Not Profiting and Can't Afford To Advertise Your Home Business?

Not Profiting and Can't Afford To Advertise Your Home Business?


Here is the link to the income results I mentioned in the video:

“Positioning” is a word we use to refer to your income potential, per new customer/member in this niche. If you’re maximum potential for front-end income on a new customers or new rep is only $50 that is considered worse positioning in comparison to having, say, a $2,000 income potential per new customer or rep.

This makes all the difference in the world in terms of:

1. Being able to afford paid advertising
2. Making money quickly

Network marketing opportunities are generally set up for long term, stable recurring income, but most are not set up to generate income quickly.

When you change your thinking from a mindset of conservation and economy, to a mindset of certainty, your perception of risk changes. For example, if you know, 100%, that you are going to build your business, no matter what, then the investment of start-up capital becomes unimportant. There is no risk when you’ve made a real decision to make it go right to create success.

Most people think the barrier is money. “I don’t have money to start.” That is not the real barrier. The real barrier is your lack of certainty. If you were fully certain, with no reservation whatsoever, that you would make it go right, you’d go raise the money, period.

So, DOUBT is sabotaging your success.

The good news is, the way to handle doubt is to make a decision.
The bad news is, handling it requires making a decision.

Thus we see that the average person is afraid to make a decision. Once you make a real decision, you are then accountable to your own decision. That is scary for many people, because you have to take full responsibility for your outcomes.

I’d suggest that you consider the alternative, which is to be a failure, to be broke, to have a relatively painful life.

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