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Lead Funnel

I’m really excited, because I want to show you a simple 2-page funnel that recently generated us over 185,372 new leads.

The reason I want to show it to you is because I want you to MODEL it so you can apply it to YOUR business.

But before I show it to you, let me take you back to the famous funnel that was the inspiration for my 2 page funnel… And changed my business forever.

About 13 years ago, there was no such thing as a lead funnel or landing page or a squeeze page.
Back then, leads were generated using ‘pop up’ ads.

I don’t know if you remember, but Pop-Ups were these mini-pages that would suddenly appear out of nowhere on your page when you were browsing.

Sometimes 3, 7, even 14 of these suckers would burst onto your page.

They got so overwhelming that people complained in droves.

And just like that, popups vanished…
And then something happened.
This one particular webpage I was hearing about was capturing tons of leads.

I mean EVERYBODY was talking about it.

So I had to check it out.

What I saw was totally underwhelming.

I thought to myself…
“I don’t get it… There’s hardly anything on the page. It’s a headline and 6 bullets and an email optin.
What the heck?”
I started to think I was on the wrong page, but when I asked my internet buddies about it, they told me that…
…this page was raking in
$20 Million

How is that possible? I don’t understand.

I couldn’t take the suspense. I HAD to know what on earth was behind the next page after the optin.
But there was problem.
See, I had just gotten married.

And the webpage was a dating site called “Double Your Dating.”

It was by a guy named David D’Angelo (aka Eben Pagan)

The lead magnet on this page was called “The Kiss Test,” and when you gave your email, you would know—with this test—if a girl on a first date would want to kiss you or not.

What guy wouldn’t want THAT?
Well, being newly married, I was scared to death to tell my wife about this.

I started stressing about opting in. I wanted to know for MARKETING purposes how this landing page pulled in $20 Million a year…
But if I told my wife, she’d be like,
“Why do you need to know about kissing another woman on a first date?”

Lead Funnels Review with Bonuses 🌟Swipe All 106 Best Lead Funnels with Case Studies🌟


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