Lead Funnels Review – Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

Lead Funnels Review – The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation by Russell Brunson

Get Your 106 Case Study Funnels: http://bit.ly/GetYour106CaseStudyFunnels

The Lead Funnels Swipe File will show you exactly how to…
– Create the perfect landing page
– Use 2 and 3 Step lead funnels THE RIGHT WAY
– Get the cash register ringing on your THANK YOU page
– Insert a sly “bump” order and turn a prospect into a paying customer
– Get your prospect to give you their email AND phone number
– Make ‘ice cold traffic’ fall in love with you
– Create lead magnets that your audience BEGS for
– Model landing pages so you can go LIVE with your funnel in just 9 minutes
– Write hyper-persuasive HOOKS and HEADLINES in no time flat
– Generate UNLIMITED IDEAS for your lead magnets and ‘freemiums’
– Triple your conversions with a simple ‘tweak’ of the copy
– Target your ‘Dream 100’ with the perfect message and offer
– Hook your ideal customer so they can’t say ‘no’
– Use social proof and testimonials to skyrocket optins
– Boost conversions with ‘fascinations’ and bullets
– Get your audience salivating for your special free offer
– Elicit desire with graphics and pics that tug at your prospect’s wallet

This Simple Lead Funnel Generated Over 185,000 Leads
As you know, lead generation is the lifeblood of any business.

Without leads, without prospects, you don’t have a business.

The problem is, most entrepreneurs struggle with generating quality leads.

That’s why I was thrilled when I heard that Russell Brunson
just came out with a massive compilation of the most successful and profitable Lead Funnels, Landing Pages, and Tripwire Pages on the market.

Russell breaks down, analyzes, and dissects 106 PROVEN lead funnels across a bunch of industries…

Including ecomm, coaching, consulting, products, services, professional, social media, agencies, health, supplements…

Fitness, dating, franchising, MLM, internet marketing,
you name it.

You’ll discover the secrets to creating irresistible hooks, headlines, lead magnets, bullets, and stories that capture leads on demand!

You’ll see the exact funnels that Russell and countless other successful entrepreneurs study and model to build their lists.

The beauty of this compilation is that you, too, can swipe and model any of these high performing lead gen monsters for YOUR business.

It’s called the “Lead Funnel Swipe File”, and it’s HUGE! I got my copy for only $7, which was a crazy steal…

Without a doubt, this book should be on EVERY business owner and entrepreneur’s digital bookshelf.

Get Your 106 Case Study Funnels: http://bit.ly/GetYour106CaseStudyFunnels

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