Kids Full Body Fat Burn Exercises – Home Training

More than ever, now is the time to talk about body fat reduction for children.

Although it is primarily a nutritional issue, the lack of physical activity is also determinant to overweight in childhood. Thus, it is reasonable to encourage children to exercise even if it is through videos.

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00:00 Body Rotations
00:47 Diagonal Abs Left
01:35 Diagonal Abs Right
02:24 Rest
02:41 Forward Calf Raises
03:37 Hand Claps
04:17 Rest
04:50 High Step March
05:38 High Knee Jacks
06:29 Rest
07:02 High Knee Chops Right
07:39 High Knee Chops Left
08:18 Rest
09:00 Knee Raises
09:31 Lateral Taps
10:03 Rest
10:21 Knee Push Ups
11:03 Rest
12:05 Body Rotations
12:52 Diagonal Abs Left
13:40 Diagonal Abs Right
14:29 Rest
14:46 Forward Calf Raises
15:42 Hand Claps
16:22 Rest
16:55 High Step March
17:43 High Knee Jacks
18:35 Rest
19:07 High Knee Chops Right
19:44 High Knee Chops Left
20:23 Rest
21:06 Knee Raises
21:36 Lateral Taps
22:08 Rest
22:26 Knee Push Ups