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Rajeevan Sir says his experiences in Omega 36 Poultry farming.
Omega 3-6 Poultry Engineering & Technology Pvt Ltd.

Home Business Ideas is Layer Chicken Farming. Starting a Business at Poultry Farming Layers Project. Business Plan at layer farming. Home business ideas for women. Poultry Farming. Business Ideas is chicken farm. They begin Layer Chicken commercially from 18-19 weeks of age. They continue to be laying eggs continuously until their 72-78 weeks of age. They may be able to produce approximately one kg of eggs through eating approximately 2.25 kg of meals all through their egg laying period. For the purpose of manufacturing hybrid eggs layer, consider the various traits of cock and bird before breeding.
Highlights of Hi tech Cage System

It is very easy to care for the birds.
Very easy to collect eggs.
Cleaner eggs.
Requires less feed to produce eggs.
Thousands of hens may be housed in a specific floor space of the house.
The birds suffer less by internal parasites.
Labor cost is very low.

#Omega36 Poultry Engineering & Technologies Introduces High Tech Micro Layer Egg Poultry Farm.
High tech poultry, which receives fixed income from 100 hens to Rs10000 /- per month.

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