Lost treasure and found kitten (1/2) stowaways

This is where we found an old bank bag (empty) when we first moved in. I think the gold? Must be buried somewhere else on the property because I always get shuffle telling me I’m sitting on a goldmine. Fingers crossed since I haven’t yet gotten any checks in the mail. Probably wishful thinking. But at least even with the apparent ghosts here I never felt creeped out by this house. It could be worse I guess if I’m stuck here. It does help to do a clearing like I did when I came back. Sage and black salt around the outside. Whatever happened in the basement I think was spiritual or something I don’t know not ghost related though. That was the only creepy thing that scared the living daylights out of me here. Just trying to make life seem a little better for myself. Gotta find hope where you can find it, right? Even if delusional. Stay in’ alive. Oh and I think they even found the money bag from the 30s with the original deed to the house from like 1914. Crazy.
And then this is Louis I call her Lou Lou. Super sweet so sweetie baby sometimes. 💕a little poser! 💃🏼 Just a little side video to show I’m not mad at everyone. I hope not everyone is scared of of me unless you should be. *oops didn’t mean to put a pic of my beat up arm in there. Just my stigmata or result of stigmatized voo doo. Never had anything like that before this last year.

It’s so cool how shuffle will bring up say chariot from the 24x playlist right before a car drives down my street. I’m telling you it’s real. This simple example has happened 100x at least. It clearly works. It’s just about figuring out interpretation. It’s your loss for not letting me use it to it’s capacity. A year for a vaccine? Could speed that up by 11 months. But you’ve got it right. Narcissistic ignoring and ignorance. Or just lock me up again .. because you’re doing so many great things yourselves that I detract from, right? You all should coming to me with your tail between your legs begging for forgiveness. Again no skin off my back if the world ends. I go to heaven and what does it matter in the grand scene of things of infinity. Just saying… if you want things to keep running ok you should’ve listened to me a long time ago instead of making my life hell. Guess I get to taunt them for being stuck up idiots now. And say I told you told you told you told you. You want childish don’t cha? Brad, Leo? Like em young. Anyways. Thanks for nothing and this has been fun. Yeah.
I can honestly say I don’t give a shit for hurtful evil assholes. That’s a good thing, no? And Taylor I don’t think you want to take credit for putting me in jail per afterglow. There’s a lot of guilt that comes with that. Not waiting on an apology from people anymore but damn your souls if you don’t. And… hmm curse you for eternity. No cure or forgiveness for you without an actual apology. And I’m… Break up with your girlfriend…

Such a nice day today. Too bad you wasted it with them probably. Isn’t is insane that I was the damaged and the only one that took responsibility for anything. Even what was not fault. Yep pretty insane if you ask me. That’s what dealing with children is like though. Oh and I don’t know who was sitting outside my house in a bluish silverfish sedan but sia came up on shuffle and they were gone. I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting anyone ever to show up because no one has for years. If it’s the whore Leah you can bet your ugly ass I will have fun running and exploding my car into you next time I see you stalking. But for now it’s off to 711 to buy some 99 cent food. Correction, frozen pizza I can live on for a couple days. It’s like being in college again! Joys of being poor/having everything withheld or stolen from you from people that first use you and then make money off your life while already being millionaires. Your bags and cars and other pathetic substitutes for a soul. Due to a bunch of mindless fans and followers. But I know you don’t care. Enjoy your mansions. You spoiled pieces if stealing shit. I hope you’re praying for your pathetic piss ant souls right now.

* some people may think it’s childish to put it all out there and say how you feel. I think it’s childish to ignore someone or ghost on them like Danny did me. Or like others do that ignore me and refuse to talk to me or explain their actions. So like everyone. Like you decided for me to make my life into an experiment. I don’t care how much progress I MADE despite your cruelty. You can rot in hell. Just an idea. Have you had your fill of humiliating me yet? Good luck with a pandemic. I could care less what happens to people like that now. Clearly you pampered idiots can’t do anything for yourselves. But good for me I’m a survivor. Basically I’m doing time for your fucked up sins and bullshit. But what can you do to me now? I’m not going to live like you want me to in depression. I’ll do whatever the fuck I want. Including destroying your lives. Die you motherfuckin pussy shits.
03 01 20 // 7 57PM