If I Had to Start Over in My Work From Home Business 2020

https://NoahStJohn.com If I had to start over in my work from home business in 2020 I would start with 3 things which includes your message, your packaging and __________ (watch the video to find out) the most important one of the three.

In these tough times a lot of you are probably starting to build a work from home business, this would be a good starting point video for you to have good foundation in your work from home business.

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If I had to start over again in my
home-based business here are the three
things that I would do if I had to start
over again in my home-based business
especially right now in today’s
challenging times
Hello I’m Noah St. John I am the founder
of Successclinic.com, Author of
Afformations.com and founder of
many many people many of you are
reaching out to me right now and saying
Noah what can I do to start my
home-based business I want to start my
business working from home but what do I do
well friends there are three things that
I would do if I were starting over in my
home-based business now I am blessed to
have a home-based business that I
started in my college dorm room in 1997
in 1997 I was a religious studies major
in college and I had two epiphanies that
changed my life one was when I
discovered our afformations my discovery of afformations and you can learn more
about that at at afformations.com and the
second was when I discovered success
anorexia which I realized and discovered
that millions of people are
unconsciously unknowingly driving down
the road of life with one foot on the
brake and they are holding themselves
back from the success they’re capable of
and then I fixed that and I developed
something that I call the power habits
system the power habits of unconsciously
successful people and as a result of
those two major epiphanies I have helped
my coaching clients people just like you
over the last two decades to add over
2.7 billion dollars using my methods but
what if I had to start all that over
what if I had to start over from nothing
what would I do
well there are three main things that I
would do if I were starting over in my
home-based business the first thing that
I would do is determine my message what
is the message that I want to reach the
world with what is the message that I
want to get out to the world now I did
that over two decades ago when I
discovered those two things that I just
told you about but if I were starting
over right now I’d have to say well all
right well what do I want to talk about
today in my case I’d probably talk about
the same two things but what is it for
you what is your message number one
number two the second thing that I focus
on is packaging how to package up what’s
in my head and be able to sell it to the
earth especially right now in an online
environment now back then in 1997 the
tools that we had were very rudimentary
they were very hard I had to build my
own websites from scratch having learned
HTML if you don’t know what HTML is good
you’re lucky because HTML is really a
pain it’s a coding or it’s a method of
coding that is used still
today to build websites but the great
news for you is that you don’t need to
know it’s HTML right what we have today
is called WYSIWYG, WYSIWYG stands for
what you see is what you get that means
you can just sort of type it in there we
use a platform called clickfunnels for
all of our funnels that I have now I’ve
made millions and millions and millions
of dollars over the last few years with
funnels all right and that’s one of the
things that I teach my twenty thousand
dollar and fifty thousand dollar
coaching clients is funnel income
secrets I teach them about how to make
money using funnels and the Guru’s out
there make it really complicated really
hard and that’s their job they like to
confuse people I like to unconfuse you
and so that’s why I have an eight-week
program called funnel income secrets
where I teach you
all of this I teach you how to go
from idea to execution to profit in just
eight weeks and you can go to funnelincomesecrets.com and learn more about
that class which is coming up very soon
and it’s going to be very very powerful
we’re gonna have an ultra-fast focus on
results for you so what this means for
you is you’re going to get my twenty
years of knowledge experience and
perspective helping you to reach your
goals of making money online so you can
have more income more impact and more
influence in just eight weeks or less
and so that’s the second thing that I
focus on and the third thing that I
focus on and this is more important than
anything else is I focus on my mindset
you see we live in a world of infinite
distractions right at our fingertips and
if you have a phone you have a world of
infinite a smartphone you have a world
of infinite distractions at your
fingertips that’s bad news for most of
you and why is that because it’s very
easy to get distracted they want you to
be distracted all those companies out
there and so what I would do and this is
what I still do to this day is I focus
on my mindset and my habits so every day
I am using my time wisely because
remember friends time is the one
resource that is not renewable we cannot
get it back all of Bill Gates billions
can’t buy one minute of yesterday and so
that’s why with all of our programs
whether its Power Habits Academy whether it’s funnel income secrets
whether it’s the freedom lifestyle 21
day challenge whether it’s my online
business virtual retreat all of my
programs are designed with really two
things in mind number one to help you
get the income the impact and the
influence that you want without working
60 hours a week and without neglecting
your family even in these challenging
times and number two to compress time
for you
because I know that you’re very smart I
know that you’re gonna reach your goals
I’ve no doubt about that but the only
question is how long is it gonna take
you maybe if you keep doing what you’re
doing it’s gonna take you 3 5 7 10 years
I know it took me much much longer than
I would have liked
why because I had lousy coaches I have
lousy teachers teachers who weren’t
teachers at all
they were just gurus who were great at
self-promotion but they couldn’t teach
their way out of a paper bag that’s why
because I was starting from scratch I
had no idea what I was doing and I went
to all those guys and gave him a lot of
money only to find out that they suck at
teaching and so I don’t want that to
happen to you to I want you to be able
to reach your goals faster easier with
far less effort and that’s why all of
our programs all the programs that we
have whether it’s afformations.com,
funnelincomesecrets.com, thefreedom
lifechallenge.com or anything that we
do onlinebusinessretreat.com
everything we do is design with that
goal in mind to help you reach your
goals faster easier and with far less
effort just watch the videos on those
pages and see the amazing stories for
yourself so those are the three things
that I would work on if I were starting
my online business my work from home
business right now and you can do it too
you know if I can do it if a no-name
from Maine like me can do it if an if a
person like me who had no idea what he
was doing could write 15 books that have
now been translated into 18 languages
and make millions and millions of
dollars helping people all around the
world and living my freedom lifestyle
even no matter what’s going on in the
world today if I can do it you can do it
you know and that’s the that’s the
message that I’ve always had and that we
will continue to have for as long as the
good Lord decides to have me around here
on this earth I know you can do it and I
know that all it takes is just focus and
work you do have to do the work it’s not
magic the gurus with
you believe that you just take a pill
and you make money that would be nice
wouldn’t it
it’s like taking a pill and losing
weight or getting six-pack ABS well that
pill doesn’t exist and it never will but
they’ll never try to stop selling it
either so just be careful who you trust
be careful who you give your time and
your energy to because that’s really
really important especially right now
today but I know that you can do it and
I believe in you all right for everyone
here at Successclinic.com remember go
check out funnelincomesecrets.com and
get in on the funnel income secrets
challenge or just go to NoahStJohn
.com and look at all of the programs
that we have for you and let me know how
I can help you I want to help you get
through these times and I know that you
can do it and just make sure that you
get the help and the support that you
need and don’t try to do it alone for
everyone here at Successclinic.com I’m
Noah St. John reminding you to keep
afforming and I look forward to being a
part of your success story alright see
you next time everybody bye bye for now