Painting on mugs using mandala is a profitable home business for women and young people

Painting on mugs using mandala is a profitable home business for women and young people


There are many methods that can be relied upon to perform the operations of drawing and writing on mugs, including the following:

1- If you have a talent for drawing, or if your handwriting is good, you can bring a group of felt-tip pens and then draw or write. Of course, your drawings and writing must be expressive, attractive, and compatible with the culture of the population in order to ensure that people turn to them.

2- If you do not have the talent for drawing or writing, you can buy ready-made stickers and paste them on the mugs (mugs) and mark them with a pen, and then you can remove the stickers and you will find that the drawing or phrase has been printed on the mug.

Note: To ensure the stability of the writings or drawings on the mugs, insert them into the oven at a temperature of 200 for a period of 25 minutes, and then you can test the cups by washing them with soap and water
You can actually test the project before starting it, and this can be done by purchasing 10 mugs of good types and then you can experiment with them and if a mistake occurs while doing the drawing or writing, you can wipe quickly before it dries and after you finish you can insert the mugs into the oven to dry and then become Ready and you can package it in transparent plastic bags and then you can offer it for sale to the people, neighbors and neighboring shops at prices slightly higher than the purchase prices, and if you can sell quickly, you can implement the project and buy larger quantities of cups, and if the opposite happens, the error may be in the quality of the drawings and writing Then you can start over, taking into account correcting errors, and the error may be in the way the presentation or not choosing the right customers, and then you must increase your marketing activity to sell your products
You can buy it from factories selling products made of porcelain and ceramics. You can also search on the Internet for addresses of factories and dealers, as well as you can browse advertising magazines continuously. You can also borrow the directory of merchants and factories from any library and search in it and if you have many relationships, you can ask some people, they may have knowledge In some stores or factories that sell gentlemen’s mugs, and after you reach one or more factories, you can make personal visits to inspect the products and know the prices, and of course you can deal with the factory that offers you the best offers, whether in terms of quality or price.
Mandala is a set of symbols used by Hindus and Buddhists to express the image of the metaphysical universe. This art began in Tibet, India, and then spread to many countries of the world. The word “mandala” in the language “Sanskrit” means circle or disk, and is now common. That “mandala” has become a general term for any layout, table or geometric pattern, which introduces the universe by means of “metaphysics” or “symbols”.
The origin of this art dates back to India, and it is spread in the Tibet region in particular, and in the eleventh century it moved from India to Tibet, where colored sand grains are used to depict the religious beliefs prevailing there.
It is used for meditation, and it helps to express feelings, through the method of choosing colors and shapes, and also contributes to calm nerves and give the soul psychological comfort
I assembled the mandala formally according to 3 systems: the first in the form of squares intertwined with each other, the second in a circular shape with no beginning or end, and the third combining the two previous systems, i.e. the square and the circle.

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