Pi Brainstorm App

Hi Pioneers, today we are experimentally launching an early stage prototype of a brainstorming
utility we have been working on.
This prototype will hopefully help us to collectively propose new Pi App ideas and form or join
teams to make these ideas a reality.
Additionally, Pioneers who have already passed KYC can donate Pi in support of a specific
published project.
The idea is that donated Pi to each project will only be distributed to the project builders
if the project actually comes to fruition.
Today we are also seeding this brainstorm utility with two initial Pi App proposals,
both of which are aimed to perform KYC verifications.
We may need multiple KYC apps, because Pioneers are very diverse and there is no single solution
that can guarantee that real Pioneers are not left behind by any given solution.
Well, you can try this brainstorm app through the button below that looks like a lightbulb.
In the coming few minutes I will explain how the Brainstorm app works and then explain
briefly the two initial KYC project proposals we posted on the app.
So, how does it work?
All Pioneers can submit new project proposals, but the proposals are not automatically becoming
There will be a review process by the Pi chat moderators and the Core Team.
You are welcome to post both business apps (Type 1) and ecosystem apps (Type 2).
But, the Core Team will initially focus on publishing a small subset of well-articulated
type 2 project proposals that contain both a good idea and an initial implementation
plan with enough details to indicate feasibility and alignment with the ecosystem goals.
KYC’ed Pioneers can support the project even further by donating Pi as an incentive to
the builders.
Talented and motivated Pioneers can apply to join specific projects to help bring them
to fruition.
Keep in mind that this is an early prototype that we release as beta, and expect changes
to come as the community starts using it.
Now let’s look at our two initial app proposals that we post for discussion as community driven
projects that hopefully, Pioneers will lead and develop in coordination with the Core
First there is a software-only KYC proposal that can potentially work for Pioneers who
have modern passports and phones.
In this project we take advantage of the advanced cryptographic technology that exists in an
NFC microchip inside those modern passports.
In brief, those passports are using similar technology used by hardware blockchain wallets.
The passport’s microchip can wirelessly communicate with modern phones using near field communication
(NFC) and prove it is a legitimate passport.
In other words, you simply touch your passport to your phone and just like that you are KYCed
for Pi.
The microchip contains an unrecoverable Secret Key (with a respective public key) that is
digitally signed (certified) by the passport authority of the respective country.
This signature establishes the fact that such passports are true passports issued by a real
country to a real individual.
Under the hood, when the Pioneer touches their phone to their passport, a Pi server send
a cryptographic challenge to the Pionneer’s phone, the phone passes the challenge to the
passport, the passport responds to the challenge by signing it with unrecoverable secret key
(without sharing the key), the phone passes the response to the Pi server, and the Pi
server acknowledges the validity of the passport.
All this within 10 seconds.
Who has these kinds of advanced ePassports?
Well, it turns out that this has been a standard in passports for a long time and many countries’
passports support it already.
For example, all recent passports from Europe, China, USA and other countries come with this
technology in them already.
Now, what kinds of phones support NFC?
As matter of fact most recent Android phones and all iPhones greater than iPhone 7 running
the latest iOS, support it.
However, does every Pioneer have a supported phone or a passport especially if they are
not traveling abroad?
Because the answer is no, we need more KYC solutions to support everyone else.
The second proposed KYC project is based on the idea that two Pioneers get together through
a special guided video interface in the app and verify each other’s documents.
To minimize collusion, the system randomizes the Pioneer pairs, records the video interaction
and then requests an additional Pioneer to review the recorded interaction for accuracy.
As a result in this idea each Pioneer’s identity is revealed to three other Pioneers from the
same country.
The information exchange is mutual as each Pioneer also has access to the names of these
three other Pioneers.
Furthermore, to prevent the use of fake IDs, the software uses face recognition technology
to identify individuals who try to use the system multiple times and prevents them from
As a result of this process, each KYCed Pioneer gets “certified” by two other Pioneers (the
one though live video, and the one who reviewed the recorded video), and “certifies” two other
Furthermore, these certifications can include digital signatures using Pioneer wallet Keys,
making the resulting certification fully verifiable.
So what do you think?
Are these good ideas?
Do you have better ones?
Let us know, by submitting your proposals; and by participating in the discussion.
Well that’s it from us today.
Expect the Brainstorm app to change a lot.
And it is also possible that we take it down a few times in the coming days as we are fine
tuning things.
Feel free to post your projects and ideas and with the new year we will start reviewing
and publishing your submissions.

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