Make your millions from home// Business ideas you can start from home

Are you ready to make your million dollars from home? This video is not for lazy people; this is for only achievers, so if you think your million will grow on the tree, forget it.

In this video, we are going to discuss business ideas you can start from home with less than 100$ and will see how to make a million-dollar out it.

Audible link:

πŸ“š My Fav Books πŸ“š
1. Rich dad- Poor dad πŸ“•

2. Blue ocean strategy πŸ“•

3. 10X rule πŸ“•

4. Think and grow rich πŸ“•

5. The lean startup πŸ“•

6. The hard things about hard things πŸ“•

This video will cover: Make your millions from home and Business ideas you can start from home :
The motivation to make million dollars from home
Fundamentals of scalable business
Business ideas you can start from home
Business plan for a million-dollar business

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