How to Make Popcorn At Home? #Philippines #Entrepreneurship #EarnGoodMoney #Homebusiness  #Hobby

How to Make Popcorn At Home? #Philippines #Entrepreneurship #EarnGoodMoney #Homebusiness #Hobby

This is a simple video tutorial on how to make homemade popcorn.

This is one of my simple homebusiness that I have started four years ago and still nowadays I use to make.

Popcorn is such a memorable food for me since this is one of the chicha that reminds me of my very humble beginning in life.
Way back my childhood days, I use to help my sister to make this and she gave me a fair amount of money to my labor.

In school, I use to sell popcorn every breaktime. I will never forget it. From elementary days to my highschool days.
I use to help my sister in selling since I got a commission in it.

Popcorn molds me then to become a business minded and fortunately, truly it is, since when in adult days, when I left my office job, I use to think businesses that I can make at home. And one of my product is popcorn.

I am accepting bulk orders of popcorn.

Please contact me at Pherl TV official if you want to order in bulk.

Minimum order arleast 200 pieces in the size that I have shown in the packaging.

Thanks for watching.

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God bless!


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