I'm Starting A TINY HOME Business & My Build so far.

This video signifies a HUGE change in my life. After 11 weeks of unemployment, countless thoughtful cups of tea, i’ve made a decision. If employment wont come to me, then I will go to employment! I shall be starting a Tiny home accommodation business in the Cotswolds of the UK. Follow my journey where I attempt to get my life on track, and build this business from the ground up (literally!) say hello, to Little Orchard Hideaways!

I’ve created a few accounts on various social media platforms for the venture, take a look here:


Welcome to the channel of a recently unemployed boat dwelling filmmaker. Follow my adventures & subscribe.

I go a little stir crazy without a project, so I thought I would document my idiotic challenges, buildings, and musings. Thankfully, life on the water, in a Dutch Barge that is half-built, throws all kinds of weird and wonderful things at me.

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