OpenWRT – WAN & LAN on Single Network Interface device with VLAN

OpenWRT – WAN & LAN on Single Network Interface device with VLAN

In this tutorial, we are going to setup OpenWRT with a single ethernet port device. Since there is only one physical network interface, we will setup 2 VLANs for WAN and LAN with a switch that supports VLAN – TP Link TL-SG108E.
This tutorial should work with any single NIC, such as x86 PC, Raspberry Pi, Nano Pi and Orange Pi, etc.

Summary about the setup: We will use VLAN 1 for our LAN devices to minimize the configuration. VLAN 10 will be setup for WAN interface with DHCP protocol. On the switch, port 1 is connected to the ISP router with port 1 tagged VLAN 10. Switch port 2 will be connected to the OpenWRT router, it is tagged with VLAN 10 as well. Port 3 to 8 will be used for LAN devices. Port 2 to 8 is untagged with VLAN 1.
A tagged port is also know as a Trunk-Port and an untagged port is also know as an Access-Port

Video timeframe:

00:00 – Introduction about running OpenWRT on single network port device
00:35 – Network diagram and devices physical connection
04:00 – Configure 802.1Q VLAN for WAN and LAN on TL-SG108E
06:55 – Create network interface with VLAN ID on OpenWRT Luci
07:55 – Check and final words

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