How to Setup and Connect Facebook Page to your  Business Website or Call Button or Watch Video

How to Setup and Connect Facebook Page to your Business Website or Call Button or Watch Video


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In this video tutorial I will show you how to connect and promote your home business on facebook.

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Every business needs a facebook page be it, big business brand or home grown businesses.

If you dont have a business page on facebook yet, you can follow the video link to create one in the description section of this video.

Once setup facebook business page, you need to go to your facebook business page.

Next here we can setup the button which can be connected to your home business page or you can add the Call to Button here.

Ideal for Home Businesses like a Food Catering Services or Makup and Styling Services or Selling Fresh Home Grown Vegetables or Home School Tutor.

You can see below the facebook cover we have this button, we can clcik and edit it here.

We can setup “Contact Us” button and add our home business page or website URL here, or more specifically we can setup “Start Order” button for Food catering services Or Watch Video button for Online classes or we could add call now button here where people can click and call us directly.

We can view the page as a visitor or facebook user and next confirm the button performance by clicking on it.

We can add our webpage URL and confirm, by clicking the button on this page, similarly we can as well add our phone number and confirm the phone call is working well. And done both sucessfully.

And compared to traditional promotion and marketing, this is very simple and easy way of getting business without much investment as your target audience are available right here on facebook, all you need send your facebook page link to your friends or you can do targeted ad campaigns on facebook to reach out to them.

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