Make Your Home Staging Business Stand Out

Make Your Home Staging Business Stand Out

How can you go above and beyond to make your home staging business stand out above the rest? In today’s video, we discuss our inexpensive (and often free!) methods of taking the extra step to provide exceptional customer service and memorable staging services.

🌷Edited Photography! Provide your clients with gorgeous photos for their use on social media! They’ll appreciate not having to take pics themselves and they can post them on social media or the MLS!

🌷Send a THANK YOU! Hand written thank you notes go a long way in standing out in your client’s memory. Send them a quick note, phone call or text to say thanks. For larger projects, a quick bouquet of flowers or a gift card to a local restaurant will have them singing your praises!

🌷Tag your realtors, builders and other community partners on your social media! Help them advertise and help your own network grow! Everyone loves a shout-out on social media and realtors appreciate the extra exposure!

🌷Do you have other ways you like to go above and beyond? Let us know in the comments below!
🏠WANT TO START DOING HOME CONSULTATIONS BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START❓ We have done the work for you! We have put all of the resources you need together for you so that you can pull off your Home Staging Consultation with confidence and ease. Click below to download our COMPREHENSIVE 4 PART GUIDE that teaches you everything from your welcome email, to cleaning checklists, secrets to a successful open house, walk through checklists, and an actual talking SCRIPT for you to tactfully ask homeowners to remove dated items so their home will sell quickly. Take the stress out of your consultations and let us do the hard work.


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We provide online workshops, training and consulting services for home staging entepreneuers who are ready to take their business to the next level.
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