Pi Cryptocurrency | DON'T MISS THIS October 2020 Update! #MinePi #Pi #Cryptocurrency

Want to mine with me? https://minepi.com/pezdspencer

Pi Network — time for an update! Is this thing legit or a scam? After many months using Pi basically non-stop, Wes tells you what he thinks! And in the October update, we cover TONS of new things!
– A “Did you know?” segment covering some important things you might not know about Pi.
– More updates on the KYC process
– The latest news on Pi’s new convention called “Pi Coinvention” and why it is CRITICALLY important to the success of Pi.

Want to see Wes’ original review? https://youtu.be/v0nwVa6nCwQ
August Update (Can’t miss!) – https://youtu.be/1OqE67S961M
September Update and KYC – https://youtu.be/p8ACbff810U

Pi is a new SocialChain app which utilizes the cryptocurrency and enables mobile mining using your identity as trust. Created by a team of Stanford PhDs (so they say) the network has grown to 7 million users — thereby making it worth a look!

In this video we’ll give and update and see if our thoughts have changed or are still the same.

#PiNetwork #MinePi #Cryptocurrency

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