How to Play the Card Game Scopa and Beat the Devil


How to Play the Card Game Scopa and Beat the Devil

The idea of being a game master and transferring game rules keeps me going. In a way these fundamentals drew me to these cards. I want to learn more co-op card games while experiencing the rich history of tarot and playing cards.

Scopa is a great 2 player card game. The cards also allow a drastic change when applied to the solo card game beat the devil. We have talked much about this card game already, and we are still continuing to uncover the secrets this game presents.

One hidden fact was the chances of winning beat the devil increases to 50% when you have only 40 cards. How cool is that!? The chances of beating the devil with 52 cards in 8 piles is about 1 in 10, so roughly 10%. What an interesting finding. That the chances increase so much when you reduce the cards by 12.

In this video we talk about the rules of the game Scopa and how to play Beat the Devil.

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