How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Network Scanner

How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Network Scanner

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to set up a Raspberry Pi powered network scanner.

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To turn our Raspberry Pi into a network scanner, we will be using a unique software called Kismet. Kismet is a software that makes use of the available network interfaces to scan for any device in range.

Once Kismet detects an available device, it will retrieve information about it and monitor its packet traffic. It will also monitor what frequencies and channels these devices are using for their wireless connection.

To use Kismet, you will not be able to use the inbuilt Wi-Fi that’s featured on the Raspberry Pi 3 and newer and the Pi Zero W.

The reason for this is that the Wi-Fi driver does not support the monitor mode that the software requires.

Instead, you are required to purchase a Wi-Fi USB dongle. Make sure the one you are buying features support for the Wi-Fi monitor mode.

Kismet can even use your Raspberry Pi to monitor Bluetooth and software-defined radio devices.

The software, however, does not work for wired network devices. The reason for this is that it is purely designed to handle wireless devices as they are far easier to monitor.

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