Ideas For A Home Business – What Is In A Scentsy Starter Kit 2013

Ideas For A Home Business – What Is In A Scentsy Starter Kit 2013


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What’s In a Scentsy Starter Kit 2013

For just £85 or 99 euro Scentsy will send you a Starter Kit that includes everything you need to run your Scentsy business — and it all fits conveniently in one shopping bag.
Your Starter Kit will incl

Business Supplies

Scentsy Family Consultant Guide (1)
Scentsy Catalogs (25)
Showcase Brochures (25)
Product List (1 50-sheet pad)
Print-Your-Own Labels (10 sheets)
Invitations (100)
Order Forms (100)
Host Envelopes (5)
Host/Join Brochures (25)
Discover Scentsy DVD (1)

Party Testers (1 Full Set)
Category Cards (1 set of 9)
Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1)
Scentsy Bars (1)
Scentsy Buddy (1)
Scent Pak (1)
Welcome Letter

Contact us for more information about Joining Scentsy in Ireland, Uk, Germany, Canada, Quebec and the USA.

You can also purchase Scentsy products directly from our website in UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Italy

Our Scentsy Story

Scott and Alexandra are one of Europe’s first Scentsy Director teams and train/support the largest Scentsy team in Ireland, the UK and Germany. They love selling Scentsy and get great enjoyment out of mentoring their new consultants to help them build successful work from home businesses with Scentsy.
Here is their Scentsy story – We joined on the day it launched in the UK (17 April), we are the country’s fifth recruit. We joined because we lost our business during the really bad winter of 2010 and we had to find a way to pay the rent….now we can do that and more.
We made great sales with the product from day one, you can sell Scentsy at events, parties, online and numerous other ways, and we recruited Linda within days. We made promoted twice in our first month to Lead consultants. The hard work (I say hard but really we have great fun with it) and we now have a team of over 270 consultants in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany and USA. We were one of Europe’s first directors and the first consultant couple in Europe to win the 2012 incentive trip to Las Vegas (see our blog at Here are a few of our other highlights with Scentsy so far:
• Winners of the 2011/12 Annual Mentor Award (first time awarded in Europe)
• We promoted to DIRECTOR level (third Europe) in just six months from our start date
• Top sales by rank – numerous months in 2011/2012
• Top mentor by rank worldwide in October at superstar consultant level
• Top sponsor by rank (Lead/Star/Superstar and Director)
• PRV award for sales over 10,000
• Personal sales awards (numerous)
• Shooting Star award
• Scentsational Start award – Level Two (June 2011)
But the best thing about our Scentsy journey to date has been seeing our team promote, gain confidence and become friends. Team Emerald All Stars is our team name and we have over 375 members. We are proud to support the largest Scentsy team in Europe including great teams in the UK and Ireland. People join Scentsy for a variety of reasons – to earn extra income, become their own boss etc – but they all agree that they are having fun and making cash selling a well made and clever product that people love.
If you are interested in joining Scentsy and working in europe’s newest direct sales company please contact us today using this website or email me on We would be delighted to give you more information on becoming a Scentsy consultant in Ireland, Uk, Germany and USA/Canada.

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