How to Get a Small Waist + Outdoor Fat Burning HIIT Circuit & Abs Workout

A few common questions I get asked are:

1) “how do I lose belly fat ”
2) “how do I get a smaller waist”
3) “how do I get abs”

So I wanted to answer it on a youtube video & remind you guys of 3 main things:

1) Genetics plays a HUGE role on both the shape of your abs & also whether you carry most if your fat around your midsection

2) Including Weight training in to your routine DOES help you burn fat and most importantly SHAPE your body so that your mis section appears smaller (ex: growing your legs and back will give the appearance of a smaller waist)

3) It ALL comes down to having low body fat, because regardless of how many ab exercises you do OR your genetics or how much you weight train – without decreasing your body fat, you will not see your ab muscles or the appearance of a small waist

Remember that you can’t spot reduce! But you can work hard for what you want & adding in HIIT cardio gives you that extra edge to burn off extra calories and lose excess fat.

Let me know what you think of this workout!