Is Pi Legit – Pi Network Review 🔴 Pi Invitation Code "RauchenwaldC"

How To Mine Cryptocurrency On Your Phone – Pi Network Review – Invitation Code: RauchenwaldC

Welcome to a new episode of #supercalifunnelistic

In today’s video, I’m going to take a closer look at a fairly new cryptocurrency called “Pi”, or “Pi Network”, that you can learn more about on

🔴 How To Get Started Mining Pi Coin For Free 🔴
1⃣ Download Pi Network & Start Mining Pi Coin 👉
2⃣ Use the Invitation Code: RauchenwaldC
Important: After publishing the video I learned that you can NOT use multiple Pi Network accounts. So even if you have multiple devices DO NOT use them create multiple Pi Network accounts.
If you already created a second Pi Network account, simply uninstall the app from your additional devices (since there is currently no way to delete an account).

Pi Network was founded in 2019 by multiple Stanford professors with the aim to create a coin that can equally be mined by everyone and does not provide an unfair advantage to people with more money or better hardware.

Pi coin the official cryptocurrency of the Pi network can only be mined until the Network reaches 100,000,000 users, and since there are currently only 7,000,000 users, you still have the chance to become a pioneer and be among the first 10% to mine Pi.

Since mining Pi happens on your smartphone and the mining speed is not determined by hardware or operating system of your smartphone but only depends on the number of people you invite to join your Pi Network it’s by far the fairest approach to building a cryptocurrency I’ve seen in a long time.

The biggest benefit of the current “mine Pi coins for free on your phone” phase is that we can be 100% certain that Pi Network is NOT a scam because it doesn’t require any investment at all to get started.

In order to start mining Pi coins on your phone you simply have to follow the steps below:

1⃣ Visit 👉 and download the Pi Network app.
2⃣ Launch the app and create your Pi Network account, either by using your Facebook account or your phone number.
3⃣ Enter “RauchenwaldC” (without the quotes) as your invitation code.
4⃣ Click on the “white bolt” icon to start mining Pi coins on your phone for free
5⃣ Repeat step 4⃣ every 24 hours

Optional you can increase the mining rate by inviting new users to Pi Network or adding me and other people you invited to a “secure circle” within the Pi application on your phone AFTER you completed at least three 24 hour Pi mining cycles.

It’s not yet sure if or how much Pi coins are going to be worth in USD, but that really doesn’t matter that much.
For now, Pi Network and the Pi application on your phone allow you to mine the coin for free and even if the Pi Network project and with it the Pi coin die somewhere along the way, you did not lose anything.
On the other side, once Pi coin reaches the stage at which Pi coin can be traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges it will have at least some monetary value making this one of the few existing opportunities to get cryptocurrency for free and benefit from it in the future.


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Hello, and welcome to another video
with me, Christian Rauchenwald.
Now, in today’s video, we are
going to take a closer look
at Pi Network or
And no I’m not talking about some
kind of bakery network, but about a
cryptocurrency that was founded in 2019.
But the reason why we’re talking
about Pi today is because I recently
made a couple of videos exposing a
cryptocurrency based ponzi scheme called
Forsage, if you haven’t seen them,
but you’re curious, I’ll put a card
up there to the more detailed video
that walks you through all the steps.
And one of our viewers left a comment
asking me to look into Pi if it’s
legit, if it’s worth it and so on.
And so I took a couple of minutes to
take a closer look into Pi Network,
and I was actually surprised about
what I found and I’m going to share
what I found with you in this video.
But before we talk about the details
about Pi, if it’s legit, if it’s worth
the money and so on, I think I want to
clarify or create some kind of foundation.
Now you’re most likely, already know what
a cryptocurrency is, how it works and sure
as hell you already heard about Bitcoin.
Nowadays the biggest problem with
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency
is that if you would want to mine
that coin, you will need special or
very powerful hardware, and you will
get a quite high electricity bill.
And because of that, people that already
have a lot of money or bigger corporations
and people living in countries where
electricity costs less have an advantage.
In fact, that actually also let to roughly
80% of all Bitcoins out there being owned
by a small circle of people because they
jumped on the train early enough and
invested their profits into buying better
and more hardware in countries where
electricity is cheap so that they now
hold the majority of all coins available.
And that’s one of the major
aspects of PI or PI network.
You cannot just buy ASIC miners for
thousands of dollars or use very
powerful hardware to mine the coin.
PI is designed to be mined on
your smartphone and that with
almost no impact on your battery.
Now, how does this work exactly?
It actually is quite straight forward.
PI launched roughly a year
ago, and it’s created by a
couple of Stanford professors.
Which gives PI some kind of
credibility or could also just be
used to disguise a scam by using
those professors to gain credibility.
But overall, we can very
easy answer the question.
If PI network is legit or
scam by asking ourselves.
How much do we have to
invest to get started?
And the incredible answer here is zero.
You don’t have to spent any
money to start mining Pi.
I can already hear you saying
that there has to be a catch
because nothing ever is for free.
And yes, there is a catch
PI is a new cryptocurrency.
It’s only on the market for a year.
As of now you cannot trade it, which means
theoretically it has exactly zero value.
And that’s literally the only
downside there is with Pi network.
We cannot say for sure if and when
PI will actually be tradable and what
kind of value the Pi coin will have.
However, it’s also an amazing opportunity
because as of right now, there are
7 million users in the PI network.
And until a hundred million users are
reached, people will be able to mine
the Pi coin on their phone, which
means you’re still among the first
10% to adopt to that new “Bitcoin”.
And all you have to do is click on
the link in description down below.
Download the PI app.
And since it’s currently by invitation
only, on the screen where you are
asked for your invitation code, you
simply have to enter “RauchenwaldC”,
basically my last name and the first
letter of my first name, but you
can also just check the description
down below and copy it from there.
Now, once you’ve installed the app and
you went through the signup process
by either using your Facebook account
or your phone number and entering the
invitation code, which again, you can
find in the description down below,
you will see something like this, which
will be the PI dashboard and where it
currently for me has a green bolt icon
that says zero point 35 Pi per hour.
For you it will show a lower number
and it will be white, and all you
have to do is press that icon and
that you’ll need to do once every day.
So every time you push that button, your
phone will mine for 24 hours and you will
get the Pi coins that are shown below.
So in my case, for example, I’m
currently earning eight point
something Pi coins within 24 hours.
And I’ll be able to keep mining at
that or a higher rate, depending
on how many people I invite and
depending on how fast Pi actually
reaches a hundred million users.
So based on all that PI is
actually a great opportunity.
It may turn out that it never
gets to market or never will
be listed on an exchange.
Then you basically wasted just a
couple seconds every day, pushing the
button to start the mining over again.
But in my opinion, more likely it will
eventually become a coin that you can
trade and it will have an actual value.
So what you get right
now is money for free.
And once that happens, you will be
able to either trade your Pi coins
for other cryptocurrency or for Fiat.
So actual currency, like USD, EUR, YEN,
or whatever currency you are using.
And we don’t know yet if the coin will
then be worth 0.00 something cents, or
if it will be worth $5 or even more,
it really comes down to what kind of
practical use case there is for PI coin
in the real world and what kind of demand
there will be for PI coin in the future.
So it comes down a lot to
the developers of PI coin and
what they do with their coin.
But since you don’t
have to spend any money.
And literally all you have to do is click
on the link in the description down below.
Download the app and then either use
your Facebook account or your phone
number to create an account and use the
invitation code that you can also find in
the description down below and, and just
once a day, push a button on your phone,
which you are anyway holding in your
hand, probably a couple of hours per day.
And in return for that effort, you
will already receive Pi coins, which
again, either will someday be worth
nothing, or they will be worth something.
So there’s not much to lose.
It’s really one of those cases
in my opinion where there’s zero
chance that you make a loss, but
there is a small to medium chance
that you actually make a profit.
Now, again, I don’t know if that coin
will be worth almost nothing or a lot.
We will see.
It will really depend on
what the developers do.
But you can get the
coins right now for free.
And best of all, if you, for example,
have an iPad or a second phone,
you can install the app on multiple
phones, create multiple accounts
and therefore mine even faster.
Now on top of that, once you have
the Pi app on your phone, you’ll also
have your own invitation code and
you can invite other people as well.
And when they sign up and mine, your
mining rate will increase as well.
And in addition to that, there’s
also a contributor bonus, which
I haven’t unlocked yet, but which
will unlock for me tomorrow.
All it requires to reach that contributor
bonus is to mine three consecutive days.
So basically mine for 72 hours,
and then you’ll be able to add some
of the people that you invited, or
if you used my invitation code to
add me to a secure circle, which
again, will increase the mining rate
with which you earn PI per hour.
Personally, I’m really interested to
see where PI is going in the future,
especially because it literally
is zero effort to mine the coin.
Simply enable the phone notification,
which will tell you every time
the 24 hour mining circle is over
and then push the button once
more to mine for another 24 hours.
And then simply repeat that same
step every day until Pi finally
reaches a hundred million users
and the mining period will be over.
And in the end, all you have to do then.
Is to take a look at how many Pi coins
you actually mined, what kind of value
they have and if you want to hold
onto them or sell them for another
cryptocurrency or an actual hard currency,
like USD, EUR or something like that.
That’s pretty much it.
If you have any more questions about
PI, you can also ask them within the
chat that’s within the application.
Once you’ve signed up or just
in the comments down below.
As always, thanks for watching.
See you in one of my
other videos until then.
Bye bye.