My Home Studio Setup and Useful Tips For Teaching Business School Students

This is the first of two videos about my online teaching setup for an MBA-level course on healthcare finance that I taught online during the Fall 2020 semester (15.482 in MIT-speak). This video focuses on my home studio, and the other video which can be found at describes how I used in 15.482.

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00:00 Intro
02:00 Disclaimer
03:50 Motivation
16:10 My Studio Setup
16:20 Hardware
27:00 Software
28:25 How It Works
29:40 Studio Tour
34:25 Useful Tips
34:53 Composing Slides
39:16 Animation
41:11 Sound Effects
42:15 Zoom
51:11 Class Logistics
56:27 Checklist
57:39 Conclusion
59:10 Credits
1:01:14 Dedication

Additional Resources:

World of Edcraft manuscript: coming soon!

My experience using this setup to teach healthcare finance online during COVID:

Sean Willem’s home studio:

Brian Stevens’ setup:
and how he uses it to teach undergraduate stats:

Hardware spreadsheet, powerpoint file, and (soon) manuscript can be downloaded from:
(to edit the powerpoint file, you’ll need to install The Bold Font (used in the first slide only), which can be obtained at

To create the title slide:

OBS tutorial:

Additional OBS advice:

To set up the webcam:

To set up the GoXLR:

To set up the ATEM Mini Pro:

To create a countdown timer:

To make your own stinger transition:

Patrick Winston’s “How to Speak”:

Great channels for all sorts of software/live streaming/gaming/video editing tutorials:
– (Kevin Stratvert)
– (Pete Wilkins)

My own learning issues:

My personal site:
Laboratory for Financial Engineering:
Twitter: @AndrewWLo

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