Paleo Chocolate Cake Recipe (FAT-BURNING TOO!)

Hi, I’m Dr. Carissa. In this video I show you EXACTLY how to make a delicious paleo chocolate cake recipe for weight loss.

My goal is to help you lose weight, and balance your hormones naturally (especially while on menopause). Losing weight is not always easy. I often say that it IS rocket science. Luckily, my science background helps, as well as my own weight loss transformation.

Yes, I was overweight and depressed, until I took matters in my own hands and lost many pounds. More importantly, I gained confidence, motivation, and empowerment as a woman. Basically, I turned my life around and you can too.

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I own a weight loss clinic in Florida, and I have helped thousands of women just like you, either in person or online via this YouTube channel or my website

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Please note that the information found on my videos or on is intended for educational purposes and is not medical advice. You should consult your physician or other medical provider before starting this or any other weight loss, hormone, exercise or supplement program. These programs are meant for healthy adults and should not be used by pregnant or lactating mothers. The author and affiliates disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from this information.

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