Million Dollar YouTube Home Business? (How Much Can YouTubers Make In 2019)

Million Dollar YouTube Home Business – Find Out How Much YouTubers Can Make Online In 2019!

Have you ever wondered how much money YouTubers actually make?

In this example, you will see real case studies of actual YouTube channels that are making millions of dollars, some from home, without showing their faces, using their voices, and even never recording any of their own videos.

This is the first of many in a series of content about creating a profitable home business from home with YouTube.

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hi this is Simon Leung from Simon Leung dot com ( and to quote the lazy song by Bruno
Mars today I don’t feel like doing
anything I just want to lay in my bed is
that cool with you
awesome man put it there for a for this
bunk although I will say the cool thing
about being an online entrepreneur is
that you can still work from bed pretty
cool right so hey I am working so I’m
not really as lazy as some of you might
think in fact I just got back from a
weekend trip to KL where we had our
first live event of the year at our
office over there and we have a lot of
big plans for our community this year so
all of us are gonna be working very very
hard now back to this video the reason
I’m making this for you here is well
number one I am still feeling a little
lazy right now so I’m recording this
from my bed you can still see my bed
head over here and number two I’ve
already started to get some additional
requests on my previous videos make sure
you check them out if you haven’t
already you can see the link to the
playlist in the description below and
guess what
most of the requests actually have a lot
to do with making money with you guessed
it what you do I think maybe it’s
because YouTube is fun it can be easy
and best of all the income you make will
completely be passive with the right
business model if you want to know more
about the kind of business models that
will make you passive income be sure to
visit my website at Simon Leung dot com ( and
grab access to the free gift that I have
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and especially if I were to include the
different steps it takes well that will
probably be another 2 or 3 days of live
events all on its own now for those of
you who might not be able to meet me at
one of my live events for whatever
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videos so if this is something you’re
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channel as well
as the bell icon to receive
notifications when new videos are
with that said for those of you who are
new to this topic let’s start this first
video about YouTube by showing you what
is the potential of becoming a youtuber
many people watch your videos on YouTube
CS that pop up but have no idea on how
much those video owners are actually
making so today I want to show you some
examples of popular channels across a
variety of different genres so you have
a better idea why these youtubers work
so hard to push out this free content on
a consistent basis and yes in case
you’re wondering they do make very good
money that’s why they continue to crank
out this content day in and day out so
without further ado let’s do this and
hey one more fist bump for the road
what’s up fist bumpers I hope you’re
excited about the endless possibilities
as a youtuber now I don’t know if
becoming a youtuber actually excites you
or not but the beauty of it is that it
truly allows you to do what you love you
don’t need a university education you
don’t need a whole lot of experience and
you don’t even need to have any skills
even a kid can do it literally case in
point if we go to Google and we type in
top YouTube earners and we take a look
into the latest news section you
actually see that lots of young people
are on there making the millionaire list
in fact over a hundred and eighty point
five million dollars in USD were
generated by YouTube influencers and
just the top ten of them last year in to
zero one eight and making the top of
that list is a now eight year old kid
who was seven year olds at the time who
has a channel about toys yes toys he
made over twenty two million dollars
last year and yes that’s in USD so
please don’t tell me that you don’t have
the passion or what it takes to make
money on YouTube well you can say that
but please do me a favor and come in
closer okay so I can smack you on the
head deal now let’s go back to YouTube
real quick and search for Ryan’s channel
I believe it’s something about toy
reviews so if we still a search for
Ryan’s toy review you will see that his
channel is the first one that actually
comes up
okay I hope you saw what I just saw this
is this channel we come in here we see
his channel is basically filled with
videos on him playing toys that’s it
he’s playing toys and they get millions
and millions of you so if you’re
wondering how he made all that money is
basically with YouTube monetization
program which is a part of Google
Adsense which means that the ads that
run on his videos make him money this is
one of the most popular ways for
youtubers to make money online but it’s
not the only way it’s the most popular
way but there are also other ways which
we’ll get into in future video so if you
want to learn about those YouTube
monetization models make sure that you
subscribe to this channel but first
let’s go ahead and see how much
youtubers like Ryan can make just by
making videos like his and uploading
them onto YouTube for the world to see
to do that we will need to go to a site
called social blade com social blade
also has a browser plug-in but since I’m
not logged in to my YouTube account
right now we can just go directly to the
site now to find out how much a certain
YouTube channel is making just on ad
revenue simply go to their channel and
if you want you can copy the name of the
channel over here and paste it into
social blade another option if you want
to go directly to the channel itself is
to copy the channel URL right here in
the YouTube link go back to social blade
and paste it in into the YouTube search
bar click on the search icon and you
will be able to see that channels
statistics now as you can see for Ryan’s
channel it looks like his channel has
already started to increase in earnings
when we saw in the news it said 22
million but now
you can see his estimated yearly
earnings has increased to twenty seven
point seven million so he is expected to
make even more in two zero one nine and
by the way if you’re wondering 1.7
million to twenty seven point seven
million a year equates to about one
hundred and forty four thousand to two
point three million dollars every single
month now the cool thing about the fact
that Ryan’s channel is already
increasing in his earnings is that he
probably didn’t even do anything
different he didn’t do anything extra to
his channel he’s just been doing the
same thing that he has always been doing
which is I guess playing with his toys
that’s it and like I said it’s passive
because more and more people are going
to see his content over time you get the
idea let’s look into a few more now
another one of the names that popped up
earlier when we looked into the Google
News page if I recall it correctly it’s
some guy named PewDiePie okay if we do a
search on PewDiePie you will see that
his channel comes up according to the
search results we can see that he is in
fact a very popular guy over eighty
million subscribers in over three
thousand and seven hundred videos his
description I make videos now apparently
he’s a very famous youtuber now and so
it makes sense
I don’t like it series okay that he is
making the big bucks now it’s good to
note that when you do become a big
famous youtuber you will have so many
more ways to make money other than
simply from the ads alone these guys
probably have brand deals and
sponsorships and some of them can
probably get book deals and movie deals
even as well as tons of free products
and things like that so YouTube ad
revenue is really only the beginning but
again just from ass alone if we paste
this guy’s channel into social blade
you can see his user name is PewDiePie I
think that’s how you pronounce it I
myself and not a fan but we paste this
into socialblade click on the search
button and according to social blade
he’s making around 1.9 million every
single month 20 2.4 million every single
year not bad right now maybe he’s able
to do this since he’s become a
world-famous youtuber but what if you’re
not a world famous youtuber what if you
just want to share some interesting
things well this is a guy that I watched
sometimes if we go back to YouTube we
can do a search for Matthew Santoro he
is a Canadian who has moved to the u.s.
to LA and has been making videos for a
number of years so as you can see a
silly guy but at the same time also very
entertaining now what he usually does is
he makes top-ten lists he comes up with
a variety of different topics that he
deems to be interesting and basically
creates videos around them as a day to
day job he basically does research on
things that he wants to talk about and
then simply makes videos on them that’s
it and according to social blade if we
go ahead and copy his name into
socialblade you will see that he is also
in the seven-figure club making 1.1
million estimated every single year
now speaking of Lists and channel and
talked about a variety of different
topics another channel that I follow is
called what culture what culture
actually has a variety of different
channels across different topics you can
see here that they do have a main
channel that talks about similar
then they have other interests like
professional wrestling as we can see
over here as well as gaming now this is
a smart way to get multiple streams of
income from multiple channels so let’s
see the main channel which is what
cultural vids if we take a look at
social blade we will see that this
channel actually makes it Wow six
hundred and twenty-two thousand a year
and this is only their main channel if
we go back here and take a look at their
wrestling channel we can copy the URL
over here paste it into social blade and
with their wrestling channel they are
making an additional eight hundred and
forty nine thousand a year finally if we
go back into their gaming channel which
we will highlight over here and copy
from the URL into social blade you will
see that this channel makes them in
additional five hundred and eighty four
thousand in yearly earnings now when we
add them all up this five hundred and
eighty four thousand plus eight hundred
and forty nine thousand plus six hundred
and twenty two thousand this is already
a multi-million dollar business just
from these three channels alone and
again this business is simply about
making videos on games and wrestling
come on don’t tell me you can’t do this
what if you don’t want to show your face
you ask can you still be a youtuber then
you ask would you make less money you
asked for all the examples that we’ve
seen so far you can see that many of
them either Brent it themselves or their
a team for their entire channel well
I’ll have you know that actually some of
the biggest channels out there all
so don’t have a face on them now I’m not
sure what kind of videos you usually
watch on YouTube
but there’s one channel that always
comes up in my suggested videos and that
is a channel called watch mojo comm if
we do a search on you will
see their channel coming up
showing that they have over 19 million
subscribers all they do is they talk
about top 10 lists on a wide variety of
things which basically means that they
have a wide array of topics that they
can talk about now let’s take a look at
this channel their videos are mostly
clips from movies or TV shows or anime
and again they have over 19 million
subscribers and all their videos get
hundreds of thousands if not millions of
views and look no-face let’s mute this
for a moment
and play this video and you can see that
all the content is basically taken from
clips from other places so we go now and
copy their URL into socialblade and
according to social blade watch mojo is
raking in from this one channel alone up
to six point eight million dollars in
estimated annual earnings and just like
what culture you can see once you go to
the channel that on the side they also
have some related channels that they
also use their brand to build so now
they have multiple channels that are
making multiple millions of dollars this
is easily not only a seven-figure
business but probably an eight figure
business and beyond not bad right
especially for never having to show up
in front of a camera now another very
popular channel that doesn’t show face
is a channel called bright side now this
one channel has been blowing up take a
look over here over 22
million subscribers mostly if you take a
look at some of the videos it talks
about tips it talks about life hacks so
basically it’s mostly about education
and how to tutorials and as we can see
just by simply clicking which shows the
ad which is how they’re getting paid by
the way so after the video place in the
ad place I just made them some money
bright side you’re welcome now going
back to the video itself you can see
that it’s mostly compilation as well as
animation and it’s basically another one
of these sites that doesn’t show their
face at all now if we go back to the
channel URL we highlight it if I can get
this highlighting to work there you kind
of go alright we go ahead and copy this
paste this into socialblade do a search
you can see that this one channel alone
is estimated to make 9 point 1 million
dollars a year I believe because it is
continuing to grow as with everything
that we do on YouTube it can easily
surpass the 10 million mark before the
end of the year now what if you don’t
know how to do video editing you ask
what if you don’t know how to compile
clips like the one that we just saw you
ask or what if you don’t have any
animation or graphics skills to make
these videos you ask well let’s now take
a look at this one this is a conspiracy
theory channel by the name of Jason a
Jason a or whatever his name is he has
over 1 million subscribers and if we
actually take a look at some of his
contents you actually see that he
actually doesn’t even create his own
content it’s a conspiracy channel
he doesn’t create his own videos but
rather he tastes clips from various
sources and simply downloads them and
puts them together from the looks of it
she also doesn’t upload very often maybe
maybe once about one time a week if we
go to the videos you will see that
probably yeah every single month there’s
any word between three to five videos so
he doesn’t even upload very often and
what’s most interesting is that there’s
no face there’s no voice is just a
compilation of other people’s clips if
you want come to this channel and take a
look for yourself and this guy well
let’s see if we copy his username into
socialblade he’s not raking in into the
millions but for working once a week
maybe a few times a month and he’s
making 250,000 a year and growing
I think that’s nothing to sneeze at now
of course by going back to YouTube you
will be able to find a whole bunch of
different things that might interest you
in terms of what you might want to do
for your own channel the few channels
that we just saw over the last several
minutes that’s just a small tiny dots in
terms of how many other examples there
are of the various ways that youtubers
are making an absolute killing online
many even without ever having anyone
know who they are what they’re doing and
how they’re doing it and keep in mind
there are so many other genres and
niches that you can get into like gaming
health beauty fitness cooking traveling
business music entertainment news gossip
celebrities Tech which is another big
one by the way as this includes phones
computers tablets gadgets TVs appliances
and any other tech product and so much
more plus do it in a variety of the
different languages that you speak now I
urge you to do your own research on
YouTube by first searching for topics
that you’re interested in or the kind of
videos that you usually watch find some
inspiration on what you can do and take
action by playing out your next steps
towards building out your new channel in
future videos I will continue to give
you more examples of profitable channels
that you can actually replicate for
yourself if you want to I’ll also have
many more videos on the topic of online
business entrepreneurship as well as
many other ways to help you achieve your
freedom so that you can also work from
your bed if you want to so consider
hitting that subscribe button if you
haven’t already and let me know by
commenting below what kind of YouTube
channel you currently have or are
considering to make in the meanwhile I
look forward to sharing more with you
next time happy youtubing