Donnie Yen is a Ming Dynasty palace guard, wrongly accused of murder and hunted by three vengeful brothers. All four are accidentally buried, frozen at the height of battle. 400 years later, they are defrosted and resume their mortal struggle – while also adjusting to modern-day life.
Route 3, Hong Kong
Boss. On my way back.
C’mon! C’mon, horsey!
Crap. Hold on there. Damn it!
Hold on there, Terminator! Go!
Come on!
Crap. Hold on there. Damn it!
Please. Call… an ambulance.
Holy shit. Is this the freaking Terminator?
What the hell?
He Ying, accept this Imperial Decree.
I have been upright and honest all my life.
How would I do that?
India, 1621 A.D. (1st year of the Tianqi Reign)
The Golden Wheel of Time is a sacred
object from Borneo.
The sacred Ramayana says…
5,000 years ago, Prince Raju left
Borneo to fight with devils.
Before leaving, he promised Princess Sama…
he’d return to her when the five stars aligned.
The war went on and on and Raju missed the day.
Sama thought Raju was dead and killed herself.
Raju knew the god Shiva loved Datura flowers,
he cared for the plant and Shiva was touched.
Shiva gave him the “Golden Wheel of Time,”
so he could travel to the past
and stop Sama from killing herself.
The Wheel has been passed down
among humans ever since.
It takes you back to when the five stars aligned.
Five stars, connecting the past to the future.
But it will only work three times.
After the third turn, it’ll self-destruct.
Rumor is, someone other than
Raju has used it now.
So please, advise the Ming Emperor…
… to use this last turn wisely.
What is it?
It’s called Linga in Sanskrit…
believed to be Shiva’s penis.
An enormous penis?
To activate the Golden Wheel,
you insert the Linga…
and recite the secret mantra.
Lan Kwai Fong, Midnight, Halloween
Ox-head! Horse-face!
You bastards!
Tell Death it’s not my time yet!
You wanna lock me up?
Not that easy, Horse-face!
What’s your problem? I’m just eating my noodles.
May, don’t go over there!
Don’t bother him.
Royal bodyguard!
Wing Lee Street, Sheung Wan, Midnight
Come on man, hurry up!
I’m on it, why don’t you do it yourself?
Cause I’m the boss, that’s why.
Yo, curry chicken! Good, right?
Milk tea!
Stop running!
Drop the manhole covers!
Officers under attack!
How are people so weak now?
No one taught them martial arts?
Gimme back my curry chicken!
I could get used to this.
I’ve been waiting for you, Niehu.
Where’ve you been all this time?
I’m starving.
These are some serious boobies.
Hey, I haven’t seen ’em yet!
Let me look first.
Gimme a break, I’m younger.
How about He Ying?
Let’s track him down tomorrow.
Whoa, this one’s even better! No pants!
Hey, this way. Take a seat over there.
Mr. Bodyguard!
I just bought you noodles.
Now I’m buying your drinks.
All drinks on me tonight!
Awesome! Thanks!
Hey, hero!
You really kicked his ass. Pretty cool.
That jerk never pays his bill. He deserved it.
People here are so corrupt,
they ought to be drowned to death.
Excuse me, where is this place?
Lan Kwai Fong.
And what year is it?
Who’s the Emperor?
Why would you ask that? There are no Emperors.
It’s 2013.
Let me tell you…
You said you’re from the Ming Dynasty…
After Ming Dynasty, there was…
Ming Dynasty has fallen?
I’ve slept for 400 years?
The young Emperor was lazy.
Corruption was everywhere.
Heavy taxes. Brutal oppression.
It’s a matter of time before rebels
overthrow the government.
The Emperor was kind to me.
I failed to protect my country. I plead guilty.
I failed to protect my country. Guilty as hell.
Shau Kei Wan, Early Morning
This well water stinks. It tastes salty.
Wake up. A thief broke in! Wake up!
He looks kind of familiar.
Breakfast delivery! What are you guys doing there?
Look up! Up there!
Ying? Why are you up there?
Ying, stop it!
I’m not the fat guy you talked about!
Damn you!
India-China Border, 1621 A.D.,
Winter (1st year of Tianqi Reign)
He Ying, accept this Imperial Decree.
Hold it! Let’s make this clear.
He Ying, you conspired with Japanese pirates.
How could you let us down?
When did I conspire with Japanese pirates?
You taught me swordfighting.
Now I’ll return the favour.
What are you doing?
Ying, our brotherhood ends here and now!
Ying, you can’t oppose the Emperor’s order.
I hate traitors and turncoats.
He Ying, accept this Imperial Decree.
By the mandate of heaven,
the Emperor hereby decrees…
He Ying, fourth-rank General of Royal Bodyguards,
betrayed the realm…
and conspired with Japanese pirates…
killing 76 citizens, including Master Du’s family,
with extreme brutality.
I strip him of power and office,
and hand him over for interrogation.
Anyone who resists this order will be killed.
Hitherto, by the Emperor himself.
I have been upright and honest all my life.
How could I do this?
You speak up!
You forced me to conspire with the pirates.
Damn you! You’re framing me for treason!
I have to find His Majesty and clear my name.
Treason gets all your friends and family executed.
He’s already dispatched
a Squad to Taoyuan Village.
The late Emperor in heaven…
I, He Ying, cannot allow the innocent to die.
Forgive my disrespect.
That’s how they were buried in snow.
Did I miss anything? Ying?
Like in “Back to the Future?”
Call me Slander.
Mr. Slander, I was a bit confused just now…
and used more violence than needed…
You’re forgiven.
Liu Bang!
I’ll call Liu Bang for you. He can help.
I’ll call his son Liu Bei.
Who should I call then?
Call Andy Lau.
Girls, are you leaving me?
Are you leaving just like that?
He’s so pitiful…
and you can’t use all this space yourself,
why don’t you let him stay?
What’s wrong with you?
Did he damage your brain?
He’s a guy. How can I let him stay?
Mr. Slander.
I sincerely thank you for your hospitality,
but it’s getting late
and I don’t want to take up your time.
Miss May, I’ll forever remember
your kindness and the lovely meal.
Ying, you’re leaving?
How can you go out looking like that?
Like what?
That getup’s all wrong.
Causeway Bay, Afternoon
No mirrors at your house, huh?
Stupid extras.
Go to the TV station and ask Oprah for a job.
Young man, lemme talk to you for a minute.
What do you want?
You bastards!
I’ve gotta learn martial arts!
Boss, you want a martial artist this time?
North Point, Afternoon
They hiked up the price 50 times
on that stupid dog head.
I’m a rich man!
12 million Euros.
Transfer $48 million to
Mr. Tang’s account immediately.
Got it.
In business, a good partner is everything.
Now, you and me, I don’t worry about a thing.
By the way, let me ask you.
Those three frozen corpses…
They were actually alive, right?
Yes, they were!
The North Koreans wouldn’t be spending
a fortune on them if they weren’t.
He’s obsessed with staying alive forever.
But how did you know?
The driver can’t keep his mouth shut.
He told you, right?
He only told me after the accident.
He told you, but his girlfriend, too.
He was drunk.
Ask him. How many people know?
I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
You sure said it. A good partner is everything,
so you don’t have to worry.
It’s your problem. Deal with it.
Clean up after. A gift for you.
Thanks, Boss.
Chan, Retirement Home Director
Hey May, you’re looking hot tonight.
Got a light?
You shouldn’t have done that.
Hey! You…
Miss May, you don’t have to thank me.
I’ve accepted your meal and I’m grateful.
Last night you said you’d been harassed,
so I’ve come to teach them a lesson.
What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?
Eh…Hi there, Boss, eh… I don’t know him.
Hey you! Why did you beat them up?
I only hit their acupoints.
Look. They’re fine.
Is he your friend?
He’s not my friend!
No matter what, you two are coming
with me to settle this.
I don’t want everyone seeing us fighting out here.
What’s this foreigner going on about?
He’s negotiating! Come on.
Don’t hit people anymore.
Your boyfriend beat up the bouncers.
That’ll make trouble, and it’s not good for business.
You have to pay them to settle it.
What did she want?
Money! Idiot!
What’s “idiot?”
Hush. Let me handle it.
He’s your problem, deal with it.
You could calm down a little bit.
Calm? Fuck calm!
You foreign pig. Cursing right from the start.
So disrespectful!
You manage your staff poorly,
they bully a decent woman,
and then you look for compensation?
I’ll pay for you.
I’ll pay for her.
Really? You’re so generous!
Is this enough?
What’s this? You’re joking?
You’ve not seen this before?
Okay. What about this?
You must’ve seen gold before.
Sir, here’s your cash.
Thank you very much.
Here you go.
I’ll give this to my boss. And these are for you.
Keep it safe. There are many
bad people in Hong Kong.
Don’t flash the dough around.
You gave me all this and leaving
yourself penniless?
No, I’ve still got plenty.
Look. Don’t worry.
How much have you got? Let’s sell it all at once.
There are many bad people in
Hong Kong. Don’t flash it.
– Excuse me. I’d these two ingots in cash please.
– Stupid!
One moment, please.
Sir, may I have the pleasure of seeing
your jade pendant?
If the accrued balance isn’t settled by tomorrow,
we’ll need your mother to vacate
our facility immediately.
This ancient jade is gorgeous.
Exquisite craftsmanship.
It’s artisan jewelry from the Ming Dynasty.
It’s an honor to have seen it.
Why don’t you sell it as well?
How much would you pay for it?
Miss, you must be kidding.
How could we possibly afford it?
Perhaps Sotheby’s could sell it for you.
This pendant is worth tens of millions dollars,
at least.
Tens of millions?
To be honest,
the Emperor gave me this pendant.
I could never sell it.
Here’s your cash, sir.
Thank you so much.
Thank you. Thank you.
So long.
Miss May, is there a hotel around here?
Why would you stay in a hotel?
You’re treating me like a stranger.
We’re friends. You should stay with me.
Well, I accept, then.
I was afraid you wouldn’t offer.
Bring me some food. Make it quick.
Go make him some curry dishes.
Sao, these western weapons are so powerful,
but we have to fire before the enemy does.
Even with our strength and agility,
we can’t dodge a bullet from 3 meters away.
What do you say?
Let’s use it on Ying.
The curry… chicken spaghetti here is not bad.
It’s spaghetti chicken curry.
Spaghetti chicken curry?
Tell all our people to find this man.
Everybody, come with me. We need to find this man.
You’ll sleep here from now on.
Hong Kong is small, but packed with people.
Floor space is very expensive.
I’ll charge you a special rate of $5,000 a night.
That’s fine.
I slept outdoors in the army.
Now I have a roof over my head.
I’m eternally grateful.
It’s good, your perspective. Let me tell you.
That’s my room. Don’t go in there.
Of course.
But feel free to use everything else.
Watch TV or a movie, if you want.
Just let me know if you need anything.
I know you need money. But don’t go too far.
Don’t scam him because he’s from
the Ming Dynasty, okay?
That’s not your business.
All you have to do is to stay here for the night.
Who knows what he’ll do at night.
Keep an eye on him.
See? Don’t look away for a second.
It must be a modern musical instrument.
It sounds… dreamy.
It’s cutting-edge technology.
An electronic keyboard.
Miss May, you like playing musical instruments?
Right now, it’s just decoration.
I didn’t put much effort when I was young.
Now I’m old,
I can’t even move my fingers swiftly.
I guess I’ll give up.
I believe that anything is possible
with faith and perseverance.
Ying, you said a truck overturned
and brought you here.
I looked through everything,
but never saw this in the news.
News is…
…information from our government.
What’s this?
A tablet.
Just swipe it with your finger.
You can find almost anything.
What the hell?
A small piece of metal that
tells the past and future.
So much more than our encyclopedia
in the Ming Dynasty.
Can you find the clues with it?
There’s no entry for Tao Yuan Village.
Let’s search “Golden Wheel of Time.”
Ying can go back to the Ming Dynasty
if we find it.
Good idea.
Miss May, quick.
Nothing on the Wheel, either.
I guess it was buried in the snow, just like me.
How about… searching your name?
He Ying
How could they write such a thing? It’s nonsense.
Those bastards!
Hey. Come read this.
He Ying colluded with Japanese pirates
in the 2nd year of the Tianqi Reign.
His close and extended family members
were executed by the Emperor.
Official historians have called him
the most ruthless traitor of the Tianqi Age.
What should we do?
In Wind-Wave pavillion; Yue Fei was framed.
Azalea wept in bloody tears;
sorrows lingered a thousand years.
How ridiculous!
I hope he’s all right.
Find a blacksmith and make this. Understand?
Sao, actually… could the murderer
be someone else?
Impossible. Only four of us were there.
Chubby admitted his crime.
The evidence was crystal clear.
There’s nothing to discuss.
Master Du, you invited us here tonight.
Is there something you want to discuss?
I have inside intelligence
and a handful of letters
written to the Japanese pirates.
There must be a spy in the army,
selling our secrets to the Japanese pirates.
When I find out, I’ll tear him apart.
I hate the Japanese!
The letters weren’t signed,
but we can still find out who he is…
if we compare the handwriting.
Officers, General He, salute.
How was it? Tell us.
The money and food you ordered will be sent to…
Taoyuan Village tomorrow.
Good. Well done.
76 of Mr. Du’s clan were killed that night,
and He Ying left the Capital the next morning.
The letters were nowhere to be found.
That’s some evidence, huh?
He Ying,
I won’t let you off the hook!
Where’s my spaghetti chicken curry?
Ms Kwok, we’re so busy.
You don’t answer calls or return messages.
Your checks bounced.
It’s very impolite.
I’m terribly sorry…
I know you care for your mother,
But you should do it within your means.
If you need it, apply for social security.
Of course the facilities won’t be the same.
The fourth wife of Mr. Ho wanted him here,
I simply had no beds.
Director, please give me one more chance.
This will be the last time. That’s it.
Thank you!
Mom, you look gorgeous today.
It’s colder these days. Do you feel cold?
Let me know if you do.
I made your favorite fish congee.
You always made me fish congee when I was little,
now it’s your turn to try mine.
Watch out. It’s hot. Ah…
Open up! Ah…
Once more.
That’s great!
Taoyuan Village, 1621 A.D.
(1st year of the Tianqi Reign)
You raised me all by yourself.
Needlework every night until you went blind.
You won’t come to the Capital,
even if I begged you.
I don’t know what else to say.
We’re all so proud of you,
and want a glorious homecoming in the future.
Let go of my mom! Let her go!
Uncle Seven, why did you hit me?
What? I didn’t.
Mom, you’re talking!
What happened?
Your mother’s inner balance is crooked.
Her yin-yang is off.
That’s why she’s unconscious.
I just cleared the blockage in energy
and blood flow for her.
She’d feel even better
if I do it a few more times.
Thank you so much. If it’ll help, please do.
I will.
Mom, remember me? It’s May.
No, I don’t. I just remember
Uncle Seven stole my pig.
Mom! Mom!
In the name of heaven and the moon,
I, He Ying, swear by my sword,
despite all hardship,
I must return to the Ming Empire…
… to protect Taoyuan Village…
… and save my family from massacre.
If I break my vow, I shall die in disgrace
without a proper grave.
My Damascus knife and my cuban cigars!
I was deeply moved by your pledge to
save the villagers just now,
so I’ll only charge you $20,000 for that.
For your understanding,
I express my deepest gratitude.
We’ll start investigating first thing
in the morning, okay?
International Commerce Centre, Noon
Eat slowly. Take your time.
What did you see that night?
I saw that guy pee. Long-range.
Not just ordinary long-range.
Freakishly long-range.
He flew, too. High. Really freaking high.
From this moment on, you’ve seen nothing.
If that guy shows up, give him a call.
Don’t be wasteful. Finish the food before you go.
The Monk said General
He was destined for misfortune.
What kind of misfortune?
You’ll live, and die, and live again.
In seven days, the five stars will align.
Your life will change.
That means it’ll happen very soon.
No. It takes a long, long time.
Here are the seven Datura seeds
that were passed down…
with the Golden Wheel of Time.
The Divine Monk says you should have them.
They are brought to you by fate.
Someone will move Mount Xumi…
with his single but strong will.
When that person successfully
grows Datura flowers,
miracles will happen to you.
A cause is the effect. An effect is the cause.
You sow the seeds, you reap the fruit.
Whether it’s cause or effect,
it all depends on your karma.
Seeds from 5,400 years ago, do they still sprout?
Come on…
May. Where have you been for so long?
Mmm, you recognize me?
You think I’m crazy?
How do I not recognize my own daughter?
Uncle Seven, your jade pendant is so pretty.
When I die, will you let it be buried with me?
You’ll live a long time.
It won’t happen anytime soon.
The Divine Monk told me
I must experience 7 mishaps.
I’ve experienced… life and death.
There must be a reason for me to be here.
I need to know what fruit I’ll reap.
I believe the seeds… will sprout very soon.
How do you know?
You told me. Miracles happen.
Sai Yeung Choi St., Mongkok, Night
Delicious! This curry chicken is really good.
Curry what?
Curry fish ball.
Curry fish ball.
Curry… Curry fish ball.
Curry… Curry fish ball.
Are we anywhere near the brothel yet?
What’s the hurry?
It’s been 400 years.
You can’t understand how it feels.
Let’s warm up by talking with the girls first.
You can do whatever you want in the room later.
The girls here… do they play music and dance?
Not music. But they do know how to blow.
I’ve brought your favorites… Tina and Vincy.
Pardon Me, do you have girls with paler,
smoother skin?
Of course I do. I’ll go look.
You come here. And look for more.
Come sit over here.
Bosses, they’re pale and smooth enough, right?
Xixi and Wenwen, say hi to the Bosses.
Hi, Bosses!
They are pale and smooth, but I want…
their waists….less wide. More skinny.
Sure thing. I’ll check.
Hey, c’mere. This one’s hot.
Xixi, go.
How are you, Boss?
I’m Xixi.
Bosses, these are the most
wanted girls in the house.
This is Ada, and this is Ching.
Not bad.
Say hello to the Bosses.
Good Evening, I’m Ching, Nice to Meet You.
Japanese frailty!
Time to repay our nation, honey.
I hate the Japanese!
Sao! Stop it!
Japanese frailty!
Calm down, Sao.
Are you crazy? I’m Chinese!
I’m not doing business with you!
Who’s Sora Aoi?
She belongs to the world.
Are you ready? Okay.
Five. Five. Ten. Twenty.
Let me play with you.
All right, but you gotta have another drink.
You’re wasted.
Let me.
Hong Kong Police Headquarters, Afternoon
We’re trying a new facial-recognition program
developed by NASA.
The CIA is using it.
It’s very expensive and
the budget isn’t approved yet.
The system divides a person’s face, features,
proportions into 147 data sets for analysis.
It’s connected to a national supercomputer.
We can track and monitor all close-circuit cameras
owned by the government,
and cameras equipped on all police montitors.
An 80% or higher match means
it’s likely to be the same person.
The system instantly locates the target.
Good morning, sir!
Find these three guys for me.
Sir, the system is for the Police Wanted list only.
How did you know they’re not wanted?
Can’t they be wanted,
even if they’re not on the list?
You’ve got all the inside info now?
Should I report to you from now on?
These guys killed our officers in Sheung Wan.
It’s a major loss. We have to play it down. Okay?
Roger that. Submit the info at once.
Yes, Sir.
I don’t want to stay here.
I’m just waiting to die.
I’m not sick anymore.
I remember you.
You’re Uncle Seven. You’re May.
Mom, be good, now.
You’re not fully recovered. Stay here, okay?
I’m fine. You don’t have to take care of me.
Someone dies here every day. It’s a haunted place.
I close my eyes and I can’t fall asleep.
What now?
What now?
Let’s see how you behave.
If you stay here and be a good girl,
so that May doesn’t have to worry,
I’ll give it to you…
when you get better.
Uncle Seven, don’t you lie to an old woman!
I keep my promises.
I’m a royal bodyguard from the Ming Dynasty.
Mum, Uncle Seven wouldn’t lie.
Of course.
Okay, let’s go back to my room.
Uncle Seven, when I take my vacation next week,
I want you to make lamb dumplings.
Whatever you like.
So happy. Lamb dumplings.
Be good!
Tolo Harbour Highway, Night
Sir, where do you live?
Don’t bother me. Get lost!
Station, it’s 5007, over.
What is it?
Sir, target seen on Castle Peak Road,
near Lingnan and Fu Tei.
Tung Chung golf course, Morning
Professor Wong.
Commissioner Cheung.
I studied the Ramayana text you
mentioned last time.
But I still don’t have a clue.
It’s simple.
Shiva is a key Hindu deity.
His penis is called Linga,
which represents creativity and the power of life.
According to the epic,
Shiva copulates with Madhura
for 100 years.
The deities saw his vigor and virility,
suggesting that…
… if he similarly fertilized the Ganges,
the land around the river would spring to life.
As Linga symbolizes holy power,
Perhaps the Golden Wheel of Time…
needs to be activated with Linga.
Thanks, Professor.
Target has been located!
Who is it?
Take action as soon as SDU arrives.
Hey. It’s Pang.
Eh… I heard the horse called Terminator,
its owner said go ahead.
Hey. In cash, okay?
We gotta win this time.
Is that your toilet? Let me use it.
I nailed him.
He’s locked inside!
Action. Go.
Gimme the cash. Now!
Hang in there.
Fire at will.
Hold shit!
Holy cow!
Everything’s covered in shit.
Over there!
Hong Kong Transport Department
License Plate Search
Input number:
What are you doing?
Didn’t you say the jade pendant was
from the Emperor?
I promised your mother I’d give it to her.
I’m keeping my word.
Thank you.
When we first came to Hong Kong,
we had a really hard time.
As soon as I spoke Mandarin,
everyone stared at me.
Discrimination really hurts.
Back in my day, if you had a different dialect…
in the Capital, everything is marked up by 20%.
We’re all so afraid of strangers.
Anytime someone is different,
we gang up and bully them.
It’s human nature.
Years later, I pretended to be overseas
Chinese living in Hong Kong.
Now that I think about it, it’s just ridiculous.
I lied…
just to make money…
for my mom’s treatment.
I just wanted her to have a good life.
Don’t blame yourself.
It’s destiny.
Your mother is a happy-go-lucky kid.
I’m sure, up there in heaven,
she now wants you to have a happy life
This is Uncle Seven.
Do you want May to live on happily?
Don’t just laugh. Tell her yourself.
Mom, I promise,
I’ll live on happily.
Louder! Your mom can’t hear that well.
Mom! Can you hear me?
I’ll live on happily!
Don’t worry.
Your daughter will live on happily.
Legislative Council, Morning
Since the implementation of minimum wage,
countless shops and restaurants have closed.
How hard is it to stay open?
We think so hard our hair turns gray.
Without us, who can find jobs?
In a progressive society, capable citizens
aren’t supposed to give the failures a free ride.
Sir, target location, Legislative Council.
Those who can’t make it should
go back to the mainland.
Or rot to death!
Help! Someone’s after me!
Mr. Tang, get in the car.
Mr. Tang, please wait here.
Commissioner Cheung is rushing back.
You’re serving me drinks from a canteen?
Get me a latte from Starbucks. Make it low-fat.
Attention please, officers.
Hong Kong Police Headquarters
Be on the lookout for a Chinese man…
red shirt, black blazer.
Medium build, shoulder-length hair.
Last seen at LegCo Building.
We suspect he’s dangerous.
Attention please, officers.
Be on the lookout for a Chinese man…
red shirt, black blazer.
Medium build, shoulder-length hair.
Last seen at LegCo Building.
Oh, sorry.
Thank you.
Senior Officers’ Lounge
Officer Szeto, what are you doing?
What did you eat?
Hey, it’s not me.
Hey! Where’s my latte? My latte?
Hush! Be quiet!
Does it hurt?
Well, it should.
Why did you send me to Hong Kong?
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Then why did you run when you saw me?
You look violent and deranged.
It’s only natural to run.
Are you fucking with me?
So? Ouch!
Give me a minute.
I’ll ask the gods to possess me.
I’m not afraid of you.
I beg Taishang Laojun, urgently and righteously.
Guandi, please reveal yourself.
Oath of the Peach Garden;
loyalty and justice last forever.
My face and my heart are red;
my beard is long and my heart is strong.
I’ll use my sinew-splitting,
bone-dislocating moves on you.
Your balance and chi will be skewered,
muscles twitching,
sinew grinding against bones.
Everyone breaks under this torture.
Everyone tells.
Guandi, here I come.
Executing Yan Liang; killing Wen Chou;
passing five gates…
This freaking hurts… Ouch…
This freaking hurts!
Forgive me for using too much force.
Excuse me, Guandi.
Guandi is gone.
So, who sent me here?
Someone told me to.
I can’t tell. I’ll get killed if I do.
He’s Cheung Yat-ming,
Deputy Commissioner of Police.
He’s a partner in my smuggling business.
Sir, I’ll use Gazetteer to lock on the target.
Commissioner Cheung, we located the target.
In the VIP Lounge, Police Headquarters.
Back to Headquarters.
Help! Help!
Thrust harder. Have you guys not eaten?
Listen. Block all the exits.
Don’t let a single soul in or out.
Yes, Sir.
Idiots! You want to crush my head?
Are you okay?
Why did Cheung Yat-ming unearth me?
I don’t know.
I was only responsible for transporting
the three of you here.
There are two more?
They look just like you.
Where are they now?
Where’s the Golden Wheel of Time?
Do you mean the Sindhu Saucer?
The East Wing’s rear exit is sealed off.
Commissioner Cheung,
he’s holding Mr. Tang hostage.
We dare not break in.
Idiot! Were you born yesterday?
Idiot! Were you born yesterday?
What did he ask you?
I said nothing. Nothing at all.
Nothing? Aren’t you scared of pain?
Lan Kwai Fong, Late Night
Have you seen him?
No…Get lost!
Hi, everyone. Anyone know this hero?
I owe him money and want to repay him.
There’s a cash reward of $10,000
for anyone who finds him.
I can’t sleep well when I’m in debt.
Cash? I don’t believe it. Hand it over.
Hey, he looks like your boyfriend.
Don’t joke about stuff like that.
Look closely, is this your boyfriend?
Oh yes, this is definitely your boyfriend.
It’s really him.
No way.
You’re drunk! You’re drunk!
That’s him, why don’t you admit it?
He Ying
Don’t make a scene.
Me first. Ten. Ten. Five. Fifteen.
Ten. Twenty. Twenty. Ten. Ten.
You are… He Ying!
Who’s phone?
Hey midget. Stop messing with us.
Give it back.
Is this yours?
What the hell? You think I’d budge
because of your scary face?
Come get some!
He Ying, you show up at last.
Get lost!
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! They’re closing in on us!
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Dawn
A mantra? Why didn’t you mention it earlier?
I almost killed him!
It’s a new discovery.
Queen Mary Hospital, dawn
Miss, what’s your relationship to the patient?
I don’t know him. I saw him pass out
on the street and took him here.
Please follow up on this case.
Please come here.
I need to take down your information.
Sir, target found. 100% match.
What’s happening to these two?
Fever one moment, hypothermia the next.
The blood test is even stranger.
They don’t have antibodies for
any of the recent epidemics.
Just like space aliens.
Give them a high-potency shot of Vancomycin.
If they have abnormal reactions,
give them a sedative.
Hey, fat lady.
Prescribing Vancomycin? Isn’t that too strong?
If it’s a contagious disease like SARS.
My house will be worth crap
if property values dive.
Cheung Yiu-Fai, please report
to the distribution station.
What’re you doing?
Have you saved my brother yet?
Who’s your brother?
The one I sent here just now.
If you can’t save him today,
I can’t save you either!
Get your hands off me!
We have to save these patients.
We have a fair medical system here.
We treat every patient without discrimination.
Every life is equally precious. Got it?
Doc, calm down.
You stay out of it!
then when will my brother wake up?
In an hour.
Have a bite, it’s got beef patty.
Food isn’t allowed in here!
You either get out of here
and stuff your face…
or sit quietly and wait.
Don’t make a fuss. Okay?
Thank you. You’re welcome.
You’re welcome!
What’re you looking at? Keep walking!
Nothing to see here. Get back to work.
Nurses Lounge
What’s the matter, officer?
Wong Fung-Yee, please go to Room 2…
Hold on a sec…
The two patients just woke up.
Give them a shot of tranquilizer.
There’s so much work to do on the 4th floor.
Wake up! Wake up now!
Wake up!
Water! Give me water!
You… you’re that…
Sir, these are the two injured.
This is an extremely dangerous criminal.
He needs to come with me.
Yes, sir.
How about this one?
Just an illegal immigrant.
Take him to the Detention Center.
Yes, sir.
Wake up! Wake up!
Those assassins are right outside.
Wake up!
I’ll take the personal belongings of
those two illegal immigrants with me.
The girl with He Ying is here. He’s here too.
He woke up already?
Where’s the other one?
Tell me. How do we give him a quick energy boost?
Sleep early. Wake up early. Eat regularly.
Sunbathing. Drink more water.
This is the main artery, right?
What is it?
It’s called Linga in Sanskrit…
believed to be Shiva’s penis.
An enormous penis?
To activate the Golden Wheel,
you insert the Linga…
and recite the secret mantra.
The Golden Wheel is for the Ming Emperor only.
You cannot reveal this secret.
Please rest assured.
I swear on my life, I won’t repeat the mantra.
Damn you!
Where’s Linga?
Linga? The police took it.
Let’s go.
Sir, all done.
Niehu, there they are!
Follow them!
Get on! Quick.
Commissioner Cheung, target has left the hospital,
running toward Tsuen Wan West.
Bring me the Linga.
Yes, Boss.
Commissioner Cheung, target’s
at the Tsing Ma Bridge.
Do you want me to seal off the area?
No. Wait for me, I’m on my way.
Tsing Ma Bridge
Sao, you take forever.
Do you know what you’re doing?
Niehu, your nagging is killing me.
Are you nuts?
Hey, wake up!
What the heck?
Shut up or I’ll beat you up!
My baby!
He Ying!
Give me a hand!
There’s a horse.
Hey… Look.
Don’t be afraid.
Let us out!
Give me a hand.
Look at him.
Don’t worry, things will be all right.
He Ying, your arm is hurt.
How’re you gonna fight?
Come on, let’s go! Quick!
Be careful!
He Ying!
He Ying! He Ying!
Stanley Prison, Three Days Later
He’s alive.
I have inside intelligence
and a handful of letters
written to the Japanese pirates.
There must be a spy in the army,
selling our secrets to the Japanese pirates.
Indian border, Winter, 1621 A.D.
(1st year of the Tianqi Reign)
Why did you kill Yanyin?
Why did you kill Yanyin?
You conspired with Japanese pirates.
What will become of us?
I’ve been upright and honest all my life.
How could I do that?
Intelligence found out the murderer
used your unique weapon.
He Ying, not only did you betray our country,
but also our brotherhood.
We’ve been close friends all our lives.
I can’t believe you’re such a stranger.
He Ying.
Yunnan Dali, 1616 A.D. (44th year of Wanli reign)
Build power in your lower abdomen. Let loose!
Who doesn’t know we’re the
longest-range pissers in the Capital?
That’s right!
Damn right!
And the strongest, bravest fighters too!
Done? Let’s go.
Brothers, let’s go!
Directed by Law Wing Cheong
Star, Producer, and Action Director: Donnie Yen
Starring Wang Bao Qiang, Simon Yam, and Eva Huang
Three Months Later
If this saucer really is a time machine,
you and I will go first.
Will it change history?
If we go back to the Ming Dynasty,
would it still be the Ming Dynasty we know?

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