On The Go Talking Home Business & One Love DTube – Daily D00k13 October 14, 2020

On The Go Talking Home Business & One Love DTube – Daily D00k13 October 14, 2020

What up my peeps, welcome to the Daily @D00k13. Coming at you today with an on the go vlog mobile edited and uploaded. Talking about my last couple days but feeling very excited for some new about our home business Meck Designs, Free Shipping on the newly added Halloween Face Coverings.

Seems like unless I have time to spare free from work I essentially tackle one project a day. I started with tackling a video & post for #OneLoveDTube on the 12th. Then on the 13th our store listings while figuring out how to offer free shipping for limited items and time. Also added a gift card cause I could plus configured a few other neat features such as returning customer discounts. I reworked the shop a little with custom images then set a FB post to go first thing in the morning. Then we have today SMH …

I slept in. I forgot to double check my recording setup and ended up with echo in my first attempt at recording. My flat tire was repaired but not put on my car after leaving the car with them… So I spent 10 mins editing my video before starting so I could write this during lunch while waiting on the upload … nearly end of shift now and its done … sitting to rest my aching hip I post before heading home 👌 this is the complexity of a mobile upload and why I must use a ThemTube share when I do.

When I get home I will be looking at the OneLoveD.Tube web page and seeing what I can do to get it functional once again, WordPress maybe now that I know how it works 😜

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### Kicking Off The #OneLoveDTube Video Challenge
Do you remember the DTube Snap? We would like to bring back something similar starting this week with the topic …
“What excites you most about the DTube Mainnet Launch or Ionomy DTube Coin Listing?”

#### Meck Designs
Offering FREE SHIPPING Canada Wide on our Halloween Face Coverings
Fashionable Handmade Quality – https://meckdesigns.company.site

#### D00k13 Dot Com
Under Construction – https://www.d00k13.com

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