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After the Day One press conference at Google I/O they release the new music app for Android in preparation for the Music Beta By Google streaming service coming soon. Let’s take a look at it.

Let me start off by saying that this is already 10 times better than the original android music app and this isn’t a review as we will wait for the streaming service to come and then review it. It has a revamped interface and much more user friendly that the previous version. The app is basically a port of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet music application that is optimized for phones. When you first open it and your in portrait mode your music is organized by typical categories like Artist, Album, Playlist, Songs etc. You can slide at the top to navigate through the menu. When going through songs and music there is a shortcut icon next to each one to quickly play the song or album, add it to a playlist, get more info on the artist or album and shop for more which opens up the browser which takes you out of the experience and hope for it to be integrated in the future.

Play controls are simple you have your basic play/pause, skip and next. Tapping on the album art gives you track controls to scrub through the song and shuffle and repeat options. There isn’t anything too fancy here just functional.

There is some cool stuff when you go into landscape mode with an album art view and going into recent will give you the 3D album gallery like you see on honeycomb tablets a cool add on. If you close out of the app and into another one you can go into the notifications drop down to go back into the app unfortunately there is no play controls those. u have your basic and expect search function for your music along with quick controls at the bottom when you are listening to music and going through your content.

All in all it’s a basic app that is giant improvement over the original. There isn’t a EQ or customization of any kind just yet but we can expect some form of that down the line. If you are already using winamp, doubletwist or if you have Samsung’s Touch Wiz music app then you have a better music app. For those that don’t and you want something basic that will get the job done here you go.

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