Meeting Evil

Meeting Evil


John is taken on a murder-fueled ride by a mysterious stranger that transforms the weak-willed, disillusioned husband and father into a desperate hero willing to go to any length to protect his family.
Working on
a Saturday, too?
I’m sorry about the check
last month. I just…
No worries, man.
We’re square.
Have a good weekend.
All right, bud.
Take care.
John Jr.
ALL: Surprise!
God damn it!
What the…
I’m sorry, just go to
your room. Sorry, guys.
It’s okay,
it’s okay, guys.
I really don’t
want to talk about it.
You didn’t
sell the house,
did you?
No, I didn’t.
(SIGHS) I did
everything I could and
these people, they…
You know,
they just got cold feet.
John, what are we gonna do?
Well, I’m gonna
get another listing,
and then I’ll sell that house.
And it’ll be fine,
just like we always are.
Is that so?
You know,
Joanie, I wish that…
I wish you could put yourself
in my shoes for a minute
to see the kind of
pressure that I’m under.
You know,
what I go through
every day.
What is that
gonna solve, John?
I’m doing
everything I can.
What if that’s
not enough?
Well, it has to be.
I’m gonna
take the kids out.
Honey, we can’t
afford it.
Air is still free,
John, last time
I checked.
I’m taking them
to the park.
Hey, monkeys, let’s go.
Let’s go to the park.
Name’s Richie.
My car stalled right
in front of your house.
What, you need to call AAA?
You need a phone?
Well, you know,
you don’t get a welcome
like that nowadays.
But, no, no.
Okay, well.
Think maybe you
can give me a push?
Yeah, let’s do it.
Nice day, huh?
Sure is.
A day like today
will make you forget
there’s bad things
in the world.
Yeah, it’s a nice day.
The gas gets
a little low in
the carb sometimes,
like running on fumes.
The gas station’s
down that way.
Man, you should
see this baby go.
Just smoke
anything on the road.
Yeah, just let me
know when, all right?
All right.
Push as hard as you can.
Yeah, just let me
know when.
All right, yeah.
Go on, push!
I’m doing the best I can.
Give me a second.
Come on!
Push as hard
as you can.
You got some
muscle on you, boy.
Okay, just
tell me when.
You ready?
Okay, do it.
Drop the clutch.
Come on, push faster!
What are you
waiting for?
Push faster!
You ready?
Okay, do it.
Drop the clutch.
Jesus, hey,
you know what
you’re doing?
God fucking damn it!
What the fuck
are you thinking?
I could teach you a few things
about common fucking courtesy.
Is that right?
Yeah, fucking leg, Jesus!
Better get you
to a hospital.
I’m fine.
Don’t look fine to me.
Let me give you a hand.
Man, I don’t
need any help.
I beg to differ.
Come on.
Easy does it.
Look, I got you.
You and me,
we’re in this
thing together.
I’m okay.
Like riding
on air, right?
That’s what I’m saying.
Easy, Ricky.
Uh, Richie.
Wow, you really
got hurt.
It’s all my fault.
Not your fault.
You’re not blaming me?
Well, never would
have happened
if I hadn’t come
knocking on your door.
Hey, listen,
I wanted to help you.
What is it you do,
if you don’t
mind me asking?
I’m in real estate.
Used to be.
What do you mean
“used to be”?
Hey, hey, but I bet
you glad it happened,
all right?
It’s “customer’s
always right.”
That sort of shit
don’t suit a man like you.
It is a racket.
Ha! Everything’s a racket.
Should I kick it in?
I thought you said
you were out of gas.
No, no, no.
I just said I stalled.
Let me give her
some juice.
Now that, my friend,
is 450 cubic inches
of American metal.
Four 4-barrel carburetors
spitting mad fuel!
This bitch is
a fuck beast!
Yeah, this baby can fly!
Watch it, watch it, watch it.
See this guy?
This truck, man!
Fuck, watch out!
Who says American
cars can’t handle, huh?
Those brakes can be
a little loose sometimes.
Scary as hell.
Look like you were
having fun, though.
I don’t know if fun’s
the word, but, yeah,
I guess I needed it
a little more
than I thought I did.
Think I didn’t know that?
There’s a looker. Mmm.
JOHN: Yeah, she is.
Pity. She ain’t got a clue.
Seems nice enough.
I don’t know, baby.
Fill her up?
Stupid bitch.
What’d she do to you?
Chewing gum at work,
that’s just fucking rude.
Nice house you
got there, John.
Bet you got
a nice-looking wife.
Maybe a couple of
nice kids. Huh?
I say, you got kids?
Oh, yeah.
I got a girl and a boy.
Not me, John. Never
cared much for pets, either.
So, how do you
know my name?
You told me.
Only needed
two gallons.
Got some ID?
What for?
It’s just
normal procedure.
No, no, no.
No, John.
John, I got this.
So, what’s the problem?
You don’t like the way I look?
Hey, you know.
I don’t know.
You don’t know.
Pay my manager
inside, sir.
You know what?
You and me,
we’re a lot alike,
you know?
That so?
Yeah, that’s so.
You’ll see.
Just pay attention.
You’ll find out
what I’m saying.
Let me take care of this.
I’ll take you
straight to the hospital.
Got it.
Everything go okay?
All good.
Got the gas for free
on account of that cunt.
The hospital’s
the other way.
Yeah, you said yourself
you’re not hurt that bad.
You know, man, I’m fine.
Just take me home.
Let me buy you a drink.
It’s the least I could do
for what
I put you through.
It’s the middle
of the day.
Come on,
you’ve been drinking already.
I can smell it. Scotch.
It’s my drink.
Come on, man,
one more won’t kill you.
So, you can’t park there.
I just did.
You need a permit,
that’s the thing.
You’re hurt, right?
Ain’t that the definition
of handicap spot?
Just act like a cripple.
We’ll be all right.
Where you going?
How about that drink?
If you don’t want to
have a drink with me,
all you got to do is say so.
You know…
I know, I can behave
a little strangely sometimes.
Just because
I’m a little different
doesn’t make me a bad guy.
I don’t think you’re
a bad guy. It’s just…
I just gotta get home.
That’s all. My wife.
Wife. (SCOFFS)
The damn
shitter’s broken again.
Plumber’s late as usual.
Yeah, I’m always waiting
for the muffin man.
Well, you just get your
tight little trucker ass
on in here before
I cream my shorts.
And that’s a big 10-4.
Sorry, hi.
How can I help you?
May I borrow your phone?
I just gotta
make a quick call.
Pay phone’s at the bar.
Okay, well, it’s…
I just gotta call my wife,
it’s local.
Pay phone’s at the bar.
Okay, so, give me
your cheapest phone,
I guess.
Last one.
Cash or credit?
Look, I’m really sorry.
I don’t have my wallet.
If you just let me
use the phone…
Pay phone’s at the bar.
Lady, I haven’t seen
a pay phone in years.
I’m just trying to…
Not my problem.
Okay, look,
I’ll just…
You know, Rhonda,
for somebody in
the communications business,
I think you
could afford to learn
a little common courtesy.
Fuck you.
How’s that for
common courtesy?
All right.
Grow some balls.
Actually, I’d just
like to use your phone,
if that’s okay.
Jesus Christ!
Hey, Trevor.
What are you doing here?
I just need to
use the phone.
You look like hell.
Yeah, I’ve been better.
You know, listen, John,
it wasn’t all my decision.
So, whose was it?
Corporate downsizing.
You just weren’t
pulling your weight.
Walk away,
John, like you always do.
MAN: Come on, man.
Johnny, come on
and have a drink
with us, man.
My man.
I knew you’d be back.
There ain’t no harm
in being polite.
Don’t worry about me.
You should worry
about the fat ass
across the street
at the phone store.
Yeah, or my jack-off boss
who just spilled a beer on me.
I’m fine, though.
You mean the bastard
who canned you?
He’s here?
Yeah, yeah,
that’s the very guy.
He’s here.
He’s holding court.
I say we go in there
and kick his head
inside out.
I shouldn’t even have
mentioned it. It’s fine.
Yeah, I’d like to
make a collect call…
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Let me loan you a quarter.
It’s the least I can do.
I’m fine. It’s okay.
Yeah, my name’s John Felton.
Hi, it’s the Feltons.
We’re not home,
so leave a message.
You should never tell people
you ain’t home on
your answering machine.
So what exactly
is your interest
in my business?
I’m just trying to
help you out here.
That’s what they’re
looking for. Suckers.
Well, thanks
for the warning.
What are you doing here?
I’m just leaving.
Come on, one drink.
No, actually,
I gotta call Joanie.
I need a ride.
I gotta get home.
I can drive you home.
I just gotta use
the pisser first.
I’ll meet you outside.
Yeah, I don’t know if
that’s such a good idea.
What? Taking a piss?
No, that’s not
what I meant.
John, it’s just
a ride home.
You okay?
Huh? What’s…
Could have sworn I
parked right around here.
You don’t know
where you…
There it is.
So, Tammy,
are you okay to drive?
I’m a teensy bit wasted,
so maybe you’d better.
You know I
broke up with Trevor
to be with you.
Yeah, and he fired me.
Is that what
you care about?
Look, Tammy.
You know,
what we did
was wrong, okay?
For who?
My family.
Fucking cowards.
You know,
that stupid fat ass wouldn’t
let me make
a phone call neither.
Said she didn’t
like the way I looked,
and she kept stuffing donuts
down her blabber box.
It looked like
she’d been locked
in a donut shop
her whole life.
Man gets his dream
car towed by the pigs,
gets treated like a criminal
by an incompetent…
Where’s your
common courtesy?
I should have
listened to you.
I know.
You tried to warn me about
these parking rules. Huh?
But what a car
though, right?
Pure American muscle.
You could feel
that power, right?
I sure did.
You feel it right
between your legs.
It’s a muscle car.
Is that so?
Yeah, that is so, missy.
Right, John?
It’s a great car,
I’ll give you that.
RICHIE: You know what
I’m talking about.
John, you know this guy?
Yeah, we…
I really,
really hate to ask this,
because of everything
we’ve already been through,
but you think you can give me
a ride to the impound?
I don’t think so,
’cause I gotta get home and…
I gotta get home, too!
I’m just like you, John.
I’m stranded.
I don’t even know
where the impound is.
I do!
I do!
It’s not far.
Scout’s honor.
See, it’s not my car,
and I gotta take her home.
Name’s Richie.
I would really appreciate it.
Well, if John will
vouch for you.
Course he’ll vouch for me!
Right, John?
Yeah, I mean,
we met earlier…
So, how do you
two know each other?
We work together.
Work buddies?
JOHN: We work together.
Wanna give him a ride?
It’s fine.
We’ll give you a ride.
Yeah, we’d better hurry.
Looks like rain.
So, we close?
RICHIE: Think so.
JOHN: You think so?
RICHIE: Mmm-hmm.
Man, you even
know where it is?
‘Cause we’ve been driving
for like a half hour,
and you just said it
was a couple miles.
You’re a slow driver, John.
Look, so,
you two really
work together?
That’s right.
John tell you he
got fired today?
Canned, like a sardine.
Bet you didn’t
even tell your wife,
did you, John?
I told my wife.
The truth hurts.
Do you want me to pull over?
Would you like to walk?
Ain’t your car.
From what I could see,
Tammy here
makes all the rules.
Oh, ho, ho, ho!
Don’t be
a cocktease, baby.
Nothing like
a pair of blue balls
to drive a man insane.
Hey, don’t talk to her
like that.
She made her own bed, John.
That she did.
And what’s that
supposed to mean?
Well, honey, you dig
a hole in a man’s life,
you can’t expect not
to be buried in it.
What did you tell him, John?
I didn’t tell him anything.
Pull over.
You’re a piece of shit.
What is this guy doing?
Don’t speed up, slow down.
Drive him crazy.
Man, would you shut up?
I’m gonna pull over.
You’re a pussy, John.
Can’t stand up for yourself.
Just let me
handle this, okay?
RICHIE: Yeah, boss.
RICHIE: Shit, goddamn!
wrecking my car, John!
I didn’t do anything.
I don’t know
what this guy’s…
You must have
done something.
Maybe he saw you
leaving town.
So what?
You said you picked a fight
with that fat ass
in the phone store, right?
You want to fight,
then fight!
What did you do to
that woman back there?
Just gave her
a piece of my mind.
Same as you.
No different.
Except I didn’t tuck
it between my legs.
John, what are you doing?
Slow down. Just let him go.
Write his plate down,
he can’t do that.
Oh, that’s the spirit.
Let’s rip his
fucking throat out.
Just let me handle it.
That guy was
trying to kill us, John.
Just stay in the car.
Don’t do
something stupid.
Fuck’s this guy’s problem?
Hey! You could
have killed us!
You ran us
right off the road!
What the fuck?
You could have killed us,
do you understand that?
Wait, wait, stop the car!
Let me out.
I don’t want any problems!
It’s just that was
really dangerous.
Saw you drive off
after you killed my girl.
Look, this is all a mistake.
Just take it easy.
Watch it!
Whoo! Fucking bull’s-eye!
Come on, get in the car.
Let’s go. Come on.
You can’t do
anything for him now.
We killed him.
We didn’t do this.
You did this!
RICHIE: I saved your life.
We are in this together,
John, like I said,
whether you like it or not.
Tammy, where’s your phone?
It’s in my bag.
He’s alive,
but just barely!
So, what do you owe him?
It’s not in here!
Where’s her phone?
How would I know?
Because you took
it out of her bag
when you were
in the back seat!
Now, where is it?
You expect me
to admit to that?
Hey, don’t mistake
my kindness for weakness.
I’m warning you!
What should I
mistake it for?
I really smashed him, huh.
Like a stupid
fucking cockroach.
Come on, let’s go.
Come on!
We gotta find a phone.
FRANK: We got nine murders,
and I don’t even
have a witness.
Somebody has to
have seen something.
Find me that somebody.
Found somebody.
John, turn here.
Hello? Is anyone home?
Why don’t you
just kick it in?
Just take it easy.
You’re the one that said
the guy needs an ambulance.
Hello? Look,
there’s been an emergency,
a man’s hurt very badly.
We need to
use your phone.
Hello, is anyone home?
Is anybody home?
Look. It’s half full.
Help yourself.
It’s called stealing.
It’s called a drink.
Look, now,
you do what you want.
I just want you to know,
I’m telling
the police everything.
That’s it.
Is there somebody home?
MAN: Ma’am?
Hello? Hello?
Is this the police?
Look, there’s been
a terrible accident.
Sir, I would like
for you to leave
the premises right now.

Listen, we need an ambulance.
Highway 111,
20 miles east of town,
there’s a guy
dying on the road.
We do have
a squad car on the way.
Sir, sir,
please identify yourself.
My name’s John Felton.
I’m fine, but there’s a man
dying in the middle of 111.
Send an ambulance right…
Is anybody home?
Is anybody here?
You’re still here?
Call the cops?
Is she okay?
She who?
There was a woman on
the phone. All right?
I heard
the woman on the phone.
I know there’s somebody here.
Is she okay?
You know, I bet your place
is a lot more
tidy than this trap.
Maybe you could
invite me over sometime.
Sure, why not? Yeah.
You know I would behave
like a guest in your house.
Maybe I could come
over for dinner
when this is all over,
and we can have a laugh.
Yeah, that sounds good.
“That sounds good, Richie.
Sure, yeah, come over.”
Look, don’t talk down
to me, John.
I’m not. I’m not.
You’d better say
what you mean
and stop barking out
a bunch of
meaningless phrases.
I mean it. I do.
Okay, I mean it.
All right? It’s okay.
Yeah. It’s okay.
I’m gonna hold you to that.
Listen, you’d be our guest.
Just please…
(SOFTLY) There’s nothing
you can do for her now.
You turned your back
on things
your whole life, John.
One more time
won’t kill you.
Will it?
Listen, you told me
that there was
nobody in the house.
Oh! You knew
better than that.
You gotta trust
your own best
instincts, John.
If you don’t,
you’re not
gonna make it.
It’s up to you.
It’s okay.
What’s going on?
It’s all right.
We’re gonna get out
of here, all right?
Stick with me, okay?
I have a shotgun!
And I know how to use it.
Don’t do that!
Put it down, all right?
We’re just trying to help.
Where’s my grandma?
Richie, don’t.
She ain’t here.
Back the fuck up!
She wanted me to
tell you something.
she wanted you to know.
You see that field
over there?
Now, I’m gonna give you
a chance to run.
But your grandma
wanted me to tell you
I’m gonna be
coming after you. Get.
Richie, please, just stop.
It’s not a game anymore.
Please, just…
What makes you
think so? Hmm?
Please, I’m just
asking you, that’s all.
I’m just asking.
I’m sorry,
please just…
John, let’s go.
He’s not gonna hurt us.
Oh, you think not?
I’m not afraid of you.
You ought to be.
Jesus, Tammy. Tammy.
JOHN: Tammy.
Tammy. Tammy.
I bet she does things
your wife would never do.
I wouldn’t know.
Well, what’s your
wife like, John?
If you don’t tell me,
I’ll find out for myself.
She means
everything to me.
RICHIE: Right.
But I’m sure there’s times
you’d like to kill her
though, right?
But I’d kill anybody
that tried to hurt her.
I understand that.
Things that I hate
most are things that
resemble my own faults.
I hate bad manners.
I hate people
that don’t give
common courtesy.
Hypocrites and cowards.
That’s all they are.
If you try anything,
I will beat her
till she bleeds
brains out of her eyes.
You understand?
Why don’t you just
let us go, all right?
We won’t say a word.
It’ll be like it
never happened.
But it is happening, John.
It’s happening right now.
Stop trying
to figure me out.
I got my own ideas.
Tammy, you gotta
get up right now.
You gotta get
out of here, okay?
He’s gonna try
and kill that cop.
I gotta save him. Come on.
Here. Just go wait
for me on this field.
you just gotta keep moving
towards town, okay?
No, no,
I don’t want to leave you.
Look, you’ll be
faster without me, okay?
That’s not what I mean.
Look, go, okay?
Just go.
This used to be
a nice neighborhood.
Nice dog, still.
Rich folks been
acting all crazy lately.
Like they ain’t
never been broke before.
So, what else have
we got on this guy?
Mr. fucking Rogers
is what we’ve got.
Good job, wife, two kids.
Real estate agent.
Real family man.
Well, being a real
family man doesn’t
automatically make you
a nice guy.
Forty-three, I got another 28.
I guess not.
My name’s John Felton.
I’m fine,

but there’s a man
dying in the middle of 111.
Send an ambulance right…

Is that his voice?
Do you mind?
If you were guessing,
where do you think he’s going?
Is there someone else
he would turn to?
Another woman?
I apologize for asking.
I don’t think so.
At least not anymore.
Got a name?
A phone number?
He left a bar
with a young girl.
Brown hair. Busty.
Ring any bells?
If my husband was at a bar
with some slut
with huge tits,
why would he call me collect
from a pay phone?
To spread the good news?
Does he generally drink
in the middle of the day?
No, not usually.
Sir, please be careful.
Thank you.
Do you know someone
who would have picked him up?
All our friends
are gone.
Fired, relocated
or just up and quit.
Tough times.
People losing everything.
Holding on by their teeth.
And that’s why John and I
stand together to stay strong.
If nobody picked him up,
why is his car
still in the driveway?
Wallet, cell phone,
keys left by the front door.
Glass of whiskey
broken on your
kitchen floor?
You guys have an argument?
He was disappointed
he didn’t sell a house today.
He ever hurt you
when he
gets disappointed?
You think he really
killed those people?
Could have.
Do you need
someplace to stay?
We have a beautiful home.
Do you think she’s
hiding something?
We could always look
on the bright side.
She’s ignorant?
People snap sometimes.
No good reason.
You take your average,
ordinary person
and rob him of
everything he cares about.
Then, people snap.
So, now, you want my help.
Well, well, well,
right back where we started.
Except you look
a little worse for wear,
if you don’t mind me saying.
I got this instinct, John.
There’s just no denying it.
It’s a God-given attribute,
I am always right
when it comes to people
who are trying to do me harm.
I’m not trying to harm you.
Well, if you are,
I just want you to know,
you ain’t seen nothing yet.
I know what you did.
I know you hurt those people.
The world
hurts people, John.
I come in after the hurt.
All I do is kill people
who are already dead.
Come on. Get up.
Get up.
And no funny stuff
this time, see?
‘Cause I’ll fill you
full of holes, pal.
Now, there’s a roadblock
up ahead.
You’re gonna drive through it,
just like you’re one of them.
Get to driving.
Go back to the house.
Talk to his wife.
LATISHA: What am I
looking for exactly?
Just break her.
This will never work.
Course it will.
People like that
just want to be fooled.
It’s their nature.
Once you know that,
you can take anything
you want from them.
People like what?
The herd, John.
The herd.
Turn the siren on.
There’s a barricade.
Stick your hand out
the window and wave.
Do it.
Big grin on.
Big, silly grin.
Just a bunch of cowards
hiding behind an army
of badges and guns.
It’s not gonna work again.
No, probably won’t.
We’re marked men.
We can’t go on hiding forever.
You ready to fight?
I didn’t do anything wrong.
I told you, John.
We’re in this together,
whether you like it or not.
This is it for me.
I’m finished.
Stop the car.
Stop the fucking car!
You think you’re
better than me, that it?
I’m the only person
that hadn’t given up
on you, John.
JOHN: Yeah?
That’s why you got
a gun pointed at my face?
Take it from me!
Be a fucking man!
John, what is it
you really want?
Is it that hard for
you to say what you want?
Just say it.
I want you to
leave me alone, okay?
Is that all?
I want out of this car.
All right.
Get out.
So you shoot me
in the back?
I could have killed you
100 times over today.
If you want to
believe the lie,
then go on living your life.
The world is evil, John.
It’s just plain evil.
That’s the truth.
You done?
If you are.
How hard was that?
One more thing.
Remember you
invited me to your house
to meet your wife?
I’ll tell Joanie
you said hi.
How do you know
my wife’s name?
Hope she cooks good.
I do love a good
home-cooked meal.
John Jr.
Not now.
You sure you don’t
want to speak in private?
Is there some
reason we should?
You know your
husband got fired today?
No, I didn’t.
But you do know he
was having an affair?
I believe I said as much.
You’re also aware you have
a life insurance policy
on him?
And he’s got one on me, too.
You ever want
your husband gone?
Excuse Mommy
for one second.
You think you can
walk into my home
and disrespect
me and my family?
I will take you down
so quick,
your undies will be strung
around your neck like a doily.
And if you think
I’m going to suddenly
burst into tears
and tell you
all my deepest,
darkest secrets,
well, then you’re
just lamebrained enough
to think that you know
anything about my family.
And God knows,
from looking at you,
you don’t have a clue
about what it means
to be a good wife.
You’re right.
I don’t know.
Don’t placate me.
I will slap that
smug look off your face
before you can get
your fat ass off my couch.
Now, I don’t know
how a functionally
retarded person
got a police badge,
but unless you’ve
come to arrest me,
you can waddle out of here
with the rest of the birds.
And make sure
John gets home
safe and sound.
And go ahead and grab
a Girl Scout cookie
on your way out.
They’re fat free.
Just curious,
why’d you let
your daughter listen
and cover your son’s ears?
So she knows how
to defend herself,
and he remembers how
to speak to a lady.
Well, shit.
Excuse me.
Give me a hand!
I need help!
I need some help please!
Come on,
please, I need some help!
They’re gonna kill my wife!
Come on, I need some help!
Do you understand that?
On the ground, hurry.
Don’t move, don’t move.
You are wasting time.
How’s that?
This guy is
gonna kill my family.
Do you get that?
The black man in
a suit with a fedora?
Driving an old
muscle car in the suburbs
that no one else has seen?
Look, sir, you don’t get it.
You’ve got to get
somebody to my house
and get my
family out of there!
My deputy was
just at your house.
Your wife
doesn’t want to leave.
She doesn’t understand
what’s going on.
Understand what?
This guy,
he can kill anyone. Okay?
Then, why didn’t
he kill you?
I don’t know.
He wants something
from me, all right?
I don’t know what.
He was pretending
like he was my friend.
Look, I’ll do
whatever you want,
all right?
Just get somebody to my house
and get my family out.
Tell the truth.
Look, God…
I’ve been fucking
telling you the truth!
I don’t believe
your truth.
Well, then, I should
talk to somebody else,
’cause you don’t know
what the fuck’s going on.
The witnesses all
ID you and you alone.
He was following me.
Your house is
being foreclosed.
Bank account’s empty.
Savings worthless.
You’re past due on
all your credit cards.
And you got fired
from your job today.
What does that
sound like to you?
Bad luck?
Sounds like motive to me.
I put myself in
your shoes and, well,
can’t say it
makes any sense,
but sometimes
a man just gives up.
Well, I have faith.
You’re an unfortunate man.
Sir, do you honestly believe
that I made this all up?
You think
I killed all those people
because I’m in debt
and I lost my fucking job?
Look, just find Tammy.
FRANK ON PA: Turn left.
Definitely the guy.
I do get paid
for this, right?
Straight forward.
It’s like they
can see me there.
Are you sure
they can’t see me?
Get him out of here.
Yes, sir.
Come on,
you did great.
She ripped you
a new one, huh.
You knew I was gonna
get it handed to me?
I also knew you were
gonna get something.
She’s having an affair.
working on the house.
Building a pool.
Pool guy, huh?
Got him shitting bricks
in the holding cell.
Anything smart
come out of his mouth?
Not a peep.
It’s hard to tell
what he’s not guilty of.
Makes like a chicken.
Then he clucks.
Keep on plucking.
You think he knew
his wife was
screwing the pool guy?
Too bad.
Looks like
a nice enough guy.
MAN: We don’t see much
of your type here.
Go figure.
Cup of joe?
Let me get
the pork chops, please.
You want limas or
fries with that?
I’d like both.
Hope you bread
those chops nice.
Can I get extra
gravy with that?
Yes, sir.
You got a problem?
You see this uniform?
Respect the uniform.
Or I’m gonna have
to take something
from you
that I can’t give back.
You understand?
You know what
your partner wants?
On the house, of course.
Come here, sweetheart.
Come on, come closer.
Come on.
Suspect has been shot,
suspect has been shot.
I repeat, please send backup
and paramedics immediately.
♪ You’ve got your hands
around my soul
♪ Oh yeah
♪ And I bet you
♪ I’d let you take my number ♪
John! Oh, my God.
Who is this?
Tammy Strate.
FRANK: Tammy?
Are you okay?
She corroborated
everything he said,
Richie and all.
FRANK: You, come with me.
FRANK: What the fuck
do you think you’re doing?
It’s not him.
Everything he said,
she backs it up.
Doesn’t mean it’s true,
God damn it!
Local just reported
three more murders,
and he said he shot
and killed the perp.
Positive ID?
“Tall, thin black man”
was the description
the officer gave on the radio.
Get over there now.
I’ll deal with this.
What is she doing here?
I’m just trying to help.
Oh, I think you’ve done
enough for this family.
We brought your wife
as you requested.
I’m sorry.
Go say hi to Daddy.
Richie was just
reported shot and killed
by an officer
a few minutes ago.
Just to be safe,
there will be police officers
at your house for
the next few days
until we complete
our investigation.
What, to keep
an eye on me?
My men will be
protecting your family.
Maybe he was right,
what he said
about you guys.
What’s that?
Can we go home now?
Yes, ma’am.
You guys ready?
Sweetheart, come here.
That your doggie?
Show him to me.
Come closer.
He a good dog?
He bites.
That’s as good
as anything, I guess.
They dump you out
here all night, too?
No, no, I gotta go in
and talk to the old bag.
JOANIE: You kids done?
Just stop,
I’m gonna get you.
Come on.
Why don’t you guys
go up? Come on.
I’ll come tuck you in.
Is everything okay?
You must be Joanie.
Yes, come in.
You’re getting wet.
And who is that?
These are our two children.
This is Sam,
and this is John Jr.
Say hello to
the nice officer.
Boy’s name for a girl, huh?
I’d like to talk
to you for a minute.
Come in.
Where’s the local cop
that called it in?
This guy’s a real cop.
How do you know?
Come on.
LATISHA: It’s not Richie.
Police Academy,
class of 1968.
Our guys
in front of the house
are not picking up.
Scotch on the rocks,
that’s what John drinks, too.
Here you go.
Guys, let’s go.
Bed. Come on.
Hey, your dad’s a hero.
How about that?
I didn’t know you
boys could drink on duty.
I won’t tell if you don’t.
You cooking something?
Smells good.
Pork chops.
They’re John’s favorite.
I thought he might
need a good meal.
John explain
what happened?
No, no, but it’s,
you know, it’s been
all over the news, so…
Hey, maybe you can
sell the story
to the papers.
You know, people love
a good tale like that.
I would hate to profit
off of somebody
else’s tragedy, so…
That’s why
I’m here, actually.
You’re making me
nervous, Officer…
I should go check on
the oven real quick.
Would you excuse me?
I’ll be right back.
Jesus Christ.
What’s wrong?
What is it?
Where are the kids?
In bed.
Get up there and
check on them right now.
Get up there, do it!
What are you
worried about, John?
I was just up there with them.
I tucked them in myself.
Little angels,
and you got two of them.
You are so lucky.
They’re okay.
Stay there.
Just so you know,
the police are out there.
Do you understand that?
You still underestimate me
after all we’ve been through.
Well, that’s
just plain dumb.
Question for you,
John, is do you hate me
more than you
love your family?
In the time it takes you
to go outside and get help,
I could destroy
your whole family.
Listen, what is it
that you want from us?
You invited me
over for dinner,
to meet your wife.
I’m here.
Now, treat me like a guest.
You know
I’m not going to
let you harm them.
You know that?
So, you’re gonna
have to kill me.
I told you,
I don’t make deals.
I don’t have to.
I’m giving you
a choice, John.
That’s more than
I’m giving anyone else,
including your
wife and kids.
I told you to
stay upstairs.
What the hell
is going on? Huh?
How about those
pork chops, Joanie?
I’m starving.
I’m afraid I don’t
care for your tone.
Makes two of us.
Get out of my house. Now.
Tell this person to
get out of our house
and leave us alone, now.
He’s our guest, right?
Our guest.
We’re gonna
treat you that way.
Help him.
Doesn’t John do
most of the cooking
around here?
He likes to cook.
Good thing, too,
’cause this is cooked badly.
It’s cooked poorly.
Could you
sharpen this for me?
It’s kind of dull.
The knife’s sharp enough.
Not mine.
You remember the first time
you saw me today, John?
At the front door?
No. In your rearview mirror.
When I blasted by,
you were sitting
in the driveway
twiddling your thumbs,
thinking about
your meaningless life.
You were talking to
that guy who worked…
The guy who
works on your house?
How do you think
I know that?
‘Cause you’ve
been following me.
But why?
Why would I
follow you, John?
Come on.
Put it together, John.
Put it together.
Why did I knock
on your door today?
Ah! Perfect timing.
Joanie, get upstairs,
get the kids
and get out of here!
Or better yet,
sit down and listen to
what I have to say.
Now, John,
why did I knock
on your door today?
Joanie, you want to tell him?
Why I knocked on
your door today?
Or why the back door
was left wide open?
Or why you took the kids
and left when he got home?
What is he
talking about, John?
You both make me sick.
Sitting here like
I’m the bad guy,
like I did something wrong.
Tell him why, bitch!
I have never
seen you in my life!
Yeah, that’s true.
You did send someone else
to meet me.
What’s he talking about?
I have no idea.
She does not
love you, John.
She’s a liar.
She’s fucking someone else,
and she wants you dead!
He’s lying.
She hired me to kill you.
I was supposed to drive
you out in the sticks,
throw your body in a ditch…
Oh, my God.
…but I didn’t.
Because I saw
something in
your eyes, John.
you can’t believe this man.
You can’t believe him.
She doesn’t
have the guts
to kill you herself.
He’s lying,
you can’t believe…
I am no liar!
I have no idea what
he’s talking about.
John, you can vouch
for me there.
No, you are lying!
I tell it the way I see it,
and I see it the way it is!
John, I love you.
That’s right,
kill her, John.
John, I love you.
Rip her fucking throat out!
Now, you got the instinct,
just like me.
Please don’t do…
Shut up!
Remember, she’s cold-blooded.
Don’t listen to her.
Don’t listen to that bitch!
Kill her!
Kill that bitch!
I love you!
Wait! Wait, stop!
I’m not going to hurt you.
Just give it to me.
Give it to me.
Come here, you motherfucker!
Put it…
You motherfucker!
Get out of here! Go!
They’re out back!
Watch my children.
FRANK: Mr. Felton.
We’re gonna
take your wife in
for more questioning.
On what evidence?
Your testimony,
for starters.
I just told you what he said.
I didn’t say I believed it.
What other explanation
can you have?
She’s my wife.
What does he
think he’s doing?
Something I never could.
Nice shot.
You know,
smoking kills sperm cells.
You hungry?
Let’s go get fat.
Everything’s going to
be okay, isn’t it, John?

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