How to Ship a Package Business Owners 101 Home Business and Save on shipping using bubble mailer

Tips on how to ship a package. If you’re just starting out in your business then watch this.

To ship first class packages use you must have money on your Paypal account to purchase labels. Enter your customer details, your details, selecet first class mail and the weight of your package.
To ship priority box a,b, or unique boxes that cost less use
Please order your shipping supplies before the holidays! NOW
You can schedule a pickup with USPS, UPS or FEDEX
For breakable goods please use a bubble wrap
Order USPS shipping supplies on USPS.COM
For those shipping baked goods or fresh pressed juices please use 1-2 day delivery and get dry ice packs. Uline sells them. For list of other shipping resources view them at the end of the video.
ALWAYS Leave a handwritten note it sends a special touch to your customers.
Leave a comment for any question you have and I’ll be sure to respond
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