Music, Clothing, & Real Estate – No Business Like Home Business – Justin Cross Sharing Knowledge

Music, Clothing, & Real Estate – No Business Like Home Business – Justin Cross Sharing Knowledge


In this awesome interview with Justin Cross we talk about his real estate career from development to flipping to brokerage, his music career, and custom luxury men’s suits.

What is No business Like Home Business? In this series, I interview fix and flip top producers in real estate from all across the country. We talk about rehabbing houses, flipping houses, investing, wholesaling real estate, real estate marketing ideas, rental properties, and more! I try to pull out as much information and as many golden nuggets as possible from my guests to help you turn a small home business into the next big business!
Hey, what’s going on everybody, this is Joshua Inglis and I’m here with Justin cross
If you don’t know Justin, he has absolutely crushed it in the real estate industry and has gone to multiple
different industries
from music to custom clothing
Just an all-around great dude ran a successful real estate brokerage
So I’m really excited Thank You Justin so much with a grant for this interview had to be with you. Absolutely
So let’s start about real estate. Let’s go back in time a little bit to your first deal and real estate
Yes, sir. Yeah, so I was out in the West Coast and I was driving around
I just read the book Rich, Dad Poor Dad
Which I know a lot of you’ve all
checked out and been influenced by or inspired by and
Kind of had it in my mindset that if a deal came one day it was going to be about you know
Using other people’s money and trying to put it together, right?
And so there was a gentleman that I was out and at that time
I guess you’d call it the ministry and he was disturbed because
his buyer backed out and I asked him why you essentially you know, so heartbroken about something and he said
Well, this guy’s leaving about forty eight thousand dollars on the table of this amazing transaction
And so I was immediately like oh, I’ll buy it
I barely knew how to say those words yet because I hadn’t done anything in real estate and had my license at the time and
I just figured in my head my only logical piece
Josh was is if he’s half wrong half of forty eight thousand twenty four
So that’s more than I make in a year currently right at the time. This is a couple decades ago
And so I said, I’ll try it and I didn’t actually even know how I was gonna fund it honestly
I had no idea and he’s like, whoa, what’s your credit score and I told him you know
I never missed a payment in my life. And I did what some of your viewers will know as a state
It didn’t come loan back in the early 2000s. You really only need two to two things
You just needed to lie about your income. Okay, and have really good credit. Yeah, right
Let’s be honest, right and that’s what that’s where the subprime market collapsed
And so I ended up being able to acquire the property and we immediately relisted it and sold it and I made exactly
Twenty almost twenty eight thousand dollars on it that half number that you are. Yeah. Yeah, just about yeah give it to you. Yes, so
That’s pretty awesome. So when you had a stated income loan, did you do any work to the house – none at all?
It was new construction
Yeah new construction and I did watch how
Fast they were being bought and how fast they were being resold as the phases were released
Yeah, and so I just took a chance on it and I did the best I could with homework
It was more emotional and to be honest with you looking back
I would I would honestly probably not do that deal now just because it’s too speculative
but at the time I think probably a moral the story for your your
Listeners – Josh’s that sometimes you have to take a plunge and you got to start somewhere
Even at the risk of failing because like since then obviously there’s been several deals
I’ve done that haven’t worked out at all. I’ve either broke even or lost money on
Yeah, but at the end of the day you start somewhere
Absolutely, so so just so we’re clear what you were doing is so let’s say phase one you get in at really good pricing phase
Two it’s more pricing. And so you were speculating that hey buy the final phase. This thing is gonna be worth X
Yeah, and I wish I could even take that much credit, but the the realtor
Guy that I was with was explaining that to me and I was like sounds good. Sure
you know, I
Did the best I could to try to understand it?
But sometimes I say is the power of real estate at the end of the day
sometimes it’s just a copepod acquiring the asset having a plan for it and
My friend once said to me you can give somebody a slam-dunk real estate deal and they can completely screw it up and lose money
but you also can give a
Seasoned investor a really troubled project and they can turn that bad boy around and turn it into a gold mine. Yeah
So that was your first deal so that just I guess after that you got pretty pretty excited and making 20-some thousand what yeah
What were you doing for income at that time? Yeah, so it was a combination of things
So the segue was I had a really odd job. So I’ll tell you about that
The first thing was it was like well, how can I replicate this? I wouldn’t got my real estate license
And of course everyone bright-eyed and bushy-tailed coming out of real estate school thinks like whoo. I got my license now
I’m just testing some real estate is gonna be great
And then you hit a wall and you kind of realized how challenging it is
so I had an opportunity at a wedding in the Midwest and
this guy said I’m
Building this company called earth balloon and you can still check it out earth blew komm if you want just to have some fun
It’s basically traveling around the nation in a giant inflatable globe
and you sit on the inside on top of
Antarctica and teach kids with digital satellite photos on the inside of the globe all about earth science Wow
And all I would have to do was learn a 20 minute presentation to give an in-house field trip to these kids
So I was doing that part time traveling all around the United States
I went to 44 States in four years and I got to give these little like really fun kind of interesting earth science type of
program really cool and then meanwhile
I was studying about real estate because I wanted to get back to that spot where I was making, you know
Twenty to thirty thousand dollars a year a year’s wage at that time was a lot for me
Yeah, and I only had to do one deal. That was the math, right?
It was like one TL equals this so how can I replicate that? And so the passion was there and then I just started kinda
like piecing the plan together and what that really meant was like learning which brokerage to align myself with and you know,
Like what would be what would become the plan I started dabbling and a little bit of property management
Because that was like a fast, you know unit experience where I could at least quickly, you know
Get some experience and then I started realizing quickly. I put together a lot of
Investment proposals and the big break that I had and this would be very inspiring for everybody to hear the big break that I had
Josh was
When people wouldn’t invest in what I sent them
because what happened was I bought him I
Ended up saying like I’m just gonna get the money and just buy him myself because I spent all this energy
Packaging the investments up and I was saying like look at all this data. This is gonna work and
Admittedly my weakness and my inability to present it properly for someone to want to fund it
resulted in me being like I know this is gonna work and
trusting my intuition and I had a couple of home runs there and then I was able to kind of fund a
traditional real estate brokerage and I realized that I
Could start a brokerage I could start doing traditional buyer and selling so I started like driving people around, you know
Helping them out and then my now ex-wife was down in is up in Boston when we were living there is too cold
So she wanted to move to a super hot market in 2005, Charlotte, North Carolina pipe
2005 Charlotte North Carolina piping-hot so a builder approached from he said hey, look I’m building all these homes
Would you like to learn the development process and help me buy these infill spec Lots all in the urban uptrending areas near downtown
Charlotte and that’s when I learned how fast real estate can explode when you purchase real estate
That’s kind of close to something that’s relevant in this case, downtown, Charlotte
So we would purchase in these like transitioning neighborhoods, and we could not believe
Where I would see like, oh we acquired that lot for next to nothing
We are our acquisition cost was this our build cost was this?
The turnaround time to build it was this amount of months and then there’s this massive margin there, right?
So now I was like really intrigued and it opened up this whole repertoire. He also taught me how to finance those
All right. So now I had this kind of spectrum of like a little bit of buyer and seller agency
I had bought a few investments myself. And now there was this consistent development
developer business model where you could acquire land and I
Built a company called Sur land a lot
okay, and the idea was you know, there was a night on the logo and all I was doing was acquiring these type of
Lots just like Anthony talked about today in the presentation where his his acquisition is a specific type of luxury
Type of lot and he’s building these big homes mine
was that on a smaller scale but that was that was the nutshell of like my sort of
transition into having my first like six figure breakout year was a combination of
selling those development properties
acquiring a couple of investments on my own and then I learned the magic of holding a couple selling a couple and by the way
Note – note to self right like in the Carolinas
one of the beautiful things is he’s home for 50 grand 80 grand 90 grand and the relevance of that is that
It’s such a low margin risk for like in investors to invest in that like I was able to acquire multiple
Units and what that did was teach me how when you’re spaced out all over the map. You’re noticing that different pockets
Escalate in value and you can liquidate high and balance off the other parts of your portfolio
So now things started to really round out and I said like this is going to be a career for sure
Yeah, awesome. So man, that’s great. So did you at that also you’re attracting agents to come work on your broker?
So let’s talk a little bit about that. How are you? Attracting people to come come work for you?
Sure to be completely honest with you
it was honestly just like word-of-mouth and and at first because I didn’t picture myself honestly at all as being like a leader or
Someone that was like if you will qualified to like build a structure around it
So the informal approach was like listen
Could I get really good at just mentoring what I knew and just helping that way I wasn’t strong on systems yet
I didn’t understand at the time
That in with any structure of a business you have to have systems in protocol and a human resources department a legal department an IT
Department a web department
The main focus Josh was like can I can I help this person?
Go have an awesome career like me and just participate a little bit on their earnings
Yeah, that was my entire business plan and that business plan
Produced only about two or three agents
that worked out I had about five or six that kind of came and went and I quickly realized that even when you
Teach somebody what you know, there’s just a player’s B players C players D players and some I take accountability for that
I probably just didn’t teach well enough and they just don’t do anything work out don’t sell any real estate
And then I realized when you have a rock star that comes in and starts selling in real estate. You need to appreciate them and
You get humbled when they leave you and I experienced that so and then I kind of got a feel of what the brokerage was
and I was able to
Make enough money off a few agents where I then started buying systems where I had coaches
That already had built brokerages and there’s a lot of independent you can it’s a million people to Google that you know
It can help and maybe you even offer products like that
I’m not even sure but I started kind of looking at existing models and just saying what model makes sense and
I just kind of explored the real estate brokerage thing and I think for about
Nine years. I had Cross Realty was my brokerage my last name and
You know
I just flushed it out held on to the best agents hired a couple of full-time admin people and
I know this sounds really strange to you listeners, but most of them worked out of my house
it had a big house and we just kind of like came and went and I don’t even need to have like the overhead of
like a big office and stuff like that and we were really niched up and a lot of them just kind of like
Helped with whatever stuff I had going on. So that was the nutshell of kind of how we said with that full
So we talked about you starting out your girlfriends tell me about some of the real estate deals that you’ve done as well
Yeah, sure
I would just say off the top of my head that one of my favorite ones that really taught me a lot about
Being patient when negotiations is I had acquired two Lots and again, I wish I could take credit for this
It’s just a power of real estate
But I noticed that a developer was buying up a lot of loss in one particular area
And it was all this urban up trending area in downtown, Charlotte
And the land was zoned industrial. This is what taught me to pay attention to zoning. I
Noticed he was buying these Lots at you know a pretty good price
And so I acquired one from an old buddy who had bought a bunch of Lots and he was just like, you know
Oh sure, if you want that one off a turn in revenue, that’s fine in Charlotte
I think it’s four thirteen Turner Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina. And then I noticed a tax foreclosures came up
I was watching my – foreclosures and I think it was the one that’s next to it
It’s sucky there for 19 or for 17 or something
And I said man mansion if I could buy both these industrial Lots maybe something good would happen because the price was so cheap
So I went down to the tax office
I bought that one my total cost was thirteen thousand plus thirty thousand
So I was all-in at around forty three with closing cost. Let’s clean it up to 50. Okay, and
long story short I
Approached the investor directly sent him an email and just say hey, look I just noticed you’re buying a lot of real estate
I noticed that consistent deeds are coming through and this name of yours. Are you interested?
He says he writes back this sort of like yeah, I stored up on making this offer right? He’s like at first he’s like
60 grand and I’m like, yes 10k spread minimum worst-case scenario, right?
And I was thinking in my head
Let me count her back with like
maybe like 80 right now and I just told him like you know what let me just think about it and
Then I went on vacation just so happens
The timing went like that and I was just like I bought these Lots so cheap Josh
I was like, maybe I should just hold them
And so I wrote back like hey, you know, I just decided to kind of hang tight for a little bit
But the truth is I just wanted to join my vacation. Yeah, what do you think happened?
Blowing you up Luke. He blew me up with an offer for well in excess of
close to
$150,000 and he’s and he said to offer is good. I don’t want to mess around give me those Lots
Yeah, and so and so I’m that was my most massive deal with with doing nothing
I mean, I just I just acquired these things and again
I just kind of follow my instinct a lot of real estate is genuinely common sense
And when I say common sense like I’m not a qualified person. You heard my story today. My background is it’s not finance
It’s not business
I came up as blue-collar as you possibly could be
in fact
I was literally encouraged not to be entrepreneurial quite literally because of my upbringing my religious strict upbringing
So that’s just probably like one of my favorite deals
just like took next to nothing and made a great profit and actually professor Moore and I
We bought a short sale house for thirteen. We sold that for sixty. That was amazing
And then I actually got the record back in 2000. I think it was eight
I bought 1709 newland Avenue for $4,000 on the MLS and I sold it to a
A large Mexican family there was like seven or eight of them and they could barely speak
English and we went to a Panera Bread and the reason I’m telling you the story is the deal almost fell apart for interesting reason
They were paying cash. They didn’t believe the price was so low
As they actually told the Spanish realtor name is Belinda, Augusta
And they and and she said Justin they don’t believe in you because the price is too inexpensive
And I said do you want to just do 35 or something like that?
and then she finally convinced them to just pay 27, but I bought
34 more if you want
Exactly exactly. So it was just some highlight of deals and with some actual addresses that people can look up and say that’s awesome
That’s great. Thanks, man. So
So let’s talk about that. So you were sounds like you’re doing a lot of wholesaling
What about did you do any development yourself as well? Yeah this stories. I got a little bit of a
Because it was one of most painful financial experiences in my life
I did have some success buying some Lots
building out with the cost as they should be and I sold to make good 30% to 50% margins on a few projects and then
Probably the one I want to tell it will be the most relevant is the what I call the Reid Avenue project
I bought three Lots and I was building three at the same time. They were in Phillips. Okay, they were kind of expect builds
And I really believed in the area and I thought I had the vision right and I did
Here’s the problem. The crisis happened of 2008 boom market crashes, right? So check this out. I get a letter from
SunTrust Mortgage, I open it up
and it says
dear, Justin Kraus
We just met with our annual credit advisory risk assessment Council
And we’ve decided that we cannot release anymore drawers on your construction project and we’re pulling your funding
It’s not personal
My actual reaction was literally laughter
Simply because that was so painful that it was like I’m gonna go ahead and just laugh because I literally can I don’t even know
This is like this is like serious. There’s a lot of money
it’s gonna be it’s gonna be up for grabs here because they were literally like all I had done was put up the framework and
They were just starting to get roughed in
Get run on electrical and stuff
And so I was like not even tried around halfway done with three homes at the same time
and this was also in an area where crime was pretty consistent and so I would have to barricade them and it was just an
awful situation
And so the reason I even like tell that story is that they ended up still getting sold that I broke even
But I learned so much I learned about how to make sure your project are fully funded and to have a back-up plan
You know as far as that goes, but you know, also just to tell wins and losses ya know
You can’t you can’t win them all especially if you if you are. I’d like to meet you if you’ve done over 100
So, how are you, how are you finance so that I obviously there you were using just traditional financing how
You were obviously doing real estate after the crash. Yes
How are you financing stuff after so private banks weren’t lending private money another great story for everybody here making your enemies your friends
So I would go to the tax office and I kept getting my butt kicked
By some somebody called TPM robberies, and I’m like who is TPM properties man? These guys are monsters buying up everything
I googled them. They got over 500
Properties in Charlotte Wow, and they were just private now. I was like who are these cats? They’re monsters. So finally I
Met Tom Paul more
You go TP, Anna. You got it
and he comes up to me and we’re bidding against each other and he goes like this he goes I
Justin and he’s got this handshake that about breaks your hand. He’s 75 years old Josh this guy is
So incredibly rockstar because he’s so humble. You would never know it Multi multi million
I went to his house later when we would go into the silver market together and he’s got this mansion
but he drives a beat-up old truck and the point of the story is
Tom had been buying real estate for about 35 years in Charlotte and
He was so relaxed. I was so afraid to meet him. That’s the point sir
I’m so afraid and he already met guys like me and he knew who the players were that he needed to deal with
And here’s what dealing with us meant
This is what he this is what the inside story was
He would go on to fund over 30 deals with me on the future. Ok, just him alone
now if he couldn’t buy the property himself
He would allow me first right of refusal on whatever I wanted to but he had a loan structure in place
So he would benefit on every address that was hot
So he would say if you want this one, Justin
I’m gonna write to check for it and we got to a point Josh where I would just give him an address
I would say I’ve got I’ll give you the real address that he funded for me
I would say I got to 0 for 9 camp Green Street. Charlotte North Carolina – wait – Oh 8
And he said we’ll do that 165. Yeah, we do that one. That was it and he would say ok. Ok
Justin will do that one. You want to have Tommy jr. Write up the paperwork? That’s what it would sound like
That’s my best terrible Charlotte accent, but he had a son named Tom jr. And Tom jr
Would just call me up and we would just do all the paperwork
They put up with my Yankee ass, you know, I’m up north and I’m always like hey, what’s up in there?
and they’re just kind of all chill but we they would go on to fund a ton of my deals and
They they bailed me out on a few deals and to this day
We’re good friends, and if I call him up and I want to do a deal
If I still don’t feel very confident that we can you know do business whenever so
Yeah, that’s a great relationship. Sometimes you never know. I think he was probably
Watching you for a while before he did any business. That’s exactly right
and so um
you succeed – I would buy and then I would win and I wait and then you’ll put it off on the MLS and I
Also getting offers from them. So my company was listing the properties. I hear me well and I saw what he was paying
Yeah, and I was like this guy’s got cash. I was like man
I was one about his properties 20k over what I’m offering so we had to work something out
he was a competitor that I had to come in in alignment with or I was gonna have a really tough time so
That was a key player. I’m a big proponent of you can’t beat them. Join on them. Yes, sir
Strategically work together. That’s great. Yep. So let’s start talking about some of the other things you’re involved with. We’ll
talk about some of the music because I know
Bass bass guitars, I initially and now also you play
Regular guitar electric guitar exactly. What do you prefer bass or
Right now it’s just exclusively guitar because that’s where I write the melodies on
I’m a singer/songwriter
And so I’m able to do more dynamic stuff and kind of like the song structure takes form faster with the guitar
Yeah, and so that’s what I do. If you guys want to check me out on Instagram. It’s at Justin C cross
That’s actually my music Instagram
Whatever again here some of the stuff sounds like whatever but yeah
I as you kind of heard in the presentation today
I started when I was younger at like around nineteen, but then for religious reasons
I didn’t even play at all for a whole decade and then I picked it back up just a couple years ago and
been kind of putting out singles and I was fortunate enough to get some commercial success when some guys on the west coast in
LA like some of the songs and wanted to use the entire
Scoring of a film would be exclusively
Music that I would write for the film and it really helped me feel like I had started to really like got some you know
grip and
Then I also had a big break when I released one single called fiction of the mind and that one single
I got a email from a friend and she said, you know, you’re featured in Grammy magazine
And I was just shocked and if you go like Grammy calm
You can look it up and you’ll see that in last year that was in July article feature as 15 Records
you need to hear now, and I remember the moment of scrolling down and seeing Nine Inch Nails and
Ke$ha Arcade Fire Tyler the Creator and then there’s my name justin cross
Yeah, just getting some momentum Josh, you know, so and so that’s where I’m at
Even with the music career now, I still play music at the end of the day, you know
You’re only as good as your like recent success story, but I’ve been also kind of focusing on the luxury men’s
You know suiting and stuff like that. So yeah, so let’s jump into that too. Sure
So I know you’re part of business development for for men’s custom suits in the luxury yea market
So tell me a little bit. I know you’ve done even Bill Maher’s suit
Yeah, so so tell me about that and what what you’re doing with that and why of course, yes
So when I went to LA the idea was like, how can I meet people how can I build my rolodex?
How can I also learn another market?
I mean a lot of really successful entrepreneurs there in multiple different market spaces
So I kind of came to an aha moment
When I realized like real estate has taken a lot of my time and life energy
And so it would be great to kind of diversify and at least have an awareness of a business that could help
Diversify my knowledge of other markets and quite frankly
I didn’t want to you know
Go to my grave without knowing how a product based sort of manufactured product based business model worked
and so I had a combination of factors that
Chance meeting as well that led me to a guy who said I picked him up actually
And he was a caveman just in you know everyday conversation
He said I’m opening up this company, you know
if you want to help that that might be something we could we could use and I said
with my background
I feel very confident. He’ll and so a
Couple months went by and I got the call from the president of a company called belani custom clothiers in West Hollywood
And they said hey if you’ll have us let’s let’s see what we can do
Let’s that’s me
And we actually met we talked and it was clear that I would be able to
not just learn the process of the custom student, which also always fascinated me because as a performer and an artist
I like style and I like to understand how to create style and I feel like a long term it will
Affect me. When I go to actually create different outfits if I want to if I want to perform stuff like that
So I saw a lot of synergistic ways to in the luxury space
You know me influencers meet celebrities and be able to interface with them things like that
And also just be able to you know
bring joy to guys lights when they see themselves light up when they wear the right colors to really bring out things as simple as
Their skin tone or their eyes or their hair and look next level and be able to build a complimentary wardrobe
It’s exciting and it’s fun and guys love it
It’s a gentlemen’s game, you know
you’re doing scotches and swatches and and you’re learning about the cloth and the fabric and drinking scotch and and
You know smoking cigars and stuff. It’s just a very masculine, you know sort of experience
And so we opened up the doors in November of last year
We just celebrated a year of me being at the company and our you know
One year November is coming up in what two months now and we went from you know
basically zero employees all the way up to four and
Right now for that that quick of a trajectory turns out that’s actually pretty rapid growth rate in a market like West Hollywood
Which is a very expensive, you know area to be in and we have a beautiful showroom right in Sunset Plaza
And I’ve gotten to know all of the tenants in Sunset Plaza. So all the businesses there the really high-end fashion district area
It’s been good for like learning about who’s you know, doing what and who’s having fun with life and it’s a very creative thing
There’s there’s a car I see every day over
$300,000 that makes me just get inspired Josh. It’s all it does
It makes me appreciate who worked so hard to get that and I have deep respect for the entertainment industry as well
So I get to you know meet a lot of people that are making things happen in that space and monetizing that you know
When we come from a real estate background and we can we can quickly understand
transaction of real estate
but the art and science of the way an entertainment project is funded is so
Emotional and romantic a concept and it has so many moving parts
it’s been really fun to be able to also kind of dip a toe into that space and just be looking around and
so that’s just been a really fun experience and just overall kind of rounded out of the ride if you will I
couldn’t imagine just the
people that you meet
Through that and like you said your your your focusing on those high-end clients
Would ya even if you continued to do real estate and you’re gonna continue I know we’re here in Jamaica right now
And you said you just closed on? Uh, I think a land deal was it?
Yeah property a property from an area that I haven’t been investing in since 2005 I bought
1821 Camp Green Street, if you look at the deed to my company milestone resource and nature fuels bought that property in
2005 and so I’m just closing on that and you know, it’s gonna free up a little bit of cash and stuff like that
So it’s been nice to see that vision finally come through it took a decade, but that’s how real estate is. You know, it’s awesome
So yeah, just the high profile clients. You’re meeting what?
How can people learn more about?
And if you’re watching now too and you’re watching the video version of this
He’s not in a suit now because obviously we’re on the beach, but he is fly
You are the definition of GQ and you got crazy swag appreciated brother and beautiful suits every day
I definitely appreciate since you saw me and it sucked. Oh, yeah. That was too much fun. Josh you brought the party man
That was beautiful
And if you want to check out at Justin
underscore custom you can see some of my work there some of the people that I’ve actually interfaced with and some of the guys I’ve
Actually suited up that we were kind of talking about NBA players and NHL players NFL players
Just kind of exciting to see that all come together. So I’m stoked. Yeah, that’s awesome. So
What advice would you give someone?
It doesn’t have to be real estate. Maybe they want to get started in business or
You know, they want to ditch their nine-to-five job. Yeah, but they don’t know where to start
What advice would you give that person yet? First thing to do is sit with the
Sometimes you may have to have a nine-to-five
Sometimes you might have to have that transition period of course
but the biggest thing is is is is I always say get out there and fail and what I essentially mean is like
this is a the entrepreneur life is definitely a
highly complex game that you have to want to play because it makes sense for you and
eventually you have to
There’s a certain company that’s coined this phrase just do it at the end of the day
my biggest advice is with all that being said find what you are really passionate about and
What how passion that it is a way to kind of figure that out is what are you willing to stick with continuously?
for a long period of time knowing that you will work killer hours for whatever this passion is and
You’ll be willing to have the humility to learn
over and over and over again through failures and some big time successes what it’s going to take to
Stick with that until you monetize it until you see the profit margins that you’re willing to pivot with the marketplace and you’re then able
to envision eventually getting it fully funded and
Leverage yourself to other people and so that’s a convoluted kind of long-winded answer but this is the key
What are you that passionate about honestly?
You’re not gonna make it and you’re gonna fail if you’re not super passionate about whatever you’re thinking of doing
entrepreneurial e if
For example real estate if you think it’s sexy or you don’t think it’s sexy. You better be at least passionate about money
So passionate about money that you want to do it
If you’re passionate about real estate
Let’s say you absolutely love a brand new house and you love the idea of selling the beauty of it
That’s and that’s enough as long as it’s gonna stay
consistent or congruent with your vision and your lifestyle but at the end of the day
You need to do a really honest audit of yourself. Are you passionate enough to be long longevity art?
do you have
the sort of like long view of whatever your vision is that that’s probably the biggest thing for me because even when I’ve been really
Successful and I’m looking at my bank account
Like I can’t believe I got that many zeros in my bank account right now
Whenever I lost passion you end up losing you you end up losing faster than you can imagine
so that’s kind of this kind of the biggest thing is if you get nothing else out of that you just make sure you’ve got
The passion part right where you basically if you want to beat on a drum for years until this thing pops off
Yeah, I mean a lot of people I think are tracks
It’s a business because they’re attracted to the lifestyle that it can provide them
Yes, but then once they actually get into it
They realize well to get to that point you’re gonna have to put in the work you’re gonna have to put in the hours
the blood sweat and tears
Yes, so Justin, what’s the best way for people to get in contact with you if they want to learn more about you?
Sure connect with you. Sure if you want to go with Justin cross com
I just threw up a little site that has a little portfolio stuff on there and there’s a contact page on there
So go to Justin cost com or if you’re on a my Instagram accounts
I do a pretty good job at least once a week a check in the sort of like unread messages
Folder and if you have any slight articulation there at all
I’ll be able to know you’re a real human and I’ll do my best to you know point in a direction if you’re looking for
Consulting or business consulting or anything like that
But yeah
That’ll do absolute pleasure, brother. Thank you again. Really appreciate you in the center if you keep crushing it you too, Josh
Thank you, sir. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you soon. Bye

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