Peaceful Jeremy Soule #1 – Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind OST Compilation – Homework Mix

Peaceful Jeremy Soule #1 – Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind OST Compilation – Homework Mix


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I’m so grateful for this gifted composer, and all the talented folks he works with. The music is my favorite part of these games!

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Expanded compilation here!

The Streets of Whiterun (Skyrim) 0:00:00
Awake (Skyrim) 0:04:01
From Past to Present (Skyrim) 0:05:33
Unbroken Road (Skyrim) 0:10:37
Ancient Stones (Skyrim) 0:17:00
The City Gates (Skyrim) 0:21:44
Dragonsreach (Skyrim) 0:25:30
Under an Ancient Sun (Skyrim) 0:27:51
Masser (Skyrim) 0:31:31
Distant Horizons (Skyrim) 0:37:35
Dawn (Skyrim) 0:41:28
The Jerall Mountains (Skyrim) 0:45:25
Secunda (Skyrim) 0:48:41
Imperial Throne (Skyrim) 0:50:44
Frostfall (Skyrim) 0:53:00
Kyne’s Peace (Skyrim) 0:56:24
Unbound (Skyrim) 1:00:13
Far Horizons (Skyrim) 1:01:46
A Winter’s Tale (Skyrim) 1:07:16
The Bannered Mare (Skyrim) 1:10:36
The White River (Skyrim) 1:13:04
Standing Stones (Skyrim) 1:16:33
Tundra (Skyrim) 1:23:09
Journey’s End (Skyrim) 1:26:56
Before the Storm (Skyrim) 1:31:03
A Chance Meeting (Skyrim) 1:32:08
Out of the Cold (Skyrim) 1:35:18
Around the Fire (Skyrim) 1:38:18
Aurora (Skyrim) 1:41:27
Solitude (Skyrim) 1:48:46
The Gathering Storm (Skyrim) 1:50:56
Sky Above, Voice Within (Skyrim) 1:53:48
Wind Guide You (Skyrim) 1:57:45
Through the Valleys (Oblivion) 2:06:48
Harvest Dawn (Oblivion) 2:11:07
King and Country (Oblivion) 2:13:58
Wings of Kynareth (Oblivion) 2:18:03
All’s Well (Oblivion) 2:21:33
Watchman’s Ease (Oblivion) 2:23:58
Glory of Cyrodiil (Oblivion) 2:26:03
Minstrel’s Lament (Oblivion) 2:28:31
Auriel’s Ascension (Oblivion) 2:33:13
Sunrise of Flutes (Oblivion) 2:36:18
Dusk At the Market (Oblivion) 2:39:14
Peace of Akatosh (Oblivion) 2:41:25
Nerevar Rises (Morrowind) 2:45:36
Peaceful Waters (Morrowind) 2:46:35
Over the Next Hill (Morrowind) 2:49:41
The Road Most Travelled (Morrowind) 2:52:46
Blessing of Vivec (Morrowind) 2:56:01
Shed Your Travails (Morrowind) 2:59:17
Caprice (Morrowind) 3:02:30
Darkened Depths (Morrowind) 3:05:58
The Prophecy Fulfilled (Morrowind) 3:06:49
Skyrim Atmospheres (Skyrim) 3:08:01


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