Phone Number Verification in Pi Network Step by Step हिंदी में

In this video I have discussed about the step by step procedure for mobile number verification in Pi Network in Hindi.

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– Introduction
I am getting many queries regarding phone number verification. In this video I have shown you the step by step procedure, and what are the important things to consider while phone number verification…

1. Go to your Profile in Pi Network and click on Verify in front of Phone Number
2. For people who are not from USA or Canada, go to 2nd option and click on Start
3. A popup will appear, click on Open SMS
4. I am getting some queries in this step that messaging app is not opening, but facebook messanger is opening. The reason of this is you have by default selected the facebook messanger..
Either you can change the default option in the settings or go to the previous screen and click on Manual Instructions..
5. You will find Recipient and Text Code there, Copy both of them, open your messaging app in the phone , enter the Recipient number and Text Code, then send the sms from the same number that you have registered on the Pi app.

I have seen many queries where people are unable to send that message;-
Main Reasons are :-
1. You should have extra balance for sending international sms.. Generally it costs 5 rupees in India
2. Check the recipient number, there should be no extra characters or symbols with it…
3. Check the code, it should be same as generated in the previous steps in Pi app.
4. You should send the message from same number that you registered on Pi app.
5. If you follow these steps, there are 99% chance that it will get verified successfully
Sometimes operator doesn’t allow, so be sure that your operator allows international sms.
And if the problem still persists, then try using different server recipient for example UK instead of USA.
Hope this will help..
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