How To Do BOX JUMPS EXERCISE For Fat Burning

How To Do BOX JUMPS EXERCISE For Fat Burning


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Box jumps! Does sound exciting isn’t it? Well the box jumps are apt for the fitness enthusiasts who have their energy levels always soaring. The main muscle that is targeted in this workout is the hamstrings. Apart from this muscle, other muscles like the-calves, glutes, and quadriceps. The best of this exercise is that it does not require any equipment.

* Benefits:

This exercise is really fun and helps you to burn those extra calories without too much of exertion.
Your legs get toned and become strong with the box jumps. It also improves the use of elastic energy.
In your old age, this exercise really works well in maintaining your balance and coordination.
If you have hidden athletic abilities, the box jumps increases these abilities.

* Let us have a look at some of the steps involved in performing the box jumps:

First make yourself comfortable before starting the box jump exercise. Place a box which you will be using in front of you. Now warm up a little by swinging your arms up and down in order to get your energy levels rising. Once you are ready, push your body up and onto the box with both your feet at one time. Then immediately jump down to the starting position. Repeat this sequence as many times as you can for best results.

If you are feeling lazy and do not want to hit the gym, yet you are in the mood of exercising, then go ahead and try out this most exciting exercise called the box jump!

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