How To Reset Pi Network App Password | Recover pi network password complete explained

How To Reset Pi Network App Password | Recover pi network password complete explained


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How To Reset Pi Network App Password | Recover pi network password complete explained

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Hello friends, welcome to my youtube channel. Your friend, your
brother Farhan Fayyaz is here. Today’s video with a new video is very
informative. For Pie Network users, a lot of people go to their passwords
and they also collect high enough. Are done but
forget the password due to which the network has forgotten and
want to do this course so how will you
record it then your video is going to be very important for
you if This video is going to be very special for you if you have
forgotten your password and have forgotten the Pie Network. Before starting the video, we
ask all your friends
that if you are new to the channel, then subscribe to the channel and
Explain the bell icon together so that
you can easily get notifications of new videos coming between them. First of all, you
open Mian C. Your terms come up with such an interface and
you are told that When people sign in, you have
to click on the telephone number option here. What is the telephone number?
Then I will take my contract from which you can enter. If that is the case then
you will select the country. Well, then I am Pakistan. If I leave Pakistan
, then after the number on which I had created the account
and he has forgotten me, I would add that number here
. Did you add that the person who made the card and
forgot his password , then after clicking on the option
of your village , after loading the acid, you will get such an
interface. There is Europe and Duvalier West
Ward Number Order Clinic Vince dubbed Moin Payen which you will write then he is saying that to recover
account then you have to click on my efforts
and like country country phone number international whatsapp
status interview dingda country which is this You will get the same
number or not, then you are going to the verification dil na yeh
zindagi hai 241 country, whether you live in UC
or not, because there is open sms dot weekly,
so here is the minister. Want to see them tell you how to
do it so they can see you OK so this is
to open up you go to class What are you
saying to say your everything and
Kafir that Sindh Festival Loot Jang and music status then it is your clean on top of open sms open
how are you what will you do then whatever number you created your account
now That’s why you have to send an SMS. OK
, man, why did I make your number with this number?
You have Zong’s number blocked. If you have
to send a message from the number you came from
, if you No response will come to me.
I have them and I also remember them. If you
have done it in the same way, I will message them. After loading, you
and what you have and new passport and ID pass. Well would you even
if you have a problem is a problem
if you had told me that then I will also tell the age Coin now
I’ll be doing my account and they say I have been and like to send your message
, upload it, you are not better people than you, you
tell him to become a phone number, I give my number here that I
want you to come here that I found me. In a minute you
said that I am a Pakistani song and I am in Pakistan. In the world
, I have my number all day, but it is okay to keep it with
me. I will complete your video in one minute and you will do it that
day. I will show that after deleting everything, it will take a load
and what is in front of you, my account has been logged and the meeting button
here has also been removed. In the distance button, there is an office table set and
I have some users. It is not enough or we
see that from here but not yet done and no one is
selling you constantly. These people, instead of promoting you
, they will still come to their senses, but throwing water on them
will make them come to their senses. I have to come to the house to fetch it. Watch such a video here
. Ninety friends, I have got queens. You also
have to monitor here on television as if its rate
will be final . Then you will say that it really thinks so. And we didn’t
mean anything by creating an account on it and
time wasted. I’m fine. I’m going to get you a very good benefit
. Nature. Why did you like this video? Like the
video you like and give permission to others to share in the
new video Don outages due to postponed exams suangrs French
club will understand Take care Allah

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