How To Get Truffle NPC In Terraria In 5 Easy Steps

How do you get the truffle npc? Hopefully i can help. After a few months i am happy to see many people have benefited from this video which is why i have decided to slightly change the description. I have had many questions regarding people who are a bit stuck, who need a bit of help so if u are stuck first off go have a look in the comments. Think of the comments as a faq of sorts. I am not great at explaining things, sometimes my words get a bit confusing which is why if u dont understand then just tell me or go check another video. I learnt of other videos, we all learn off youtube. For all of you who i have already helped, well not me, my video. I say tysm. It feels so good knowing that this video works and helps yall. Anyway read on if u wanna know more ….

Yes, another video finally 🙂 recently I have been playing lots of terraria (Such a fun game). I was looking for the few achievements I hadn’t completed and realised I had never got Truffle. So naturally I searched on YouTube for videos on how to do it. The most viewed ones were not really helpful, maybe I’m stupid but it took me few videos before I found a simple one that I could clearly understand. It was not just lots of senseless talking like some. I intend to fix this. I am not great at the game and have my own style of playing but I have created this video for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. I think I have found 5 easy steps to get truffle, if you already haven’t. Examples of the steps are in the video (I made the video as quick as I could, no boring talking) with this I will also write them here. Hope everyone is alright thanks for watching or reading 🙂

How To Get Truffle NPC in Terraria?

-150+ Mud Blocks
-Mushroom Grass Seeds
-Materials For Basic NPC House

1. Collect 150 or More mud blocks. These are common in jungle biomes. Mud blocks are identified by its darker brown shade compared to dirt blocks.

2.Build a house for dryad in mushroom biome. Basic house requirements (torch, 2 chairs, table, wall, door). Buy Mushroom grass seeds from the dryad when she is underground (99+ recommended). This in my opinion is the best way to get mushroom grass seeds 🙂

3. Create a platform (flat) or an island (layered) above surface level (The level at which basic ground is, refer to a depth meter). The island must be 100 mud blocks long or wide. The 100 blocks must be exposed to air so that mushroom seeds can be placed on them (See in video)

4. Place the mushroom seeds on every block on the island. The background should change to mushroom biome. If you haven’t done it before you should get the achievement. If you are in Hardmode the truffle should arrive.

5. Create another house for the truffle on the island. With this you are done. Enjoy your truffle! Hope its more simple now. If not please watch a few more videos.

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Have a good night, sorry if this was bad or unhelpful, leave a comment for any complaint 🙂