How To Start an At-home T-shirt Business

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******* Starting Your Own T-shirt Business From Home *******

(0:20) Getting started
(0:40) What you need for your screen printing business
(1:38) What you need for heat press
(2:04) What you need for DTG (direct-to-garment)
(2:48) Calculating Costs

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About this video: In this video, BELLA+CANVAS and Cole from Shirt Agency answer your most frequently asked questions when it comes to starting your own t-shirt business from home! DTG vs screen printing? There are many options available when it comes to learning how to start an at-home DTG printing business or even starting your t-shirt printing business with screen printing.
Hey guys I’m Claire with Bella+Canvas. Do
you have the entrepreneurial spirit and
are looking to start your own t-shirt
business on a platform like Amazon or
Etsy? Here are some pointers to help you
get started. I think the first thing to
remember when you’re looking at buying
equipment is to make sure that you
actually have designs that are going to
give you a positive ROI. I would suggest
if you’re completely starting from
scratch going to a local print shop and
doing a run of your design and seeing if
you can even sell it before investing a
lot. For screen printing if you want to
do everything yourself you’re gonna need
a lot of equipment. You’re gonna need an
exposure unit, you’re gonna need screens,
you’re gonna need a darkroom and you’ll
also need an ability to create your own
films. All the screens are reusable so
you can definitely put a lot of art all
on one screen and then just spin the
screen while you’re printing. A screen
printing set up you’d need 12 foot by 12
foot space because you’re gonna need to
store inks, you’re gonna need the actual
press, and then you’ll need a whole
separate area that’s gonna work as your
darkroom so that you could burn your own
screens. For screen printing, if you use
plastisol inks there’s no special
you basically just cure it down the
dryer and if you’re doing water-based
inks those will air dry so those need to
be completely sealed when you store them.
I would say that the lowest tier manual
press I would suggest is the Reilly
Hopkins Jr that starts at about $600 and
you can get a brand new or you can look
on the used market for better deals.
I think another great way to start is to
consider doing final and heat pressing.
You can get final cut by another
supplier like Stahls for very cheap and
they’ll ship the vinyl into you and then
all you have to do is heat press it. I
would say that a decent quality heat
press starts at about $150.
They definitely go up from
there but a basic one will give a lot of
people a nice fresh start.
So DTG is another option if you’re
starting out it’s a really good option
because it allows you to do extremely
complex art which you’re not gonna be
able to do with vinyl or with a cheap
screen printing setup but I would say
that the cheapest you’re gonna want to
go on a new DTG machine is about twelve-
thirteen thousand dollars. A DTG machine
is only gonna take up about maybe three
feet for itself and then you’ll need a
pretreat space which is maybe another
four by four foot area. So DTG is
probably one of the smaller options. The
DTG machines are pretty sensitive to
humidity and temperature so I would
suggest an air-conditioned space and you
might even need to buy a humidifier to
keep it moist enough.
The thing about marking up your products
is that in when people are starting
they’re normally too eager to sell and
so they actually undervalue their items.
So I think really basic math for
somebody who’s going to be doing this
themselves is to take the cost of the
blank for example a Bella+Canvas 3001
will be in the $3.00 range. I would
automatically triple that if you’re just
gonna be selling it retail. if for some
reason you don’t qualify buying direct
from a manufacturer then I would suggest
that you use one of the public companies
like Shirt Space who will sell you blank
t-shirts online. I believe in outsourcing,
I think it’s a really great option for
people who want to continue growing. I
feel like the second you should be doing
something else that makes you more money,
is the second you start outsourcing. So
even if you only have 50 more shirts to
print, if picking up the phone and having
a meeting with someone is gonna make you
more money don’t print those 50 shirts
yourself. Now that you’re informed we
hope you feel confident to start your
own t-shirt business. If you have
additional questions we’d love to answer
them in the comments below and don’t
forget to like this video and subscribe
to our channel.

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