MMA Bodyweight HIIT Workout – Fat Burning Cardio

MMA Bodyweight HIIT Workout – Fat Burning Cardio



No gym – Only 30 minutes to train – no problem.
Every January fitness equipment stores are flooded with guys buying treadmills, bikes, or ellipticals to help drop belly fat.
The truth is – you don’t need them.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Pro-Trainer and Mixed Martial Artist Joel Paquette is going to show you how to get in a full body – bodyweight HIIT workout, that will supercharge your metabolic rate and get you ripped – MMA fighter style.

We’re going to make sure we get a full body dynamic warm up in before we kick up the intensity to avoid injury. So starting off you’re going to do 10 sets of bear walks 25 feet forward and 25 feet backward. Once those are complete you’re going to do 50 feet of walking lunges

Bodyweight HIIT Workout:
This workout consists of 6 exercises performed in linear fashion.
You will perform each exercise for 60 secs – resting 30 seconds between exercises
Once all 6 exercises are complete – take a 3 minute breather
Then repeat the process 2 more times – for a total of 3 rounds.

Exercise #1 – Ninja Hop Tuck Jumps:
Start on your knees, use your core and full body momentum to jump to your feet then explode into the air tucking your knees at the top. Remember to cushion the landing – be agile and explosive.
Exercise #2 – 1-2 Sprawl:
Fast hands for the 1-2 punch – right into the sprawl. Drop the full body back into the sprawl and spring back to your feet – speed and power!
Exercise #3 – Kick Through Push Ups:
Perform a regular push up then kick your leg through at the top of each rep, alternating side to side. This is a complete full body exercise – really use that core – stabilize and keep pushing the pace.
Exercise #4 – Single Leg Plyo Box Jumps
Next we move into more explosive movements with single leg box jumps. This will work your balance and coordination all while scorching body fat and getting the sweat pouring. Alternate legs every 5 reps.
Exercise #5 – Side Shuffle Sprawl:
Side shuffle 20 feet one direction, hit a hard full body sprawl then shuffle back and repeat side to side – quick feet – powerful sprawls
Exercise #6 – Back Lunge Into High Knee Jump:
Step back into a lunge then drive that knee up into a flying knee in the air – This will work your full body coordination and explosiveness – alternate side to side remember to keep driving that knee as high as you can!


You can add this bodyweight HIIT workout into your routine 2-3 times a week to replace any traditional boring steady-state cardio.

Until next time – Stay strong!

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