Manage your home business as a busy mom

Manage your home business as a busy mom

How do you manage your home business as a busy mom?

Have you ever found yourself trying to be productive with your home business and then you find that an hour has passed and you are scrolling Facebook? 🤪 Yep…I have too!

Trying to run a home, feed the family, get dinner made AND fit in a home business can be daunting. I have sat there many, many times trying to figure out what I should post today, what will move my business forward? Only to find myself lost in some online tangent.

UNTIL…I found my anchor! What in the world is an anchor? Well, it’s what I use to determine my entire content strategy.

Want to stop wasting time trying to be productive, then listen in. You too can find YOUR anchor and be more effective in your home business!

I know you can!

Finding Joy in the Journey,

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