One Funnel Away Challenge 2020 | Clickfunnels 30 Days Challenge Review-How To Make $100/Day Online

One Funnel Away Challenge 2020 | Clickfunnels 30 Days Challenge Review-How To Make $100/Day Online

In this video, I review the One Funnel Away Challenge and show you how you can earn $100 per day while going through the one funnel away challenge and build your online business.

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About this video

The One Funnel Away Challenge! What is it? Is it worth it? How much is it? We’re going to answer all these questions here and more.

The One Funnel Away Challenge was designed by ClickFunnels and Russel Brunson. Now, most people didn’t really get what it was; ClickFunnels was pushing it and pushing it and a lot of people liked the idea, but I don’t think a lot of people fully understood what it was, who was it for, and basically what it could do for them.

So, what is the challenge? The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day challenge where essentially ClickFunnels takes Russel Brunson and the other faces of their company and they create this challenge that takes you 30 days to do and by the end of it, your business should be completely ready.

Who is it for? I recommend this product to people who haven’t hit the 6-figure a year mark.

If you have hit the 6-figures mark, honestly the OFA challenge can still help, but the 30 days book that comes with the challenge is even more worth it.

Where else can you hear advice from 30 millionaires for that price?

Honestly I bought the OFA twice because there is so much awesome content in there and being part of the live trainings is really cool. Hearing coaches coach people on their funnels is awesome. Especially when the coach is Russell Brunson.

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