ..
after that you should create your user name
using any code characters
and finally use this invitation (zakpat) in small letters
after submitting you’ll become a part of Pi network
it’s that simple!
you can see here that your starting balance is 1 Pi.
and look at my original account balance of the parent account that has crossed 290.24825… with daily mining
just a little bit of mining
and if you are thinking what’s next…
after installing ?
just look at this button every day you should…
press this button, which says – tap to earn!!!
on Pi app you will get one prompt per day for mining
and your mining process will automatically start…
On app’s launch for the first time you will see a guided tour option…
On which you can see available options for home screen
up there you’ll see your Pi’s total balance
then there is chat option within the PI Community
at home screen you can…
find Pi channel’s update every day!!
lastly you can see that on the right …
it shows you your daily mining rate …
that depends on your daily activity and network size
according to network size and personal activity…
in this app there are divided three different rules
pioneer – if you yourself do the daily mining …
means you are pioneer
contributor if you invite and add members
then you can be a contributor
ambassador is the top category
node option is not for mobile users
now lets check all the menu options
Pi apps , Earn Pi , Earning team where you’ll find …
your network’s register members
where you can also send member invitation
using your invitation code
other than that on menu option there is Roles

that we discussed earlier in this video
chat, there are many channels in it
depending on your interest, language and geography
here their FAQs i.e. frequently asked questions
and community updates are very informative
and lastly NODES this is technically advanced option of mining
its for the technically savvy users who want to install and mine Pi on laptops, servers or computers.
We will cover this installation in the next video
I hope you used my referral code and installed it
and don’t worry, this app will not drain your phone’s battery
and it will not create any technical issue’s

this is the easiest way to mine Crypto currency

in which you will not spend even 1 rupee
and if you have any questions about the Pi network
write in the comment section below
and if you wish to get the notifications first
so don’t forget to press the subscribe button and the bell icon
so that’s all for this video, see you in the next one

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