How to start a business from home | In Canada | promote small businesses | new business ideas

How to start a business | In Canada | promote local businesses | step by step | business ideas

Hello friend.
My name is Iram abid.
I’m a visual artist, a calligrapher, a makeup artist and a host of a local Canadian Tv show to promote art, talents & skilled persons as well as to promote home based, local and small businesses in Canada and to give some new business ideas to the ppl who want to start their own work from home.

I’ll be posting introductory videos of all of my upcoming interviews time to time.

Here’s the series #3

Sharing a link of my full interview with a very talented Resin artist in Toronto Canada.
Watch her interview for my show “LET’S FIND ARTS WITH IRAM ABID” where she disclosed all of her secrets to run a successful work from home from the scratch.