Pi COiNVENTION Update & Reactions – What You NEED to Know! Is Pi a legit #cryptocurrency? #minepi

Pi COiNVENTION Update & Reactions – What You NEED to Know! Is Pi a legit #cryptocurrency? #minepi

Want to mine with me? https://minepi.com/pezdspencer

Pi Network — time for an update! What is the latest info from the Pi COiNVENTION? News flash — it’s way more than just the updates. Yes, I’m glad to see all the new things on the way, including new Pi apps, but what does the COiNVENTION truly tell us about the future of Pi? In this video, Wes dives much deeper into what’s happening behind the scenes and why it is important for anyone interested in Pi!

Want to see Wes’ original review? https://youtu.be/v0nwVa6nCwQ
August Update (Can’t miss!) – https://youtu.be/1OqE67S961M
September Update and KYC – https://youtu.be/p8ACbff810U

Pi is a new SocialChain app which utilizes the cryptocurrency and enables mobile mining using your identity as trust. Created by a team of Stanford PhDs (so they say) the network has grown to 7 million users — thereby making it worth a look!

#PiNetwork #MinePi #Cryptocurrency

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