LOSE LOVE HANDLES and LOWER BELLY FAT🔥Follow Along Fat Burning Workout at Home (No Equipment) W8-14

Lose love handles & lower belly fat at home fast! This is a 20 min follow along fat burning workout that you can perform with no equipment needed to lose stubborn belly & waist fat. This workout consists of the best bodyweight love handle & lower ab exercises to help you get rid of love handles and lose belly fat from home.

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👉🏼 Duration: 20 Mins
👉🏼 Bodyweight
👉🏼 45 Secs On, 15Secs Off
👉🏼 20 Exercises


1. Leg raise with reversed crunch
2. Reversed crunches
3. Window wipers
4. 1 leg flutter kicks
5. Russian twists
6. Right leg climber
7. Left leg climber
8. Cross body climber
9. Leg raise with criss cross
10. Hip lifts
11. Elbow to knee crunch
12. Plank twist into climber
13. Flutter kicks
14. Plank jumps
15. Up & Over
16. Bicycle crunches
17. Toe touches
18. Around the world
19. Plank get up with 4 climbers
20. Full body crunch with Russian twists


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