How to Build MASSIVE Biceps with Rory Leidelmeyer (Old School)

The formula for developing muscular arms Opens a New Window. —the kind that garner as much attention in a sport coat as they do in a form-fitting tee—is simple: curl, curl, and curl some more. But don’t confuse simple with easy. Curling your way to a pair of 20-inch pythons takes work, and a lot of time, but don’t think you need freaky genetics or illegal drugs to assist you on your journey to monstrous guns.

Take Larry Scott—the first-ever Mr. Olympia winner (1965-66)—as an example. At a time when bodybuilding was still in its infancy, Scott had 20-inch sleeve stretchers before anyone else—proof that you don’t need newfangled training techniques or equipment to stretch the tape.

To achieve this fullness in his bi’s, tri’s, and forearms—which leaped out of his forearm and balanced on a triceps of equal size—Scott performed curls from a variety of angles and kept a substantial amount of volume in his arm routine Opens a New Window. . He curled often, and he curled heavy, regularly lifting weight for six reps and not breaking 10.

The result was a dense arm that, even by today’s standards, would provoke a reaction from modern bodybuilding judges and bystanders on the beach. And you can build your arms up like that, too.

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